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Poets of the Fall – Vanha, Helsinki May 27th 2022

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Almost 2,5 years since I last had the pleasure and privilege to attend a Poets of the Fall show. My last gig was October 2019 in  Paris… but now I am back in beautiful Helsinki for my very first Ghostlight Tour concert -though I could have done without the damp and somewhat chilly weather.

Attending a Poets’ show is an incomparable event in itself, however, it becomes even bigger when you’ve got to travel from another country. I know some of us have. My “Poets trips” are always eventful, and this time was no exception. My train to the airport was partially cancelled, which pushed me to drive there instead (so I wouldn’t miss my flight). Three hours drive when you’ve never driven for so long, in a car that should probably retire soon, is daunting but I made it. The way back was not as scary but I was so tired -despite the few pit stops I made, thank you Poets of the Fall for keeping me awake 😂.

Poets of the Fall, Nandita Rajan’s Gallery, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki 27.05.2022
© Nandita Rajan – Photos used with permission.

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My stay in Helsinki was made perfect by the company I kept: my dear friend Ana 🥰; the old and new friends I met at the show brightened the dull long queueing and made for a very cheerful reunion. This is the full Poets of the Fall effect: amazing music, happy musicians, friendships renewed and new-born ones, camaraderie -usually accompanied by some hiccups here and there, but that is part of it as well😋…  About a week later, I can share that – as Miika said to me – I’ve had the complete Finland experience 😂🤧.

Shout out to the fan community

We always say how special the Poets of the Fall‘s community is, and  it has never been truer than now. I could not take any photos during the show, my phone went on strike without a warning. So, since a post without illustration would be as much fun as walking on lava 😅, YOU ALL stepped up. I had my work cut out for me of course, choosing from all of your amazing photos was not small feat., but now the selection is done. Thank you! This article is for all of you, love you to pieces! 💖🥰

#AnaMestre #NanditaRajan #RodMcCracken #PatriciaZenteno #TiiaÖhman #PoetsoftheFall

Poets of the Fall, Rod McCracken’s Gallery, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki 27.05.2022
© Rod McCracken Photography – Photos used with permission.

Poets of the Fall, Rod McCracken's Gallery, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki 27.05.2022
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Vanha Ylioppilastalo

The venue Vanha Ylioppilastalo or “The Old Student House” is a beautiful building, but inside, the ceiling really is what caught me by surprise with its chandeliers, the golden ornaments and then the archway doors on the balcony. It was a venue fit for kings, and we were soon about to see them again. I wondered what the black balloons were there for, then I heard someone say they were not balloons 😏 Go figure!  In the corner of the ceiling, on the stage’s right side (when looking at it), there -all alone as a vestige of a far away party- was a silver balloon in the shape of an S. It was rather odd and somewhat charming. Beautiful venue for an extraordinary band… Perfect!

Poets of the Fall, PotF – Misfit Heart’s Gallery, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki 27.05.2022
© Misfit Heart – Claire P. 

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2,5 years – 5,5 hours + nearly 2 hours of waiting finally over

It was a great show, not the best, but great and awe-inspiring show. Some things were lost on me when Marko spoke to the audience, mostly because the only Finnish word I understand is “kiitos”. Marko Saaresto being the excellent front-man that he is, I wished for a little more English 🙃 – as he did on other Finnish shows before – I feel I missed the connection I usually get with the band when I can actually understand the “jokes” in-between songs.😅 Now I had no idea why people laughed, that was annoying because I like a good laugh 😂. I have to say as well that Marko looked fabulous in his stage outfit. I loved the sobriety and the elegance that the golden scarf brought. Was it meant to replace the feather boa, with Ghostlight being the closing of the trilogies?

Despite the dark I was in between songs, the show made me extremely happy for so many reasons. First, Rogue, Daze, My Dark Disquiet, Lift and Choice Millionaire were still part of the setlist. 🥳

Credits: Video below by my great friend Ana M. – © Music Poets of the Fall

Second, because FIREDANCER!!! Did I shout that? I guess I did… What can I say about Firedancer that I haven’t already said? This is a song which is meant to be played live and loud. Lucky girl, me, Marko sang my favourite line on my side of the crowd, so I let the shivers run along my spine and down to my feet with delight

“But the fire doesn’t dance to their dictates”

I remember smiling, though my eyes stung a bit at the same time. Firedancer always brings a wave of mixed emotions to my heart and listening to it live for the first time made it even more special. I love that song so much that you only have to say the word “firedancer” and the song starts playing in my head.

Credits: Video below by my great friend Ana M. – © Music Poets of the Fall

Sounds of Yesterday was truly breath-taking. Marko’s singing is gorgeous! The closing of the song between Olli and Jani is pure bliss. Ana, thank you for capturing the song so perfectly. I must admit, when I first listened to Ghostlight, I wondered how on earth would Marko be able to deliver these songs on stage! They are so tricky, beautiful but I mean, one needs to be in such control at all times – exhausting! I don’t care what anyone says, this is an incredible artistic prowess to be able to sing Sounds of Yesterday live like that. Hat’s off to you Marko, you never cease to amaze me Sir.

Poets of the Fall, Ana’s Gallery, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki 27.05.2022
© My great friend Ana M. – Photos used with permission.

Poets of the Fall, Ana M Gallery at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki 27.05.2022
Poets of the Fall, Ana M's Gallery, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki 27.5.2022
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The Sweet Escape had its usual effect when Jaska starts playing his solo, though I managed -not without difficulties, to swallow back my tears. Marko delivered an emotional performance and I believe he was really moved at times and could barely hide it. I loved that, the vulnerability is genuine and beautiful. I wonder if he will sing the French version in September at Le Trabendo in Paris 😁. God, I hope so 😍.

Something I also noticed during the show, even more than other times, is the mutual admiration the guys show to one another. This is one of the things that makes Poets of the Fall who they are. I love the interactions with Captain and Jari, whether rehearsed or improvised, they always bring something extra fun for those of us catching them in the corner of our eyes.

Chasing Echoes was another highlight of my evening, “omg” that song! First, I adore those lyrics. Second, they are all looking so freakin’ happy when playing that song that it became contagious. 👏 Then there is this soulful magical piece that stunned me.

Borrowing a piece of this video by Mummonmarkka1

Poets of the Fall, Patricia Zenteno’s Gallery, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki 27.05.2022
© Patricia Zenteno (FB), @catching_the_stars_photography (IG) – Photos used with permission.

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Perfect setlist although very demanding

I cannot go through the entire setlist (see at the end of this article), because it’s been a week and I cannot recall all that I felt during the show 😊. One thing is certain though, Poets of the Fall did not make it easy for themselves… not that they usually do, but it feels somewhat extra relevant this time around. Energy packed, the singing seems even more challenging than it usually is, everything really about the setlist is very demanding, but I am no musician, so what do I know anyway 🙃😜.

I only know that it was awe-inspiring.

Poets of the Fall energy

Poets of the Fall show are always packed with energy, but I missed out on the first three songs, I’m ashamed to say. I was fighting to unlock my phone to take pictures -for this article – to no avail… eventually, I gave up during the third song Temple of Thought when I saw Olli was looking at me, his eyes telling me: “Come on, be with us!” Thank you for that Olli 🥰 now my heart is full of your smiles, and the music keeps on playing with you at the helm. Of course, it is very possible that he did not see what I was doing, and that all that was just in my head 😂 but that does not make it any less real to me.

I can safely say that Olli was my hero that evening – even if this was only my imaginings 😁. Beautiful man, beautiful heart, exceptional guitarist!

I wondered if I should share this photo, but then it is on IG, so 😅 I remember when Olli first asked me – I think it was in Hamburg in 2019- where I was from and I answered I was from France but lived in Sweden. He looked a bit confused and answered: and you come to Germany to see a Finnish band. We both laughed as you can imagine. That is one of the longest conversations I’ve had with Olli until Helsinki 2022. I told him it was great to see him again, and that he played great etc, you can imagine, I babbled on and on… I could not shut up and stay still for the photo taking, hence my face. Next time I really need to get my act together and shut the hell up to look a bit better beside this handsome talented kind guy 🤭 Seriously, woman! Shape up!

All in all, the concert was over before I could say “quidditch”… Thank you Poets 😍💖🎶

Looking forward to next time, September in Copenhagen to start with 🥰

Do you want to experience the best event of your life? Check out Poets of the Fall tour dates here 👉 Ghostlight Tour 2022

Poets of the Fall, Tiia Öhman & Poets of the Fall’s Gallery, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki 27.05.2022
© Tiia Öhman & Poets of the Fall – Photos used with public permission.

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Until next time 💖

Take care of yourselves,


  • Requiem for my Harlequin
  • Dreaming Wide Awake
  • Temple of Thought
  • Rogue
  • Firedancer
  • My Dark Disquiet
  • Sounds of Yesterday
  • Chasing Echoes
  • Stay Forever


  • The Sweet Escape
  • Daze
  • Lift
  • Carnival of Rust

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  • Erika Bryan

    THANK YOU!!!!! The article and the videos are amazing. You articulate your thoughts so well, I envisioned the concert through your eyes.
    How lucky for you to have this amazing opportunity and for giving me the same opportunity to envision the same.
    Peace and love

  • Nandita

    Thanks for writing down these memories from the concert day! It was a Poets show after almost 2 years for me. So great to hear new songs! I’m happy I was able to take some pictures for you to share ;D

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