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Poets of the Fall – Upcoming Gigs

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Poets of the Fall, Paris March 20, 2019Gigs… Poets of the Fall gigs!

I’ve grown rather addicted to the band’s concerts, not that my banker is particularly stoked about it, but hey we’ve got only one life, right?!  😎 The first show I attended was in Helsinki, Finland, at The Circus (the venue is unfortunately closed now)… one of the last shows for the band’s 15th anniversary (although they call it birthday… cute!)  😀 April 2018. Since then, I’ve been to another 8 shows…

I created this page as an unofficial relay for Poets of the Fall Tour Dates…  😉 There are no referrals or anything of the sort if you click the links below. This is merely a fan blog dedicated to Poets of the Fall… as an Indie band, they need all the support we can get them.

The photo is from 2019, when the band first visited Paris. It made it very special!

Make sure to visit the band’s page Poets of the Fall Tour

Bandsintown – Poets of the Fall

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