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Poets of the Fall – Bag of Treats

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Alright, today I need to cheer myself up… loads! I won’t offend any of you by explaining what’s going on in this head of mine, or why (’cause, I know you know), but I am upset, annoyed, ashamed, or you know like Tex Avery and the jaw-dropping picture… me all the way. So, what to do in such cases? I have the perfect solution (apart from playing ostrich, which is not really one). But before telling you, I’d like to mention that one of you inspired the title of this post.  Indeed, you wrote a comment on Poets of the Fall‘s announcement about the upcoming new material, it made me smile and somehow gave me a very much needed little boost of energy to start the day. Thanks!

So, the perfect solution: listen to Poets of the Fall, watch their videos, thus getting into a carefree state of mind for a few minutes. It is not really a solution, since it does not solve any problem, but it helps to deal with any given situation when I feel powerless to do anything.

Poets of the Fall effect

I said it before and I say it again, there is something magical about Poets of the Fall. Like a parallel universe in which I get propelled to every time I hear the first notes of any of their songs.  I read another comment on the video above where a mom talked about her two baby girls running towards her to see what she was watching when they heard the first notes from Daze. I can tell you this, no matter the mood I am in, I react in a similar way when I hear them… a big smile usually gets hold of my face, my heart pounds faster and I get an irresistible urge to dance (for the record, I am a rather lousy dancer with two left feet). Exhilarating and magical!

Bag of treats

The only treats I truly enjoy is chocolate… so, Poets of the Fall are my own personal brand of chocolate (care to guess the reference? then, leave a comment!) and they are Delicious… Oh alright, that was an easy pun, but it does not mean that it is not true. Every time the band is posting a new video, it is special, it brings light to my days, peace as well. It does not matter if it is just an announcement for a tour, or for a series of short videos (like it is the case now), or for a new music video, or for a new album… the effect is unfailingly soothing, like a balm. Of course, it is but a temporary fix, but I always end-up cheered up and strengthened somehow. The funny part in all this is that they seem to know how long they should be silent (or away), and when they show up again (in whatever form), they manage to shower us with this incredible positivism and joy. It is priceless!

Replay until Friday

Golly! That sounds a little bit obsessive, nay excessive… But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to keep the dark side at bay, right… No, it is not that bad. I’ve got way too many good things happening in my life to only focus on the upcoming nightmare. Poets of the Fall are usually reminding me of that in subtle ways with songs such as Love will come to you, for instance… Ok, that’s done already, but the music itself is uplifting and usually carries me like a wave back to shore ; but the following phrases are usually what makes all the difference for me:

Till all laughter is claws on your skin
and your moments of clarity scream the hell within

We all know what this means, our reason understands this… an yet, every time I hear it, I feel it getting stronger. I don’t hear it anymore, I feel it even before Marko sings it. Some songs are like that and we don’t really know why… in truth, the why isn’t important. I have to say this though, the most uplifting part of the song is the end… and when it is supported by the video,  Olli‘s and Jaska‘s smiles as they play… speechless and dreamy!


I am not sure I said something useful or important in this post, but it surely felt like the pep-talk I needed to get on with my day. I remember one of you, some time ago while we were all waiting for the Clearview release, commented on the band’s Facebook page that she/he did not recall any of the songs from Jealous Gods. I remember how I felt when I read that, somewhat upset and a bit shocked too… but everyone is entitled to their own opinions… however, while I respect it, I still don’t understand the statement. There is not one song that I dislike on this album, from Daze (that I already mentioned) to the brilliant Choice Millionaire, without forgetting Rumors or Hounds to Hamartia (I could name every track on the album). Anyway, Rogue is… rogue! (check out this sneak peek from Jaska’s Facebook page)

I leave you in great company and one of my favourite songs (videos), just don’t forget to subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel (if you haven’t yet) and look forward to the next 6 Fridays’ videos.

Tiihii… cheerios!

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