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Poets of the Fall – Children of the Sun

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Do you know this feeling, when all signs align whether you believe in them or not… when the universe is actually screaming at you because you are not paying enough attention to the present… do you know how it feels when you suddenly hear it? I’ll tell you a crazy roller-coaster taking your head for a fast spin until you get dizzy. So, yes I believe without any unshakeable belief although that belief is based on my unwavering faith that everything happens for a reason.

“Ding-Ding” moments

Children of the Sun, by Poets of the Fall, was an interesting choice of song as a second single. There’s been a lot of debate among the fans on which song the band would pick for the next video. I have to admit, I was surprised by that choice but knowing what Saku-Petteri Perintö from Lumi Films is capable of, I was not worried about the upcoming result. He delivered and did not disappoint.

Thursday afternoon, while waiting for the train, I found a piece of paper in my purse so I started writing. I was remembering what Marko said about the song on the teaser video. It was something like: “The song is about, you go through things in your life, you’ve got hardships and you know, you can see the sky getting packed with dark clouds and you think that your way is lost and you come to dead end streets whatever… the point of the song is basically to see that you shouldn’t give up because at some point those clouds will pass and you’ll find your way out of the maze… you’ll get out of there, so no worries.

It is true as I’ve been experiencing it first hand for a couple of weeks now. Unconsciously, I’ve always known and believed that my life would turn such a corner, and I’ve never given up on that feeling, but Children of the Sun has shown to me that the time was now, and that is was actually happening. I may not be completely out of the maze, but I am pretty close.

The second “ding-ding” moment was underlined by the video when it follows the couple playing pool, or the woman crying waiting for her someone special to give her a sign… and Marko singing:

And the higher you climb,
the more you can see of this life,
and on the edge of that knife,
you hold on to me,
hold on to me.

Suddenly and as clear as day, I saw him smiling at me and holding out his hand so that I could put mine in his… my husband. He is standing there, like he has always done, lifting me up and ready to embark on a new adventure with me. I hold on to him for every step I take and no matter how scary the unknown might be, he is standing by me every second of our life… and it is truly amazing. It’s not like I did not know; it’s not like I’d forgot; it’s just that sometimes it is good to be reminded of the good that is right in front of us. A calming balm that brings you back to the present so that the future does not feel so heavy or scary.

Children of the Sun

We are not meant to stay in darkness, we are meant to shine and sparkle with the sun and this is what the song is all about for me. The strange part of all this is how, after listening exclusively to Poets of the Fall every day, they still talk to me in such a deep and meaningful way. They have this power… or super power… to turn everything they sing about into light. Children of the Sun‘s video is a feel-good one. I love feel-good stories, and this one is no exception.

I cannot help but mention this again:

And you know you can take this story, take your glory, make your own way
Yeah, I want you to shake this story, take your glory, find your way
Make your own way

This is the most powerful piece of the lyrics, if you ask me… the music and the video make these words so much more powerful though, a lot of jumping and unidentified flying things, among others. These words sound like they are personally meant to each and everyone of us (fans and occasional listeners alike). They are caring, hopeful, with such a strong belief in our ability to make it through whatever life throws at us… Whomever the song was written for, it profoundly touched me ; the video is a great and appealing bonus.

Once again, I have to say that Poets of the Fall is a force of music to be reckoned with. There’s so much love in everything they play, they are heartfelt givers and their music as uplifting as it’s ever been.

Credits feature photo: Tiia Öhman – 2017 – Promo shots Poets of the Fall Clearview Tour – http://www.tiiaohman.com

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