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Poets of the Fall – Dancing on Broken Glass

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Anticipation… I like the word because it is loaded with so much positivism. I mean, whatever the event coming our way, we want it with all our heart and get the nauseous feeling that we’d loose our minds if it got delayed. Do you know what I mean? With this idea in mind, imagine yours truly and her nerdy friends all over the world refreshing whichever official streaming platform (in my case, my mailbox to get iTunes notification… way too early I must add). Suddenly, it is here and although the anticipation is at its paroxysm the release might come either smoothly or crashing down depending on our expectations.


Do you know what you were expecting? I don’t, hence my asking, but I did expect to be surprised. I was… After the first listening of Dancing on Broken Glass, I cannot lie here… never know who’s watching ?, I was rather undecided. I loved the intro at once, full of promises I thought. At first, I was a bit disappointed with the chorus, lyric-wise and I think that it felt a bit too straight forward, no twist or clever word-play… but that was at first… the second time, I paid more attention and then I started dancing ?.  I stopped paying attention to the lyrics (no offence, Marko) and got into the rhythm of the music and Marko‘s voice. This is when the chills came on, to remain to this day (on and off, whether the song’s playing or not obviously).

Now the lyrics, I always need to see them written down to get the full impact… so I had to wait for the official video. As far as I knew, Miika Hakala would be behind the video, so my expectations were rather high. All I can say is that Miika delivered his story masterfully.

Here is what Marko says about Dancing on Broken Glass: “The song is about acceptance and reconciliation which Miika captured right with his video.” (not a direct quote)

Lyrics hitting home

There is something that will always be true when it comes to Poets of the Fall, the lyrics. They always find their way to where it hurts and soothes at the same time… my heart, oh my heart! How do they do this? I mean, every single freaking time… excuse my French good people.

The best of intentions will not see the road paved
– © Poets of the Fall, Dancing on Broken Glass – 2018

No… no analysis today. I do not want to go further than to what I feel, so I will share a couple (or three quotes) from the song which touched me like bull’s eyes. I’d say this though, the third verse suddenly game me a glance at my past and some decisions I still regret today… maybe it is time to accept and reconcile myself with myself.

There will be no more tears today
– © Poets of the Fall, Dancing on Broken Glass – 2018

I think I needed this hammered in me yesterday afternoon… I feel pretty good now.

You see there is always more than meets the eye with these six magicians. I would not say that this will be my favourite song, but I guarantee that it already is one of them. I love the hope and light in it… and even after watching the video (where I cried and I had chills from head to toes). I love that it made me wanna dance even before I saw the video. Poets of the Fall, you the Beautiful Ones

The music

What did Marko said that we should expect? He said about the upcoming album Ultraviolet in a Finnish article (Findance) that it was “A seed of positive change”… I’d say it does fit the bill with Dancing on Broken Glass, wouldn’t you? The music is supposed to explore further to other horizons without crossing into any border… like maybe “poppy” but not pop… I don’t know I really don’t like to put labels on music. Good music is good music whatever the style; as long as it touches me, makes me feel and shows me what I need to see – even though I might not know it every time. Music is THE universal language, period. It talks to me way beyond to what might actually be intended…

Dancing on Broken Glass is going to be very interesting to see live and yes I love it from start to finish, and on a loop ?

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The Ultraviolet’s tour starts in Bristol on October, 10th…

I will see you here for sure:

  • 27.10.2018 – Germany, Hamburg, Gruenspan
  • 28.10.2018 – Germany, Cologne, Kantine
  • 16.03.2019 – Sweden, Stockholm, Nalen

Still on the project phase (since I am not Croesus ?):

  • 20.03.2019 – France, Paris, Les Étoiles

For more tour dates, check out the band’s website: http://poetsofthefall.com/tour/

All pictures are used for information purposes and belong to their creators…

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  • Suz

    Great comments! This one had me on a roller coaster for sure. The single cover had me thinking it was going to be something dark and deep, and also maybe a slow ballad. Ok yea right, it wasn’t any of those things. It was so cheerful and happy even while singing some decidedly somber lyrics, but it all worked and it made me feel very happy and wanting to dance. I could picture this performed live and I want to see it! But then…. then came the video. I foolishly thought it would be as happy as the song, especially after seeing the screen shot of Marko walking and singing in the sunshine from the directors insta! And basically it was, basically… until I saw where the broken glass fit on the cover art, and I was suddenly thrust into the deep dark I had expected and then discarded. But even with the sad story, it wasn’t too terribly sad at all, because he was singing the acceptance, and he did it so masterfully, that after my initial shock and pang of sorrow, it was still happy. I love both the song and the video.

  • Suz

    A few of my favorite are:”A life lived by making up new games of gazes and whispers” (and, by the way, I love pause he does at both of these moments in the song)”We share a penchant for cyanide praise” Love this and I want to know why cyanide is in both released singles so far.And some how my favorite line, at least at this moment in time, is:”But the lining is silver.” I don’t know what it is, but I hear such hope in those few words, and I absolutely LOVE how he vocalizes that line!

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