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Poets of the Fall Day

World Wide Listen – Poets of the Fall International Listen Day

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This time of year again, and although I am busy like a bee and a bit under the weather despite all the fun… I needed to free a moment or I would have been disappointed with myself and that won’t do. So… let me tell you a short story for a short post. Hop on board reader!  😀

“Whatever you do… don’t scream!”


December 5th, 1970…

… somewhere in Finland a little boy is taking his first breath meanwhile, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Nazareth, Black Sabbath are – or soon will be – reaching the height of their international fame. Coinkydink? I think not.

This little boy’s name: Marko Saaresto. Not unlike many little boys and little girls, life threw at him loads of bad… and lots of good too, in same measure – although, it did not feel that way at the time. Yet, like many little boys and many little girls, he struggled, fought hard, gave up, got back up and ultimately came out victorious every single time… stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than ever… not unlike you and me.

From an early age, the little Marko has had an artistic fibre taking root in his heart. Mixing that with love, care and what life taught him, we’ve all been blessed with his art. We’ve all been touched, one way or another by his incredible voice, his words and wordplay, his fire on stage and his charisma.

Without further ado

I give you World Wold Listen Poets of the Fall Day 2019. To celebrate Marko’s birthday, the word is to spread it wide, throughout every corner of our beautiful blue planet. Our goal is to reach all who would care to listen and allow themselves to be inspired by Poets of the Fall. Rejoice in the music, the feelings and emotions that the guys share with every note and every word.

This great initiative was started by Poets of the Fall Street Team USA and ever since I discovered it, I tried to make a point in posting something about it to wish our #markopoets an amazing birthday. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/POTFUSAStreetTeam/)

The rule lies in the fun of sharing as much as possible Poets of the Fall’s music via social media… it can be official videos from the band, but also singles and tracks from the band’s official Spotify, iTunes and whatnot. Sharing photos is good too – as long as it is accompanied with music  ;), but with the proper credits to the owners… same goes with unofficial videos (from concerts), credit needs to be shown where it is due. So have fun and share, share, share… the more the merrier.

I just realised that two of my absolute favourite albums are Jealous Gods and Ultraviolet… all the others too, still these two are my private gems.

Marko Saaresto, Happy Birthday sir 😊 may all your wishes come true and thank you!

I leave you all In a Perfect World, performed by Poets of the Fall in Paris this year…

Daze… I wish I could have gathered what I needed to be miss / ma’am Jester for a night…

… the song that inspires me, no matter what life chooses to put me through, good or bad alike… Choice Millionaire

and finally, more recently the mind blowing My Dark Disquiet


Photo credit: Marko’s photos, yours truly (Claire Perez Ekman aka Clairepeek) in Paris (Le Trabendo) and in Helsinki (I think…)
Photo credit feature image: Photo of the band by Tiia Öhman and Photo of Marko by Jani Snellman…
Collage feature image: yours truly (Claire Perez Ekman aka Clairepeek)

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