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Poets of the Fall in Center Stage of my heart

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Poets of the Fall are in the Center Stage of my heart, although not in the sense that the song implies. Sophisticated lyrics serve that song and a melody that gives me wings. Before talking about how the song inspired me, I indulged myself in sharing with you a thought that I don’t quite understand about Poets of the Fall‘s sophistication. Why would sophisticated lyrics within that genre would have a counterproductive effect for the band? Nope… I don’t get it. Besides, what do they mean by sophisticated? Do they mean  too “meaningful”? or do they mean “too subtle” to bother? or… Oh well, their loss I say! So here is how I got so riled up about this, or at least how it started.

Sophisticated Poets of the Fall

As I am learning more about how search engines work, I realise that there is room for loads of improvement on Misfit at Heart. In order to get a clue of what I was being taught I proceeded in googling Marko Saaresto to see what kind of results I’d get. I stumbled upon an article / interview with Marko after the release of Jealous Gods which, it turned out, I had already read. Nonetheless, I read it again and of course got sidetracked for a while.

The blogger / fan wrote that Poets of the Fall‘s lyrics were often considered to be too sophisticated for that kind of music and that in contrast, although the music was really good it mostly acted as a support for the texts nothing more. I’m not sure that it was her own opinion, I think that she reported a side of the critics that Poets of the Fall received throughout their career. Anyway, I could have left a comment on her article, but I needed to think and instead I chose to write this post after letting Center Stage blow my mind once more.

Well, of course Poets of the Fall are sophisticated poets, no doubt about that. The world needs their thoughts and love now more than ever. Saying that the music is “pretty tamed and nuanced”(*) got me rather upset I must admit. I’m no musician so I cannot get into details, which is a pity, but I take my husband as a reference since he is a musician. His tastes in music are evolving all the time, but he usually says that when it’s great music it does not matter what genre it is. He pays more attention to the music than to the lyrics. However, he reminded me yesterday evening that it was not entirely accurate in regards of Poets of the Fall. They are the exception to the rule, and while he does not focus on complete lyrics, the phrasing, a particular chorus, or verse entwined with the music are what, to him, make Poets of the Fall so extraordinary… add to this the incredible music videos.

To me, the lyrics play the most important part in making a song interesting, but if the music suck, I won’t listen. I think like this: when I can forget that a song is both text and notes, thus considering it as one outstanding entity, you got me for good. This is what Poets of the Fall are to me. A catchy phrase, chorus or verse will get my attention and I’ll dig deeper. When the tunes make it so that they cannot exist without the words… nor the images… the bet is won and so is my heart. Poets of the Fall‘s vision, lyrics, music (and that includes Marko‘s incredible voice), videos and live performances make them a force to be reckoned with. So stop calling them too sophisticated, just admit that the limits of your open-mindedness prevent you from understanding them.

(*) Synchronized Chaos – Poets of the Fall: Belated Interview and Self-Discovery

Center Stage

While at first this post seems rather unrelated, Center Stage was undeniably its trigger. Association of ideas, Poets of the Fall will do that to one. Center Stage is one of the few songs from Clearview that has eluded me because I was not sure how to relate to it, and yet, within the Clearview‘s story, I wrote what follows:

Remember who you are and in the silence of your life, let the dreams flow through you so that little by little you may believe in them again. As your beliefs grow stronger and give you the will to stand up for yourself, show what you are made of and you are beautiful. Dream but do not linger without making them happen, or you will ultimately betray yourself and this is what the world will see. A ghost of what you could be but not who you are. Excerpt from my article Nearly a Year with Poets of the Fall

A dream’s a deed unsigned

The truth is that this song has influenced me more than I care to admit. Both emotionally and professionally if I may put it that way. It starts quite humbly musically speaking, but very soon I feel something coming and without fail, it sweeps me off my feet. It is a very powerful song and yet, half the time, I can’t explain why it has such an impact on me. For my over-sensitive little big heart, the phrase – or piece of phrase – that knocked me down is this:

Emotions show the world you keep within

The message becomes quite different that way, wouldn’t you say? However, it is rather revealing about the kind of person that I am and the one whom my husband tells me he sees with all this potential inside. I don’t see her all the time, but this quote (and needless to say, my husband) have pushed me towards her ceaselessly these past few months… and since I am a bit slow, I am realising this just now.

Professionally speaking, well it is easy to guess what has been rambling in my head over and over for me to take action.

So weave the world a play
Such turns of fate to let you have your way

Funny thought to end this post

As I look a few weeks back and remember how I felt before I decided to put an end to my employment, it is when that song had the strongest hold on my heart. I woke up in the morning and it was whispering in my head. I could not get enough of it and still cannot. Now, I look at what I have accomplished since and Center Stage sounds suddenly like a personal message… No! An intervention! I know you can relate, no need to deny it. Well, geniuses are as geniuses are.

On a personal fan note: I hope the new video will be for that song.

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