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Happy 18th Birthday Poets of the Fall

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Poets of the Fall turns 18, today!

Happy 18th Birthday Poets of the Fall from Nicola
Nicola Birthday cake

Our Poets have finally reached majority…now, what that would mean “in the eyes of the law”, I leave to your own fantasy. 18 years is incidentally how long I have been living in Sweden (give or take a couple of weeks) 😏. The Poets family is celebrating all over the world… cakes were made and I believe Marko (probably the entire band actually) would love to have a bite πŸ˜‹ I know I would!

18 years of age, 11 albums later ( counting The Alexander Theatre Sessions, Live in Moscow 2013 and Alchemy Vol. 1) the band is, I assume, working on No. 12 or rather No. 9. What’s it gonna sound like?

What they are cooking for us in their Helsinki’s studio – away from prying eyes – is as usual top-secret, which of course, gets us all fantasizing and wishing we were a fly on their wall. But it is an exciting time! How are they going to close the third trilogy… what is the album going to be called?

Clearview – Ultraviolet – and ???

Happy 18th Birthday Poets of the Fall from Mariwka
Mariwka cup cakes

Poets of the Fall’s company

The past months or so, I have been silent and you mayΒ  have wondered why… well, I’ve moved πŸ˜… and I still have loads of boxes to unpack, some small adjustments to make to my new place to get it cosy and finally settle in my new life. I’m on my own but not alone. Poets of the Fall are always the greatest of company as I contemplate what to unpack next.

I must say that for the first time in my life, I’m in control…

Poets of the Fall connected

2020, Poets of the Fall have treated us to the Alexander Theatre Sessions. They were with us the whole year, chatted with us at each video premiere… I, for one, felt less isolated thanks to Poets of the Fall. For a whole year, all corners of the world connected at the same time, from different time zones, to be with Poets of the Fall. Virtually, yes, but connected. That’s pretty awesome!

The other day, I was watching Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, and his guest was Howie Mandel who was saying that the goal in life, for each and everyone of us was to connect. No matter how we’d do it. If you ask me, Poets of the Fall is all about connection. They don’t have to be present and visible on social media all the time, they don’t need to… their music’s constantly in our homes: connected.

Feel the distance bring us closer!

Poets of the Fall fan

The truth is that I’ve know Poets of the Fall for only 5 years. I’ve listened to them for the first time, they were already all grown-up. It was more or less love at first sight of course, and today it feels like I’ve always known them, so in a way, I must have. The way they’ve touched my heart and soul is indescribable. I cannot get enough of their music.

The very first time I saw the band live was in Helsinki… they were turning 15 at the time! So you see, I’ve not been a part of the family for very long. Yet, it seems I’ve been around for much longer. It is weird.

Poets of the Fall Worldwide

I believe we all want Poets of the Fall to be recognized and celebrated worldwide, and in a way they are. As fans though, we wish they could get more of it. So, when I watched reaction videos to Poets of the Fall on YouTube, it made me happy to see people in the US, Australia, the UK and other countries genuinely feel and enjoy the music as they discovered the band for the first time.

Of course, you have those that are not as genuine as they pretend to be, but globally these videos show what Poets of the Fall are all about: connection, love, but mostly great music.

Poets of the Fall’s music

If I were to pick one song from Poets of the Fall repertoire, just one and say that it is my absolute favourite, I would be in big troubles. I cannot pick only one, I’m afraid, nor can I pick one album… Right now, Daze is playing in my head, and Temple of Thought… yeah, at the same time! It makes for a strange song πŸ˜‚.

It is difficult to explain why Poets of the Fall‘s music touches me so… of course, the melodies are incredible, the vocals amazing, the lyrics deep and always with the little extra-meaning we all can relate to… but there is something more (as if that was not enough). Something I cannot put my finger on but that I feel every time I listen to Poets of the Fall. Maybe it is this sense of connection I was talking about earlier, who knows. There is magic in their music, that is for sure.

They do have song that lift my heart and spirit as soon as I hear the first notes playing… songs such as My Dark Disquiet, Lift, Choice Millionaire, Daze (here it is again, must be a favourite πŸ˜…), Centre Stage, Drama for Life, Revolution Roulette… I could go on and on, but then it would be a list of almost the entire repertoire.

More recently (like about a month ago), the band released a new video for the song Stay Forever (originally Stay from their first album Signs of Life). I’ve always liked the song, “It’s the little things that make the world“, but this version’s gave me something more: “Together we can go and take on the world“. How many wake up call can you get in a lifetime?

Poets of the Fall have it all… they have the music, the words, the heart… the looks too, if you ask me πŸ₯°. So Dear Poets, Happy 18th Birthday, and here’s to another 18 years – hopefully this is what you wish too 😍 Do take on the world! We’ll all hitch a ride 😘.

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