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Poets of the Fall Day

Poets of the Fall Day – Trivia, puzzle etc.

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© Photo by Tiia Öhman

Before starting with the matter at hand which is Poets of the Fall day or the World Wide Listen to Poets of the Fall Day, please join me in wishing our favourite singer and poet, Marko Saaresto, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ?. Playing in Lahti this evening, those of you who are attending, please make some noise and sing Happy Birthday to the man! ?

Now, hold on to your horses my friends because this post is about to be rather long, but hopefully fun to read! It might also be the last one for 2017… so just in case, Happy Christmas ? to you all and Happy New Year ? Celebrations! ?

What do you say Susan, should we send the kick off for this year Poets of the Fall day? – Alright, let’s do it! This year, I wish that not only we spread the music, but also the spirit… there is so much more than meets the eye with Poets of the Fall… so, let’s have fun trying to uncover them all… though… it might take a while for us newbies ?

Spread the love with Poets of the Fall music around the world

The band’s latest album, Clearview, is available to listen to on Poets of the Fall official channelwhen you like it, you buy it ? Here’s the official playlist:

For the other albums, you’ll have to make do with Spotify or Deezer (I think) and of course the official music videos… that are worth your while. Yet again, I might sound a bit redundant, but when you like it, you buy it ?

Beyond the music

The other day, my friend and I were chatting about Poets of the Fall – who else, right – and Hamartia. She was telling me how Marko called his Daze‘s character Hamartia while I was more of a normal trend of thinking and considered Hamartia to be a world… and so we started talking about hidden, or funny, messages and trivia from the band’s work. You see, the great part of being a Poets of the Fall fan is that they never cease to amaze you. You discover stuff even after a year or two of listening to their music… I believe they are practical jokers, and mostly love to have fun… they’d have to, to be such great entertainers, right. I also believe that in order to do and be so, they have to take us all along the way… or at least, those of us who want to play. Well lads! I’m game ?


Copyright Lines

Now, this being said, where do I start? Seven albums so far… one best of vol.1 and one live… Let’s start with the easiest because, although they are not hidden messages, they are hilarious. I am talking about the messages they put at the end of the booklets (or back-covers)… usually, but not always, on the copyright lines.

You know, when I heard Poets of the Fall music on YouTube for the first time in the beginning of 2016 I could barely believe my ears and so I ended up buying the entire discography at once – yeah, I had a job back then ? – and although I saw a few funny things on the booklets and covers, it seems that I had not seen them all. But yes, I am talking about the copyright messages obviously…

Now let’s start with Signs of Life… “2004 POETS OF THE FALL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED […] AND DON’T FORGET TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH…” now oddly enough, I think about that every time I brush my teeth, thanks guys! ? There is more here though… yes, yes, I will share…

Then we go to Carnival of Rust… “2006 POETS OF THE FALL.[…] ALL RIGHTS RESERVED […] DIMPLES ON BUTTOCKS MY ASS…” I did not make that up, I promise. Check it out for yourselves ?

Now for Revolution Roulette… “2008 POETS OF THE FALL […] ALL RIGHTS RESERVED […] IF IT WAS EASY NO-ONE WOULD DO IT…” probably not, still um, what? ? and there is more… coming soon

One of my favourite copyright lines… comes from Twilight Theater, still copyright though, yes? Yes! “2010 POETS OF THE FALL. NOW IMAGINE ALL SORTS OF UNIMPRESSIVE LEGAL JARGON HERE, ALL THE COPYRIGHT LOGOS AND SUCH, JUST TO MAKE IT LOOK IMPORTANT, HA HA HA… OR DON’T.” Will do Jester! Will do! And there is more on this booklet as well…

Jealous Gods… how I love that album! I do all, but this one… oh, who am I kidding! No favouritism here ? Anyhow, back to the copyright message on the back-cover: “2014 POETS OF THE FALL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE DO NOT ABUSE! LICENSE, AND MAYBE WE’LL MAKE SO MONEY TOO, 🙂 AND I’M NOT REALLY SURE IF YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO SAY ALL THAT LEGAL CRAP HERE… SO, JUST TO BE SAFE: “ALL THAT LEGAL CRAP HERE”… THERE, I’VE SAID IT.” I don’t know you, but it is rather humbling to read this. So, me being redundant again: when you like it, you buy it ? Thanks!

Finally, Clearview… not so funny as it is heart-warming: “2016 POETS OF THE FALL. RESPECT NATURE. PROTECT ANIMALS. PROMOTE HUMAN RIGHTS. SUPPORT MUSIC. LIVE IN PEACE. PLAY!” Bless them…

I’ll finish this “little” paragraph with this: SUPPORT POETS OF THE FALL & BUY THEIR MUSIC… if you can’t afford it, save what you can each month so that you can buy the CDs (or the digital music)… until then, the guys are generous enough to offer free listening on YouTube! So, support but no stealing!!! Thank you ?

Jokes & sweets

As you saw, not all albums have the funny copyright lines but they have other stuff… I won’t reveal it all, but I cannot resist some of the jokes & sweets… Now, as a French citizen, I love my mother tongue although I do not blog in French (sorry mum ?), so of course, I laughed to tears when I read this on RR back cover… different copyright message my friends… and it is in French: “MERDE QUE C’EST FATIGANT D’ÊTRE MOI.” To your google translates for those of you who never saw that one and cannot speak French ?! Hilarious gents, hilarious!!! But, is it really, Marko… is it really? ?

I told you, SoL has a second little joke… on the back of the booklet, you’ve got a nice little info about a bonus or secret that used to be on the band’s website… and so it reads: Check out the exclusive bonus features at www.poetsofthefall.com/secret… NOT!!! It actually reads: “CHECK OUT THE ELUSIVE BOGUS…[…]” it took me a little more than a  year to notice… not bad, huh! ?


I like that word… trivia… makes me think of Trivial Pursuit… game at which I am excessively bad unless it is all about movies that I like ?. Alchemy Vol.1 has one little trivia, cute actually. In the booklet, the guys have written a few words about each song, how it came about or some other stuff like that. All the little things that they wrote, Marko says one of them, on one of the songs which is No End, No Beginning: “To be continued“. Although… I am not sure it is a trivia… let’s make it one ?

Some great trivia in Carnival of Rust video… can you name them all? I cannot and some that I will name might in fact be far fetched and bring Poets of the Fall to a whole new dimension of genius… Making them seem not to be from this planet in the end ?

The woman in the gas mask makes me think of the slaves in the machine in Choice Millionaire video. Here’s the rub: 9 years between both videos and albums… and the albums are not even from the same trilogy… hence my belief of being far-fetched, but it would be fun if indeed they had thought that much ahead, I mean, it’s possible… other people do, look at J.K. Rowling… she knew how the last Harry Potter would end before she’d finished writing the first book (if memory serves). Right, so… why not! ?

Break for freedom (in the video)… another little wink to Choice Millionaire if you ask me. But hey, what do I know.

Anyhow, if you watch the video carefully, you’ll notice that some of the songs from the album are actually “mentioned” in the video… Fire – obviously, as they play with fire at the table by the House of Dusk; Sorry Go ‘Round – Merry Go Round; Carnival of Rust – em, obvious; Gravity – the great gravity wheel and the lyrics of the said song on Marko’s booth: “unpredictable fortunes“, Delicious – the tattoo…

The morph(ing) of Tapio (is it Tapio?) into Jari: drummers of the past & the present ?

We play for food (in the video)… they get the woman’s giant lollipop ? that is cynical but a well spotted irony from our society…

The signs by Marko‘s booth… change into some made-up reading cards… the tarot cards are actually Markos’ idea on the video ?  So here are the cards in order of appearance in the video, care to give a crack at it? The Star, Nine of Swords, The High Priestess, Eight of Cups, Nine of Wands, Ace of Wands, The Magician, The Star, Strength, Ace of Cups, Nine of Swords, The Star… and we end up with the ticket: Cor Cordis 4 which means…yeah, “I haven’t the foggiest!” ? … wait a second!!! “Cordis” means “Heart” in Latin my friends… maybe I’m too late, and this was already cracked… but I still belong to the newbies ? so bugger off! Anyone who actually wants to play is welcome to leave a message… either here on the blog (got problems with unsolicited comments here on the blog, just so you know…) or on Misfit at Heart FB page… If you already know, don’t be a spoilsport please ?!!!


The latest I’ve heard of is the chessboard on Clearview… but we all solved that one ?. There is some kind of a puzzle on Twilight Theater too… and well, check official pictures and videos released by the guys, better than any video games if you ask me ?, but I’m pretty sure the guys would not agree ? You may leave comments on this post of course… and again, no spoilsports… it is not because some games were solved that we, others, don’t get to play ?

Anyway, that’s all folks!

What? Did you think I’d put them all down, black on screen? Seriously people, what would be the fun in that… if you did not, now you do know such things are out there for you to find… so… go mingle, read, have fun, play and solve things!

Get into the magic… POETS OF THE FALL!!! and don’t forget when you like it, you buy it ?

Thanks for reading and for such amazing support this year!

Until next time, next year ?
Claire ?

Happy Christmas ? to you all and Happy New Year ? Celebrations! ?

Photo by Tiia Öhman | Artwork chess pieces inspired by Poets of the Fall Knight | Game artwork & collage Clairepeek – Misfit at Heart. Ask before using, thanks!

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