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Poets of the Fall – Love never goes out of season

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Yesterday, as I was driving home from work (finally week-end!) Poets of the Fall were as usual playing in my car’s speakers, smoothing out my otherwise bad mood while I was struggling not to yell at the snail-ish driver in front of me… I am French, yes, and French people are yelling in their cars, it might classify me as a crazy person here in Sweden though. I don’t know how it is in your country, but the French tradition is one of “yellers“. Anyway, I was listening to Clearview and a song caught my attention although I’ve heard it a gazillion times before: Children of the Sun.

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And you know you can take this story, take your glory, make your own way
Yeah, I want you to shake this story, take your glory, find your way
Make your own way

© Poets of the Fall – Clearview 2016 – Children of the Sun

Ever since I heard this, I’ve had it echoing in my mind whenever I felt less than myself and it helped, every time. Somehow, however, I had heard it before but I could not, for the life of me, remember where it was coming from. At home yesterday evening, as I was listening to one of my numerous playlists, it hit me and I thought “Of course! Genius!

Just remember when it’s time speak your mind,
speak your mind, you gotta show them how
Show them how you wanna live your life
Just one life, one life, all in the now

© Poets of the Fall – Jealous Gods 2014 – Brighter than the Sun

So one song at a time, one album at a time, Poets of the Fall are building up our self-awareness, our self-confidence, our self-esteem… if this is not making a difference in a world where isolation and normalisation are the “puppet masters” steering all our moves, I don’t know what is.

Puppet Masters

Clearview is the album that tells a story… When you listen to it from start to finish, it is like you’d listened to a tale about your life, or a life. You might not be able to tell what the story is, but if you are hyper sensitive as I am, you’ll know what it is all about, you’ll relate. In all good stories, you have the “bad guy” popping out here and there. In the case of Clearview, the “Puppet Master” would be it. You find him (or her) in The Game and he (she) comes back in Crystalline. In the first song, the “puppet master” has the power… in the second song, the “puppet master” might go up in flames with the labyrinth (that is just my vision though and not what the lyrics are saying, at least I don’t think it is). Who is the “puppet master“? Is it a figment of our imagination, our inner-nemesis, society, the all powerful of our world… might be all that at once. Going back to Clearview‘s storytelling, Crystalline refers to The Labyrinth which is the song just before on the album’s track list. Coincidence?

“There is no such thing as coincidence in this world. The only thing is hitsuzen.
Hitsuzen… A naturally fore-ordained event. A state in which all other outcomes are impossible.”
CLAMP, xxxHolic, Vol. 1

So… Clearview is definitely telling a story. Other albums like Jealous Gods might as well, but it became so apparent with Clearview. The usual twisted turns, hidden thoughts and the somewhat quirky narration from the band’s previous work are not present in Clearview. Clearview is in a way more straight forward and yet it feels so much deeper (not easy when one considers the previous albums, but it is…)

Children of the Sun Brighter than the Sun

The sun is life and children are the future… so, if we do things right, the future might get brighter than life. Wouldn’t that be something? For such a utopia to be real, love has to win over all else… “love never goes out of season“. The human condition has, so far, gotten in the way and it is almost like we are self-sabotaging ourselves. I don’t understand it, why can’t we just be, embrace beauty, love… life without fighting with one another, without killing each other… why can’t we? In the midst of all this, when such thoughts are darkening my days, Poets of the Fall are entering my bubble without knocking and holding this bright torch of hope. These two songs below are my beacons of hope.

Upcoming event

On December 5th is World Wide Listen to Poets of the Fall Day. At the initiative of Street Team Poets of the Fall (from USA), on that day we will continue to spread awareness about Poets of the Fall‘s music… be sure to come back on Misfit at Heart and read the special post.

In the meantime,
just enjoy life and take care of yourselves.

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