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Poets of the Fall Announce New Album Ghostlight

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Ever since Poets of the Fall has announced the new album, Ghostlight, to be released for April 29th, I have had the ambition of writing a post about the event. I started writing, then I got side-tracked by every discussion on Social Media that mentioned Poets of the Fall. The result is that April first is fast approaching and I still haven’t posted anything… I tossed more than I wrote.

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Social Media

Ghostlight, to be released on April 29th, will be the culmination of Poets of the Fall’s work since they started. Nine studio albums, three trilogies concluded… Well, if you think about it for half a second, I should say four trilogies really. Requiem for my Harlequin, first single to hit all official streaming platforms on April 1st, will start the final countdown to the album’s release. “No joke!” confirms Captain on Twitter.


On the band’s official Facebook, Marko Saaresto says about the album and “Requiem for My Harlequin”: “Ghostlight is all about dramatic melodic rock and massive, impressive ballads. The first single, Requiem for My Harlequin, is something in between; a massive rock’n roll melodrama, that hurtles on flashing and blaring like a frenzied parade.” I must say, for each album they are perfecting their mastery in the art of teasing.

Touring 2022

New album inevitably means a new tour… it means travelling again, it means meeting friends again, it means… Oh Lord, making sure that I do not bankrupt myself lol… mostly, it means getting some energy back and having loads of fun.


Video by my friend Redbossfan – Helsinki, April 21st, 2018.
Incidentally, I met Redbossfan for the first time after that show… though we both stood front row. I was more on Olli’s side that day.
I chose that video because the sound is really good and illustrates rather nicely something I wrote further down 😅.
This is not the song he sang to me though 😂.


When I look back at the very first time I saw Poets of the Fall live. It wasn’t so long ago and despite the red on my cheeks when I reminisce, I am very fond of that particular memory. April 21st 2018, first Poets of the fall gig, first rock concert ever I was front row and therefore, first time ever that the gorgeous rock singer looked me in the eye and sang to me – expecting me to sing with him. But of course, I froze though I knew the words and all I could do was let my lips move like a carp’s. I feasted my eyes on the candy in front of me, letting the voice, the words, the music make me feel like a thousand bucks. No wait, I think that was in Germany that same year… no matter where it was, the above still applies 🤣.


It took but a fleeting second for me to be hooked for life.


In truth though, I believe that the reason why the fans (me included) are so loyal to Poets of the Fall and follow them from one country to another to see them play goes beyond the brilliant music, the pretty faces, and the unfailing kindness – Poets of the Fall are some of the kindest people I have ever met. Everything is glued together by this magical connection happening live – or at least it is my experience. Then the magic is shared between the fans… Incredible community!


Anyhow, four years ago a very simple connection – to a complete stranger – connected me to each and every person present on that stage and in the crowd. I had found my Arianne’s thread and I have only just realised that. Odd, isn’t it? That day, I celebrated Poets of the Fall 15th anniversary. As someone who jumped the bandwagon, I had a lot to cover and discover yet…


Ultimately, I found myself.

The Future to come

Now, of course, I would not miss a show if I could afford to attend all of them. I probably would  too (LOL), but I cannot, whether it’d be timewise or moneywise. It does not deter me though.  2022 will be a travelling year, not as much as 2019 – I don’t think, but a couple or three concerts (maybe four, if the band has the possibility to come to Sweden) and repeat the process in 2023 if necessary.


It comes without saying that travelling has changed; sanitary precautions dictate other behaviours, but somehow it is becoming a new norm so we can all enjoy life again – or at least do so as best we can.


By the way, have you ever thought about who would be the first part of the show?


Do we already know the artist? What kind of music will it be? Or will there be a first part? So many questions…

Photo by Tiia Öhman – 2022


I don’t know about you, but I love trilogies. I mean, The Lord of the Rings, The All Souls Trilogy, The Hobbit… Books, movies, and with Poets of the Fall, music. Of course, they do not have titles as such but I truly enjoy the continuity it gives to the band’s music.


Now, the end of a trilogy… it is a bit sad, you know, like when you have finished reading a great set of books (i.e. my to go book trilogy is undoubtedly “The All Souls Trilogy” by Deborah Harkness – already mentioned above). It is sad and you want to stay in that world a little longer because it is where you feel good. The great thing about art is that it doesn’t go anywhere, it is immortal, you can go back to it whenever, however and wherever you want.


When I think about what Clearview and Ultraviolet inspired me and what Ghostlight might add, my mad hatter’s hat on and a nice cup of tea still steaming, I came up with that… I am probably way off with the intended meaning, but as long as it gives me a Clearview of where my feet are taking me, that the Fool’s Paradise is but a lost memory and that it makes me see Beyond the Horizon…


My mind is wandering weird paths sometimes, I apologise. I am back now.


Let’s see, the first single coming out April 1st that would maybe mean a new video? New video… gee, who will be the Film Director if Miika Hakala has not changed his mind? Will the director be someone who has already worked with the band or not? If there is a new video, will there be a video premiere? Will the video be released on April 1st too or will we have to wait a little longer to enjoy it? As I said, so many questions come to mind!


You see, we have loads of great things to look forward to. Ghostlight will spill a lot of ink, even if it is just e-ink. I have a feeling that this is going to be big, memorable, ginormous, epic.


Alright, I’ll stop my rambling. Don’t forget to pre-order Ghostlight HERE and go get your ticket for the shows HERE.


Until next time,

Thanks for stopping by, and take care of yourselves!


PS: Poets of the Fall Trilogy

That is some great music listed here love, some great music indeed!

  • Signs of Life (2005)
  • Carnival of Rust (2006)
  • Temple of Thought (2012)
  • Revolution Roulette (2008)
  • Twilight Theatre (2010)
  • Jealous Gods (2014)
  • Clearview (2016)
  • Ultraviolet (2018)
  • Ghostlight (2022)

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  • Susan

    Nice read, Claire!
    I am hoping to go to Poland for this tour, but not sure if that can actually happen. Fingers crossed tho!

    • Claire Perez

      Thank you dear Susan!
      I hope you’ll be able to make it to Poland then. Fingers crossed 😀

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