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Poets of the Fall – Forward Quotes – EP05

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New start…

Hello readers! How have you been? Good I hope… here, things have taken a turn for the better. I think I told you before that I believe in the saying: “Everything happens for a reason“, and yes, it is true but one needs to choose to look at things that way and when one is in the middle of it all, so not really a walk in the park. I assure you though, it is right around the corner… your reason… you’ll see.

Before we start – “Leap of faith”

When I started my new work, I started a new routine… alright, it is not yet a routine until I have reached 7 weeks with my new habits, but one of them is always listening to great music as I drive to work. It is not a complicated routine, just decide on what CD to put on and drive. My old musical routine was Poets of the Fall… don’t bite my head off, just read on. So, my first week back in active life as they call it, I picked an album that I recently discovered and that has been extremely soothing: Lara Fabian, Camouflage. It is a beautiful album and I have these uplifting words singing in my head

Leap of faith, growing wings
On the way down
Before you hit the ground
– Lara Fabian, Growing Wings

I picked Lara because to me she is in some way Marko‘s counterpart… or is it the other way around… He is and has my favorite voice and so has she. They are both artists who bring forth emotions that go right to my heart and touch my soul in more ways than I care to admit. These words above, I feel them like I’ve lived them and yet today, I can tell you that I do have wings.

Episode two

So… here we are in the third week of 2018 and my second post of the year. Now, after my first week of soothing drive to work, I fell back to my old habit: Poets of the Fall mostly because they were calling me rather loudly. Instead of Clearview though as usually play, I picked Twilight Theater and let’s see if I can describe how it felt like… Gasp! Breathe! Familiar yet new! I missed this music and back to my emotional territory, this feels fantastic! I promise, this is what happened this morning. ? All this to say that some old habits that die hard are in fact immortal – it means they cannot die, not even hard ?Poets of the Fall: not a habit I am likely to kick any time soon… don’t get me wrong, I did not try to, it just how things turn out to play out with all the renewal and new events happening with the coming of 2018.

Twilight Theater

(Poet of the Fall – The Forward Quotes – TT)

  • Dreaming Wide Awake: “The joke seems to be on me cos I’m the one not laughing
  • War: “With no-one wearing their real face”
  • Change: “Do you ever dream of the world like I do”
  • 15 Min Flame: “When love alone is enough to set you free”
  • Given and Denied: “With symphonies playing in the world without sound”
  • Rewind: “It’ll never change until we change ourselves”
  • Dying to Live: “Finally a chance to find a question
    To point out the right answer after all …this time”
  • You’re Still Here: “And I feel winter stealing my days, to herald another creation”
  • Smoke and Mirrors: “Like we can just go redefine it
    Regardless what we broke”
  • Heal My Wounds: “Do they burn, the wishes whispered, like secrets, they yearn, just to be heard”

Now, I had promised that I should chose only a couple of quotes for each album, but in truth when it comes to Twilight Theater, I cannot do that. This album – or rather these quotes – not only push me forward but most of them define me. Let me explain!

Smoke and Mirrors for instance defines the way I think and ponder upon society. Dying to live is the window to my own doubts and somehow reliefs… about what? I could not say, but my guess is anything abstract with blurry lines. Change helps me ask you if we have similar dreams. Given and denied reminds me that we all are uniquely odd… but I might have to develop that idea some day. The truth behind Twilight Theater is that it is a reminder of the things I should not forget. The things that make me who I am…

“Things that were, things that are and some things that have yet come to pass…”
– J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Jokes aside, it is a rather difficult concept to explain, especially since it stroke me only today as I was listening to Poets of the Fall. Each quote from that album is a little piece of my journey to be well again and at the same time, they are all a part of the journey I am now taking… the one to remain well and grow further. It is a strange feat to be taken with these words in such a way, it is highly uplifting and rewarding.

Until next time! ?

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