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Temple of Thought – Poets of the Fall inspired

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Yesterday, as I was driving home from work, I was contemplating the idea of writing a new post since it had been a while… I have to tell you, it is not as easy as you think to come up with something to say that you might relate to; anyway, since the automatic pilot on my car was on – read that I was stuck behind a truck and could not overtake it – I had plenty of time to think in and outside the box. Of course, I had a little help from my favourites poets, Poets of the Fall, and their song Temple of Thought, from the album Temple of Thought… but not only.


Chills, chills come racing down my spine like a storm on my skin


I had a good day at work, not because I was doing great with my assignments or anything like that, but because one person came to me and opened her heart with tears in her eyes. Tears are not always a sign of sadness though… and this first line on the first verse of Temple of Thought is exactly how I felt as I listened to her.


And I know, I know that it’s all about understanding
Am I hidden inside your beautiful soul as it’s crying
For love to conquer the day slowly dawning
I want you to know you’re the heart of my temple of thought


How should I explain what I really felt? I am surrounded by beautiful people and I forget easily that, in my turn, I belong to the beautiful people surrounding them too. It is not false modesty, it is just that it is difficult to take in the fact that I can have the same positive and loving impact on the people I care about as they do me. I guess it is a human reaction… Yesterday, I was confronted to this tender reality and I really did not expect it.


There are people who can surprise you because they have a heart big like that, but they hardly show it… and although you are aware of it, you do not really think about it. This makes me think of my parents of course, who love me with all their heart, but do not say it. It is an obvious truth, therefore one does not need to utter it… and yet, they finally wrote it on my birthday wishing card “with all our love“. Just thinking about it gives me chills.


And you stay, stay with me when I break down
Like a dream come saving
And if words should fail here, I’ll just read the way you sound
‘Till I know the meaning of love and life
And it could be I’m understating what it means
That you’re standing behind every word you say


It is striking when I suddenly realise that I am surrounded by so many people who care deeply for me… The magical thing is that I care just as deeply for them and I could probably write a list of names but it would be pointless. The truth is that they know who they are, and if they don’t… well, just come and talk to me, you’ll understand instantly.


It has been more than a year now that I crashed psychologically and during that year, so many of you have stood by me with your love and care. You have given me strength little by little so that I could rebuild myself. It’s working! There is not much more I can say except thank you, but that sounds almost lame for it does not express the depth of my gratitude… not by a long shot.


You are amazing and I feel blessed to have you all in my life.


So take care and be well.


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