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Poets of the Fall – Changing lives

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I know I am using big words, but you’ll see that I am not overstating the facts, merely putting the right words on them. It is rather comforting to know that one is not alone in one’s daily struggles, but at the same time I’d feel probably much better if more people were truly happy and did not have to go through hard times. So, what of Poets of the Fall influence in all this, you might ask. In an interview from 2013 (I think it was), Marko said that when he is writing lyrics, he tries to say something meaningful, that matters. I don’t think he has to try very hard though, for he succeeds every time if you ask me with what seems very little effort – although I know how much work it implies.

We’re here for you but hurry up anyway

So, I don’t really know what kind of struggles you guys are going through or have gone through… but you know what has been going on with me. What I did not explain was what happened after I had reached one year of sick leave. I am sharing this because I know I am not the only one in this case, and although I have been very lucky in my misfortune, some might not have had a fortunate turn of events such as mine. I had a great handler from the social insurance, she was truly helpful, unfortunately she also had to be a messenger for bad news. I ended up with having to tell my doctor, I do not care if I won’t receive any allowance from the social insurance, I have to be truly better before I can go back to work full time. This is, after all, common sense. My doctor, great man, agreed with me. My handler, she thought so too, I do believe that she really pushed the envelope until she could not anymore – so by the end of January I won’t have any allowance and I’ll have to go back to work full time – although I’d like to remain on part time. Anyway, the rest is just details… My good fortune being that I am indeed better because I’ve had the best support system in the world: family, friends, and Poets of the Fall. Where was I going with that… I haven’t the faintest, but it might come back when I’m done with the post…

The people who matter

The thing is that beyond the words and the music Poets of the Fall are playing, the audience or more particularly the people listening to the music, are a bunch of strangers to me; well you are. Yet, they are just as important as the band and occupy precisely the same amount of space in my heart. As I said in Yours Truly, I have been part of a fan base before and the people there, like the band, are nice and warmhearted. The difference with Poets of the Fall and the community that comes with them, is that each and every one of them… of you… genuinely cares for one another (it is certainly true with the other fan base too, but I experienced it differently for some reasons). You show it over and over, every day and it does not matter whom you’ve met and whom you haven’t… I mean, you guys reaction to my car incident/accident the other day proved that ten folds. It helped me put things in perspective faster than I might have done otherwise. The shock had subsided by the next day, so yes, I am grateful for your kind words and generosity. The Poets of the Fall community does not care for status and hierarchy… we are a collective and that is what makes you all very precious (among other things that are particular and/or peculiar to every single one of you).

The interview – 60 Minuten in Berlin

When I first listened to the interview, my mind was racing with loads of ideas which of course I did not write down. Now, instead of trying to gather my original thoughts or analyse the interview (which you are very much capable of doing for yourselves), I extracted two quotes from Marko – beginning of the interview – that oddly enough are very relevant to my life. Poets of the Fall, even if you are a new comer to the community and haven’t heard the music yet, you’ve got your first message in the band’s name like a message hidden in plain sight.

You’ve got to admire the beauty behind the words:

Carpe Diem cease the day, you only have so much time

I know they are living by that “Carpe Diem” quote, or at least Marko is. I wish I had the guts to live by them too… oh, wait a minute, but I am. I definitely can say that I am living by that “guideline” now. Nothing extravagant, nothing apparently changed in my life… except me.

When you do something, you try to do it as well as you can, so you like make poetry of everything even if it’s a fall.

Sometimes, or maybe it is just me, but it is kinda difficult to make an Excel sheet look poetic… figures in a table are just that, rather presumptuous to try and turn them into poetry… even a colourful one, just a thought. I am not making fun, it is one of the original thoughts that came into my mind when Marko said this… ridiculous, right. So here you have it, my mind works in mysterious ways and sometimes is out of control. All jokes aside, “everything they touch turns into gold“. You know that saying and it might not be literally true but it stands to reason that their name has to mean more than just the words, right, for their music changes lives.

The changes can be small or big… they can be visible or not… they can feel trivial to some, and essential to others. In the end, none of that matter except for what you feel when you listen to the music. I read everyday your comments to the guys after you’ve attended a show, heard a song or watched a video and every time, you make me smile. I see the pictures, the videos that you share… and I am there with you for a few seconds or minutes. It is a nice feeling. Life would be boring without music… who am I kidding? Life’d be boring without Poets of the Fall, period.

How did Poets of the Fall change your life? If you’d like to share, do write a comment on this post.

PS: Thank you to 60 Minuten in Berlin for the interview.

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