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Poets of the Fall Day

World Wide Listen – Poets of the Fall Day 2018

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Please let me know whom to credit for this picture!

Helsinki, December 5th 2018, Marko Saaresto… Finnish time +1, Happy Birthday to you, dear poet ?. I don’t know about you, but this year has been pretty intense, for both good and ill (just a little, only to enjoy the good better), but mostly for good. My godson / nephew turned 3, about 10 days before Poets of the Fall turned what (?) 15 years young. I started a new job after a rather dark period in my life… and the direct consequence to that odd statement is that I finally got to see Poets of the Fall live, for the first time in Helsinki and to celebrate with you these 15 years of fantastic music. What a journey you had!

It is, therefore, only fitting to carry on with the brilliant idea of World Wide Listen, Poets of the Fall Day on your birthday. Poets of the Fall Street Team (USA) started it, and this year is not the year such an event will cease to be… not if I can help it. The truth is, we need you Poets of the Fall. In this day and age, more than ever, we need you to reach even more people with your music, because

Love never goes out of season
© Poets of the Fall – Brighter than the Sun, Jealous Gods – 2014

and we all know that there are corners of this world who are in desperate need of love.

I was not in Frankfurt, but my friends from Prowlers of the Fall were (you can even see one of them on stage)… as I watched this video, I could not stop smiling… the most feel good song ever. Brighter than the Sun… which I had the opportunity to sing together with Marko and I blew it of course, what else from me ? Enjoy! ?

The studio and official version, you’ll find it here: https://youtu.be/MYgX-OJXKMI

Memory lane and babbling

A year ago, I remember the feverish energy around that time. Clearview Tour was a smashing success and all my friends were planning to attend this and that concert. December was fully booked for some of them and for Poets of the Fall as well. How long can one keep such a crazy pace though, right?!

2018 seems quieter… but do not underestimate what is lying beneath the waters, I say… they are awfully fast back in the studio. What are they plotting behind the curtain? A new video… meh… they would not need to go back in the studio… Ollie T next song?… not Poets of the Fall… someone talked about recording the intro from Ultraviolet tour or something like that, and although it is a great idea, it seems that it is not it… my dream would be another live DVD, but I did not see any filming of the sort during the shows I was at, and no one mentioned it, not even the band (which would make sense if they did film)… Oooh, maybe Alchemy Vol. 2… or a recording of acoustic versions of… I don’t know, help me out here. The list can be endless with a little imagination and a growing fanbase ?. Let’s leave it at that then.

Quieter, yes, but I do believe our Poets of the Fall are busy like bees – or are they elves – in the dead of their Finnish winter… ?

Do you know, I think I will reminisce a little longer the special time that 2018 brought to my door… of course, retrospectively, I feel very foolish indeed. So, I’ll make it short… This new job of mine, which I really enjoy – although it is nothing enthralling – enabled me to attend two more shows after Helsinki. I was most anxious to return to Hamburg, but I did not find what I expected… I had a fond memory of the people I had met there, which did not endure this second visit I’m afraid due to the crappy hotel on my first night. The cab driver was cool though… told me all about Hamburg architecture during the fare. What I can recall from Hamburg show is how I made a fool of myself in front of Marko (twice)… at least, it is now a sweet memory – but I am slightly mortified (still). By the table where they were all so friendly, Marko kindly accepted my gift and thanked me… to which I answered “No, thank YOU!” I kind of half-screamed it “à la Ronald Weasley”… then during the show, when Marko held out his hand to me while I was taking a picture of him… of course, I missed the picture and grabbed his hand or at least the tip of his fingers ?, that much of a fool I don’t believe that I am ?… still very much one. The funny thing is that it probably won’t be the last time it happens either. Go figure!

Fortunately… I had also Cologne… you wish! Oh well, at least I exchanged some nice words with most of the guys, Jani blew me a kiss with the most extraordinary smile during Choir of Cicadas as I was singing along… at jubilee… I know I am rambling, but these are such happy memories that I do not want them to fade.

Where to the choir of cicadas’ jubilee
© Poets of the Fall – Choir of Cicadas, Ultraviolet – 2018

Below, one of my favourite songs, The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper… and the healing power of love.

World Wide Listen – Poets of the Fall day 2018

So, now that birthday wishes are sent and the highlights of the year are … hmm … highlighted ?, let me tell you about this nice tradition happening all day long on Marko‘s birthday. Today is the day we promote Poets of the Fall extra much. Today is the day we listen only to Poets of the Fall; with 8 albums, a Best Of, a Live dvd and an official Poets of the Fall YouTube channel offering amazing music videos, I mean we can make it happen this year as well… even if we haven’t prepared. We have enough to share to whomever wishes to listen.

The Street Team has done an amazing job this year and has been getting Poets of the Fall played on radios in the USA, such as X97 WEVX. I wish it was that easy (probably not the right word ?) here in Sweden, but if it is not “lagom” it does not fit the format. Even more so where I live… so let’s keep up the great work team… especially today, as a birthday present… to Marko.

The idea, as you might have understood, is to share through (mostly) Social Media as much as possible… but if you have flyers left from previous years, or can make them to give out on the street and talk Poets of the Fall with a few strangers or at work or whatever, just go for it! The important part is to share the music, wherever from (as long as it is legal): from your favourite streaming place such as Spotify or YouTube… One song every hour for 24 hours, how many songs can we all share? Just spread the love.

Make a wish, child!

Ok, I know that it usually is the birthday-person who gets to make a wish, but he won’t mind this one I suppose. Today I really want to share a song, from Ultraviolet. This song means a great deal to me. I could pick Angel or Moments before the Storm or The Sweet Escape, because I love those songs too and for so many reasons that each will get a post sooner or later. No, not today.

Today, I wish for My Dark Disquiet to be the next music video. I have already written about it, so I won’t repeat what I wrote then, but after probably a hundred times of listening to it, it still takes my breath away. I love every second of it… I set my morning alarm to it, for crying out loud… Here you go, even if it is not a video…

Buy don’t steal… you can find Poets of the Fall‘s music on all legal downloading platforms, music shops and the band’s official webshop.

Support Poets of the Fall!

Thank you  ?!

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  • Kirsten

    I like the article very much, so as your others. They are really inspiringly! But I have a problem: I want to see them live, but I have no friends/ family that likes them too… does any of you Poets-lovers know if there are more people around the age of 14/15 that are alone too?Thanks in advance and please, keep writing, cause I love to read your story’s!!?

    • Clairepeek

      Dear Kirsten,
      Thank you very much for your kind words. They mean a lot. I promise I will keep writing as often as I can.

      Since this is not really a forum with other Poets of the Fall fan but a regular blog, I advise you to check Facebook (if you have an account) where you can find a wide community of Poets lovers. You have a closed group you could join called Poets of the Fall Nation and
      Poets of the Fall – Worldwide and also Children of the Fall an unofficial Poets of the Fall fan forum.

      I would of course recommand that, when you have the opportunity, to go to a concert accompanied by an adult. Your safety first ;)! Poets of the Fall is coming to the Netherlands on March 19th 2019, in Amsterdam. I hope you will find someone who could go with you.

      Good luck, and thank you again ?
      Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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