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Poets of the Fall – Crystalline

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Do you remember that on my last post I wrote that I’d run a little experiment. After a full week, I can say that the results are inconclusive but at the same time, confirmed a few things. This post might be considered as an extension of the said experiment, at least in part. Furthermore, it might well be the last post of the year, but you never know, my fingers might get itchy during the Christmas break.

Anyway, I recall reading a review about Clearview where the writer was very enthusiastic about the album but kind of shot Crystalline dead, saying that it was probably the worst song the band had written and that compared to their previous work… yes, yes, blah blah blah. So, of course I had to pay more attention to the song – even more than I might have otherwise. It turns out that this came naturally as soon as I received the album. Crystalline became one of my favourite songs, not after the first listen but definitely after the second… but if you’ve paid real close attention the past few months, you’d know that I am lying through my teeth right now. Clearview is my favourite song… just in case you forgot.

Happy song

Crystalline is my happy song. As some say, it might be rhythmically simple – though nothing wrong with simple as long as it is good… and it is – or at least appear to be simple, but to me it is a joyful song that brings the most of positivism and optimism to the light. Don’t you see it too? Well, don’t worry… my mind works in very mysterious ways and even I have troubles to follow sometimes.

Forget the music for a second… although I must say that I love every bit of melody in it… first verse has a sledgehammer effect, without the headache as a consequence. What I mean is that it is very powerful. It really hit me hard on the heart and still does every time I am straying from the path I chose:

The meaning you will give your life is up to you no safety guaranteed
But it will be amazing

“Do you want me to describe it to you or should I fetch you a box?” – Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers movie.

Here I am then, my head filled with dreams that only my husband and I share, which ultimately are getting closer. I don’t play chess, but we are playing hell of a game and it is finally paying off… “no safety guaranteed“.

This is our time

So what are you a slave to now when every winding maze will disappear
What makes your prison

Crystalline is an amazingly efficient song – at least it is how I experience it – because it asks all the right questions and for some reasons I am paying extra much attention… in other words, I am receptive. The chorus is making sure that I’d get the message, therefore making me look at my husband with new eyes and a love that is still growing stronger… yes, it is possible, I promise. Once again, I saw the future as I looked at him.

This is our time and our love is crystalline

Everything in that song is talking about us… how many of you felt that, I wonder. So, this post is about Crystalline and Poets of the Fall, however, it is driven by my love for my husband.

I hope that you have this someone special by your side who cares and loves you so deeply that you share the same dreams for which you are going all out, no matter how many obstacles life is trying to put in your way. If not, I think it is about time you’d take back control. Believe in yourselves…

Nothing is constant, except change. – Joey Tempest

In case this is my last post of the year, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Be well and take care of yourselves.

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