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Poets of the Fall – Forward Quotes – EP02

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Weather vane

When I had the idea of this series, I thought that it’d be fun to write this way again, at the same time I did not really have a plan for it. I’d already chosen the quotes and it’s almost like I put myself in shackles restraining the words from the start. The truth is that I can be like a weather vane when I write so unconsciously I might have put in place some kind of frame to hold me fast. This might actually help me keep it short and concise… not that I should bother about it, but you might like it.

Anyway, I ask again as I did in the Pilot. What can I possibly write that I have not written yet? I mean, let’s face it, I’ve covered a lot of songs since I started writing about Poets of the Fall. But now, I am not talking about the songs… or what they inspired me to be, do or whatever. Now, I chose specific lines, which meant – and still do – a great deal to me because they helped me and pushed me forward.

Before we start

I liked the idea of sharing a poem unrelated to Poets of the Fall, but it is difficult to beat the one I chose for the Pilot. So I “googled” around and thought that I could find a poem – or excerpt of one – related to the theme of my chosen quotes for this episode…  it would not do though. I could not feel it… them. You know, the words… I understood, agreed even, but could not feel anything. So I thought, what the heck! I might just as well share my own poems with you, right?! Today, however, it’ll be a flash fiction I stumbled upon this morning… from 2011, it is called Painted Love.

Noon… the museum is closing, yet the man sitting on the bench shows no interest in leaving… As a matter of fact, the security guard pays no attention to him for they are well-acquainted. The man has been staring dreamily at the pretty lady whole morning. His smile to her is warm, while hers to him remains non-existent as she ignores him. Her indifference and his fate met a long time ago when, for the pleasure of all, they were hanged on opposite walls. Claire Perez EkmanPainted Love (2011) – Disconnected 

Naturally, this has nothing to do with the theme of the quotes I picked today… but I like the peace it brings despite the underlying drama. It is not the six-word novel by Ernest Hemingway (*), but it’ll do…

Episode one

As you can see below, I picked one line per song, but do not be alarmed dear reader, I won’t go through them all. I’ll pick three. How do you pick, when every line has played such an important role in pulling you by the hand thus getting you moving forward? It all depends on what you’d like to say… and today, more than ever, I have this urge of sharing how strongly Poets of the Fall have helped me believing in my dreams again… therefore, in myself.

//One more thing, there is a colour code and before you ask, you don’t need me to tell you what it means, you’ll figure it out ?//

Signs of Life

(Poet of the Fall – The Forward Quotes – SOL)

  • Lift: “Only dreams will hold their sway and defy
  • Overboard: “you smile though it aches
  • Late goodbye: “You made me strong when I was feeling weak
  • Don’t mess with me: “My dreams need realizing
  • 3 AM: “I know it seems like sometimes I don’t care
  • Stay: “Memories push through from yesterday
  • Seek you out: “Never was I stronger than I’m now
  • Shallow: “And all the while it’s all evasion
  • Everything fades: “All I’m saying is don’t give up, it’s the right way you chose
  • Someone Special: “Placing my faith in chance to meet me in half way
  • Illusion & Dream: “What’s going on fails to concern me, cos I’m locked behind my wall
  • Sleep: “Fickle words crowding your mind

Three songs that sum up how far I’ve come in all that I do and all that I am. Lift is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favourites on this album. It brings me such joy and really lifts up my spirit. One of my dreams, recently, is to meet Poets of the Fall and most of all see them live. This is not an unattainable dream, nor is it life-changing. It’s mostly a fantasy that will bring me joy. This is one sort of dream… simple and probably not essential. Another kind of dream is the one I write about all the time… making a living out of my writing. I’ve had this dream for so long and at the same time, I know it has been a scary one… still is, what with the uncertainty of such a “job” and all that. So I cling on to it, and I’ve started to believe in it again… little by little.

Only dreams will hold their sway and defy
– Lift

Dreams have the tendency of nagging at you, in whispers and sometimes in screams… like a flame that never goes out, except that it might if you dismiss it long enough. This line from Lift has rekindled my dreamy flame. Yet, I never saw it coming, and I can assure you that it was all but an unconscious occurrence. It felt good though when I realised what was happening. I have a firm grip on reality, but clinging on to my most meaningful dream is what makes life so much richer and interesting. But, I am an impatient gal and as my father would say: “I am as patient as a cat burning its tail.

My dreams need realizing
Don’t Mess With Me

… like now! So I write and then I get stuck and frustrated… I have promised them a story and it was so clear in my head. Now, it is going in so many directions that I have to regroup… therefore, I write to you instead. Maybe it’ll help “wash” my mind a bit. I can see the story complete and yet, it is far from it… I need it finished like yesterday. Told you, impatient! I am moving forward, believing in myself and my dreams, but I have a big flaw: I want to go faster than the music. The result is that, even though I am way on my way, someone – read yours truly – has tied my shoes together and as I start running towards the invisible finish line I fall flat on my face like a pancake. No worries! I know how to pick myself up…

Never was I stronger than I’m now
Seek You Out

Ultimately, no matter how long it takes, believing in myself, in my dreams, is what makes me strong and steady (unless someone ties my shoes together ?). The power of these lines, lies not only in the words themselves but also in the way they are delivered. Sung from soul to soul, heart to heart… soft melodies or harsher ones are not what make the words hit home. These lines have brought me in front of the looking glass so that I could – and can – reevaluate myself whenever I need and without an ounce of shame about who I am and where I want to go, but rather “standing proud” and excited about the journey that is yet to come.

Until next time! ?


(*) For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
– Ernest Hemingway

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  • Suz

    Even I know, you’ve picked the perfect lines for yourself! This is great! And also, I LOVE your poem! I need to get on with reading your book so I can get more of that! <3

    • clairepeek

      Although it is more of a flash fiction than a poem… I am glad you liked it. It was part of a writing challenge 100 words flash fiction I played with in 2011. I am glad you liked it so much… it means a lot! <3

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