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Poets of the Fall – Songs of the day

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Poets of the Fall is one of my deepest and strongest source of inspiration so today, Choice Millionaire and Love Will Come to You are my happy corner songs.

BTW, this is another very enthusiastic post about Poets of the Fall's music. 
You've been warned!
Jealous Gods
Jealous Gods
September 19th, 2014

I have recently discovered how happy two songs from my favourite poets make me. It does not mean that the rest of their repertoire is un-moving me, far from it; it just means that these are two songs which actually lift my spirit in such a way that I could literally fly. The lucky winners are coming from the band’s latest album Jealous Gods – latest until September 2016 anyway. So, when I went for a visit to work on Tuesday, I had lunch with my friend JB afterwards. We sat in the car and I played some music which was “oh surprise” Poets of the Fall. We were talking as we stepped into the car, and she just shut up and listened to two songs before I broke the silence and spoke again. I asked her in a happy tone: “So, do you approve?” and she answered: “Hmm, yes!” I knew she would but it was fun to hear her say it.

What has this to do with my favorite songs of the day, you might ask, well nothing actually. But these songs reminded me of that moment with JB.

Choice Millionaire

When I go out for a walk hand in hand with the sun, as you well-know by now, I usually take my iPod with me and at some point, “Choice Millionaire” plays loud and cheerfully in my ears. This is a song that makes it to all my playlists, even the ones I call “Ballads playlist“. The first notes bring a smile to my face and it stays there until the song is over. Beyond the music, the lyrics are a reminder of hope and freedom which are actually up to us to cultivate and maybe even acquire. After all, there are always two sides to a coin and it is our responsibility to choose which one we’ll focus on. So, on my own journey, I have finally turned the coin towards the sun to see its light’s reflection. This was my choice made in a very natural and evident way; common sense really. No matter how dark the path is, or the illusions you are surrounded by and want to believe in, everything happens for a reason and your own choices are what might define all this. In a large and blurry nutshell, it is how I interpret that song. The chorus blew me away when I started paying very close attention to what Marko sang; the impact was fuliginous. This is brilliant of simplicity and gives me chills reading the words without a sound.

[…] life can be a love affair
Or a cage of sheer despair
You’re a choice millionaire

I started feeling strong and tall (even for my actual size). I finally realised that I was in control of my own life again and always had been. Everything began to come out from the shadows and became crystal clear in a way that is very difficult to explain indeed. It was like a veil had just lifted and I felt rather than just acknowledged the obvious. “Choice Millionaire” is one of those songs, with a very catchy melody, and when I walk by the river I always sing along, I cannot help it – muting my own voice for I am usually out of tune and well, I already look like a crazy person doing that, so if I crossed people’s path and they’d heard me singing as well I’d feel slightly embarrassed. Even more so, since I usually walk-dance – shyly I admit, still I do and then, I don’t care much for what people might think… I could sing out loud too for that matter. Funny thought! Anyway, very Happy Song for me…

Love will Come to You

Now, this is another kind of message obviously. I have loads of love in my life, I am literally surrounded by it, cradled in it. So, I choose to listen to “Love will Come to You” from my personal angle, as we probably all do. This is made possible – at least for yours truly – with these two verses below, for when I heard them, it was like “oh hello… that’s what I’ve been working on these past months, how did you know?”

Do you remember who I chose to be?
My best friend in this life

This is another song that puts me in a dancing mood, and trust me when I say, I am not a “dance person” at all. I dance in my head most of the time… anyway, we go back to the journey at hand, the one we all are on somehow, and love begins with you. I have written about all this before, and Poets of the Fall sings it in a great deal of their repertoire, so it must be important right. Yes, it is. YOU are! Is that the message? It definitely is the one I hear every time. My advice to you is to read the lyrics without the music and then listen to the song. It is impossible not to feel happy; the warmth of Marko’s voice and of the music behind. Poets of the Fall are making this song feel like “Happy Go Lucky” but there is so much love in it and joy that it is almost contagious. I was listening to it just yesterday evening, with my headphones, and then I came out of the room and the song was playing in the living room. I kind of got stuck there, happy and content. This is another particularity of the Poets’ music, it acts like a magnet. When it catches you, it’ll never let go.

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