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Poets of the Fall, The Sweet Escape – UV

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I have been wondering, before last year ended, about what song I should put under my feelings’ microscope in this promising new year. I suppose I was sufficiently distraught to actually be able to put my mind to it until now. Of course, in matters of the heart, the mind should play but a very little role… wouldn’t you say? In the end, my heart prevailed and chose The Sweet Escape… how fitting!

However, the verses that have taken a hold on my heart, have proven challenging when I first heard them… I wondered how true to my own feelings they were, until said feelings faced the most trying challenge of all. The Damocles sword fell and confirmed the veracity of those words from Angel:

My home is my skin
And in the world I’ve within
All I have is my love for you

© 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel

Till I have your disposition

Back to the song that interests us for now, which is The Sweet Escape. I find that the song is laced with an unescapable longing. I’ve understood it or rather, my mind did, but until Christmas break, my heart could not connect the dots. It is very strange, and I say this yet again, Poets of the Fall have this gift of writing songs that are always suited to my present situation. It is as if they were going through the same trials as I. I am sure that you all feel it too at some point. I must confess that I find it both fascinating and a bit spooky. But we are all humans, and strangely go through the same type of stages in life, which somehow makes us all quite similar and not as unique as we’d like to think ourselves. But I am straying again from the subject…

The Sweet Escape feels like a dream where longing for love sets the tone. It is an intense song that got me crying more often than not… it isn’t that it makes me sad, on the contrary; but the tears that roll down my cheeks are the only way I can show how much I feel it. Marko Saaresto sings it so beautifully… understatement of the year… I wish (sometimes) I could feel what he feels when he is singing that song, maybe to better understand its meaning or intent. I am not sure I would even if I could… it is like the character of Elisabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen) says to her sister Jane Bennet:

Till I have your disposition, your goodness, I never can have your happiness

© Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice


What makes The Sweet Escape so special, you may ask. I guess that the way Marko uses his vibrato in the chorus, the music is so gorgeous as well, it stood out from the start… even though it is a bit false to say such a thing because most of the songs from Ultraviolet stand out. At least, they do to me. The words from The Sweet Escape… just reading them gives me chills.

Cos you’re fearless in your love
Devoted to compassion
The highest state of art

© 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, The Sweet Escape

The delivery of these lines is faultless!


The following are, to me, the most perfect verses though:

And this is why I love you
Why you’re the only one
You’re the only one
Who has seen me come undone
And then seen beyond

© 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, The Sweet Escape

This goes both ways… but somehow it is a glimpse of what was, what is and what will come for my husband and I. The crossroads we’ve walked, and the ones we’re at. It is all metaphors and unsaid meaning, but if you ever have been where I am, you will surely understand my purpose.

Dream & longing

The dream and longing I talked about, that I feel from The Sweet Escape, I find them most accurate in these verse:

I wanna run away tonight
Just leave everything behind
Together we’ll make our sweet escape

In the shadows out of sight
Like ghosts in ultraviolet

© 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, The Sweet Escape

Because, maybe if we did just that, shedding everything, everyone and especially putting the past to rest, “our sweet escape” to find ourselves and be free would probably render us completely invisible. We’d see each other but others would not see us for who we are… therefore, ultimate freedom. Although, I do not think existing without others would be the ultimate happiness, since without others, we cannot grow. Besides, I have been hiding most of my life, and I am done with that.

Hell is other people

Contradiction much… Jean-Paul Sartre wrote in his play No Exit

Hell is other people – L’enfer c’est les autres.

© 1944 – Jean-Paul Sartre – No Exit

People are judgmental, and yes we can say “evil” at times, and escaping from that would be the ultimate freedom in a sense… but at the same time, what a misery to be without the company of others. The Sweet Escape is so much more than meet the eye, and brought me to an unexpected turn of thoughts.

Until next time…
Yours Truly!

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  • Kirsi

    Now the comment box works ?

    Marko has said that he tries to write the lyrics so that they can be understood / interpret in more than one way. With this song I understood what he ment when one of my friends asked me if that “fierce friend” in this song could be death? And when I read the lyrics once again… Well, maybe. Depends on which memories and thoughts this song that you to.

    • Clairepeek

      Death… hmm! very interesting indeed, especially since I had also the suggestion from a friend that “Choir of Cicadas” could be about war… and then we have “Angel”, which might also deal with the idea of dying, or life after death… in the end, if it feels like Ultraviolet might be more morbid than we think. Still, death could be so many things in the sense that it might symbolise the end of a love or a relationship, or a stage in one’s life… not only the end of life itself. I like that angle for the “fierce friend”.

      So glad the comment box works 🙂

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