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Poets of the Fall – King of Fools 2020

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Photo: Tiia Öhman

Last May (2019), I asked Marko about a live DVD, especially since the Ultraviolet tour is so awesome and it would be incredible to have it recorded somehow.

M@H: Is there any chance that you would consider releasing a second live DVD in the near future?
Marko: Never say never, but we don’t have any such plans at this time. It’s a huge undertaking to get one done, both financially and time wise and with the market for DVD’s dwindling, so I dunno. Having said that, it would be a good idea, if the right show comes along.
(Read full interview here: https://potf.misfitheart.com/2019/05/16/interview-with-poets-of-the-fall/)

That being said, the acoustic sessions are somehow the next best thing to me (considering that the first best thing is attending the concerts obviously) 😀

Surprising choice

I did not wish to guess which song the band would choose, I wanted it to be surprise and I want every month to be a surprise… but I really did not expect this one, mostly because a beautiful acoustic version of King of Fools already exists. I think it was either risky or a safe bet for the band to choose this song… or a challenge to outdo themselves, which they seem to do every single time, so a safe bet risky challenge maybe. Mission accomplished though… they once again outdid themselves, and this version strikes an even bigger chord in yours truly’s heart. Amazing!

Childhood throwback

Photo: Tiia Öhman

As a child, my mum used to read bed-time stories to my brother and I. She did not sing, but she read and that was often the highlight of my days. The feeling of letting my imagination go wild while I listened to her voice reading stories from the Grimm brothers or other fairy tales. This is the safest I felt, right then. So, when Olli started playing the first chords of King of Fools on his guitar, in his humble way, the chills on my back felt rather familiar… it took me a while to recall the familiarity… the safety of my mother’s voice. Weird, right?!

It does not stop there. I mean, listening to this versions brought so many deeply buried memories, I am kind of shocked that they were buried so. The notes which Olli plays and then Marko‘s voice gently filling up that theatre space sent me back in time again… with my mum again… when I was a teenager, I used to go to the theatre with my mother, maybe once every three months or so. I loved it, it was always something special, and a magical world to me. The sound of King of Fools brought me back to these warm and loving memories.

Listen before watching

You might have understood by now that I actually listened to the song the whole day on Spotify before watching it… like all of you since we did not have any other choice, right  😆 The sound put me back in a theatre seat and when I watched the video I needed it to play in a loop because I did not want to leave this place.

King of Fools

So the choice of song for this first session was really smart. It is soft, intimate and highlights Marko‘s voice perfectly in the settings of the beautiful Alexander Theatre. I mean the acoustic must be incredible, to sit on that stage and start playing… and oh I can only imagine how it must be like. The lyrics have never hit home more than then do now… it hurts and amazes, and yet, the song is on full repeat because I cannot get enough of it. Seriously, what’s wrong with me? 😛

Cos what I feel is the only truth for me

Enjoy more photos on the band’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poetsofthefallband/

Next session: February 2020… Captain’s working on it… cannot wait!

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