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POTF – Who the fuck is Tony???

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Today is November 30th and it would seem that I lost two Facebook followers in the course of the month. OMG! OMG! OMG! What should I do? Why did this happen? How can I get them back? Blah, blah, blah… Well, I am not the one asking that, in case you were wondering… I am no genius when it comes to marketing my own writing since I write for the sake of it, mostly. You could argue that I am bitter since I am starting the post with a fact which, in truth, I don’t give a *beep* about.

So, what is today’s post about? Poets of the Fall, who else… and yours truly… and life.

Fun fact about me, when I say I’ve got nothing to say this morning, it actually means that I have things to say but they might not be politically correct to let out of my head – ever. So, what do you think? Loosely put what goes through my mind right now… disappointment, annoyance, trust issues, rolling eyes, arms up in the air like “what the f***?“… no, no that is really too negative… besides, this was yesterday in my car. Today, I started with a surprising photo which made my day… not only because it made me smile, but for it made me laugh…

Who are you?

Since I last wrote on Misfit at Heart, I’ve been wondering about you guys… my readers and who you are. This is a true mystery to me because I am stunned that so many of you, in all anonymity and from all over the world, take the time to read what I write. It is a humbling fact around which I cannot wrap my head. So, thank you for that. Yet, I know that, like me, you just cannot help being curious about a very meaningful mystery: “Who the fuck is Tony???” (Credit featured picture to Prowlers of the Fall: Reloaded, used with permission).

I’ve been toying with the meaning behind the song Once Upon a Playground Rainy on another post, with the help from one of you actually, but I did not figure out who Tony is. I suppose that we were numerous enough to ask therefore reaching the band somehow with that question, since – as you can see – the featured photo says it all… did they answer it during the first show in Germany, I don’t know. This is the charm I like so much about mysteries when they are meant to remain thus. But really, who is he? A figment of Marko‘s imagination or a real person? Patience… we might get an answer yet, for now though, it seems that Marko is not willing to reveal his secret and to quote him, through Prowlers of the Fall: Reloaded, “it will remain a secret forever“… now you have it folks… but don’t despair, we should never say never after all.

Beyond the mystery

I like to see the best in people… I am human though and I can bad-mouth some people now and then, it’s called venting, but I want to believe that people don’t have an ulterior agenda when they talk to me. It is a fantasy world onto which I am clinging because life is tough enough to distrust every single person one meets. I never learn though, so what is it about me that pushes me towards the inevitable? The world is insane and I don’t like it… so I try to forget, put aside the indelible state of things, and focus on silly mysteries to wash away the weight of a world that has gone bonkers. “Who the fuck is Tony?“… he cannot be a bad person if he built a shack. I don’t know, does this make sense to any of you? Oh golly, this has become a bit morose again…

Lighten up

Laughter is the best medicine and this is how I started my day, I might as well hang on to it… There was a song playing (yes, from Poets of the Fall) which lifted my spirit as I drove home yesterday. I don’t really remember which one it was, other than it was from Clearview. I can recall the feeling though, through the tiredness of the day my heart pounded cheerfully in my chest, drawing a smile on my face. Help me out, here! Which song was it? I know… The Child in Me. Go figure… I think I do… but that will be for another post.

Don’t forget, on December 5th, World Wide Listen to Poets of the Fall Day… you’ll have some reading to do here too. Poets of the Fall Day
The post will be published on December 5th at midnight (Finnish time).

How do you live so gracefully
Would you show me
How can I save the child in me
A world a child would see
How do you fall so gracefully
In a shattered world
The child in me


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