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Poets of the Fall, Marko Saaresto Happy 50th Birthday

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Photo: Tiia Öhman

Every year, on this day December 5th, we celebrate Poets of the Fall Day as a gift for their incredible singer Marko Saaresto. It even used to be a “World Wide Listen day” to spread Poets of the Fall‘s music, but this day is every day now. Join us to wish Marko a:

Happy 50th Birthday Marko Saaresto!
Thank you for making us dream, hope, cry, laugh…
Thank you for you creativity and generosity
Thank you for you!

Last year…

… somewhere in Finland a little boy is taking his first breath meanwhile, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Nazareth, Black Sabbath are – or soon will be – reaching the height of their international fame. Coinkydink? I think not.

This little boy’s name: Marko Saaresto. Not unlike many little boys and little girls, life threw at him loads of bad… and lots of good too, in same measure – although, it did not feel that way at the time. Yet, like many little boys and many little girls, he struggled, fought hard, gave up, got back up and ultimately came out victorious every single time… stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than ever… not unlike you and me.

From an early age, the little Marko has had an artistic fibre taking root in his heart. Mixing that with love, care and what life taught him, we’ve all been blessed with his art. We’ve all been touched, one way or another by his incredible voice, his words and wordplay, his fire on stage and his charisma. [Full post]


We’ve all been graced by Marko‘s voice. He has this rare talent of using his entire body to give his voice the proper emotions. It goes beyond devotion to the art of singing… is it innate? I know Marko has a voice coach, spares his voice before concerts and of course exercise, but a part of what he is capable of communicating has to be raw innate talent. Not that it matters to us fans, I mean, what we care about is how we feel when Marko sings, right?! Marvelling at the unfathomable is but a small part of what defines us fans, wouldn’t you agree?

It is difficult to pick just one song, but the latest one which numbed my thoughts is Rebirth at the Alexander Theatre.

What is the song where Marko’s voice brings you feelings, sensations or emotions that other songs would not? – Answer in the comments below  😀

Charisma & alter-ego

I don’t know about you, but although Marko‘s just a regular man, he has the charisma of a superhuman. What does this mean? It means that no matter your plan when you meet him at “Meet & Greet”, you become this inarticulate teenager who cannot utter two coherent sentences. Seriously, how many of you experienced this? Marko is, however, more than meets the eye. Private Marko Saaresto, is private and obviously none of our business.

The Marko we know, that is to say the singer, musician, lyricist and performer, is an alter-ego. I think Olli said that in an interview last year. It is an interesting notion, wouldn’t you say?

I made a collage of some of his obvious alter-egos… I could not fit War or Diamond for Tears but I don’t think we can see a Marko typical alter-ego there… Strangely I find something appealing in each and everyone of Marko‘s characters, which if you’d care to dig deeper might tell you … meh! no matter 😉

Anyway… which alter-ego is your favourite? Let me know in the comments down below!

Poets of the Fall, Marko Saaresto Happy 50th Birthday

Merchant of dreams

Although I love the made-up alter-egos, because I love a great story as much as the next girl, my absolute favourite Marko alter-ego is the live one. The one on stage, singing his heart out to us; the one staring at one in the eye so that one would sing along; the goofy Marko telling a funny story before a song – although none of us is in on the inside joke; the sensitive guy singing beautifully  and working extra hard not to show the tears that wanna come out… the live one is my absolute favourite alter-ego: the extrovert.

I’d love to know the introvert too, but as I am both as well and probably more intro- than extrovert… I am rather content just knowing the merchant of dreams. The one who makes me believe that anything’s possible for the time of a song. The one who, for 1,5 hour, can make the world disappear together with his brothers. This one below is my favourite, what do you say?

All live photos about are the property of Misfit Heart, do not use without permission or proper credit, thank you!

Coming next on Poets agenda

  • 11/12/2020 – Poets of the Fall final Alexander Theatre Session episode: Carnival of Rust. Poets of the Fall Official YouTube channel
  • 11/12/2020 – Poets of the Fall CD/Cassette release of the Alexander Theatre Session 2020. Don’t forget to pre-order now.
  • TBA – Poets of the Fall – music video surprise… some of you know, some of you don’t… let’s not spoil the surprise.

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  • Christianna sanders

    So, when Marko is wearing the beanie and the orange shirt, he is looking kinda HOT. It is awesome that he is born in winter….I wish I was, but I was born in da spring, I love Marko with all my heart, I hope yall do. I would LOVE to meet Marko, he is sweet, kind, and awesome. I listen to his music at night to help me sleep because his beautiful voice, who wouldn’t? Freakin’ LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!!!!
    I wanna talk to him about my problems and things that happened to me that were bad…. well I probably couldn’t because, ehhh too nervous.

    That’s all, Marko I love u, and sorry for the misspellings I did lol.
    [Misspellings corrected by admin 😉]

  • Iri

    Well, better late than never 😀
    Rebirth and Angel at the Alexander Theatre literally made me cry. Sometimes I think that Marko must be a Siren mesmerizing us with his beautiful voice. However, is there anyone who’s against it? 🙂


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