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No matter how one looks at things, there are always going to be people who will criticize or hammer one with negativity. This is when self-awareness and self-confidence kick in. I wish that I was not so paranoid, but I am – like most artists are I believe – which means that I could do better on the self-confidence level. For now, I am aware and accepting this slight bump, moving on!

The first post in the playground ended with: “next time… OVERBOARD“. I am not in the mood, mainly because I have another song in my head today. It is how it’s gonna be on the playground, my turf, my rules.

So, you all know now what the Playground is all about: my new number one band (actually, they are sharing that spot with Europe and most likely Kamelot) POETS OF THE FALL. If you don’t like their music, well tough love, I do! Anyway, lyrics are the core to a song while the music is the back-bone and if the combination does not move me, it’s toast. Fortunately for my sanity, Poets of the Fall touches me sometimes to tears, most often wraps me into full body shivers. I cannot say that about many artists, so…

I have not known Poets of the Fall’s music for that long, but when I like something that much, I gotta have everything in my hands. Now that I have received all the physical evidence that the Poets are in fact geniuses, with all the quirks and weirdness that implies, I can safely say that I do feel at home with them.

Album: Revolution Roulette

Song: Passion Colors Everything

Revolution Roulette
© 2008 POETS OF THE FALL – Sam Agency Oy – Insomniac

I woke up this morning, and “Passion Colors Everything” was sounding extremely loud in my head, bordering with my almost dancing to it in the utter silence of my apartment. I can’t explain it really, but I can get cracking at my theory about the sense of the song. Although, it seems pretty straight forward.

No inside scoops from this or that interview, nor any help from the fans on the official forum and no video either; so no cheating this time.

Revolution Roulette is the first act of the second trilogy – yet the band’s third album. Suddenly I realize that maybe, just maybe, I am a witch – it is all about the signs, right! The lyrics from “Passion Colors Everything” fit particularly well to the continuity of the song “Lift“. Should I assume then that “Psycho Marko” has crossed over to the second trilogy and is presently talking/singing in that song?

Let’s shall, shall we! Maybe he is a little less psycho and a little more lost…

First verse

It sounds like an autobiographical song, as my impression of the first verse has me picture Marko, but could also be any other self-conscious successful artist, being tired and yet having to “perform” their “rock-star” status in front of the cameras. As the front man, however, the character doesn’t feel like playing the game of glamour but does it anyway. So, he puts his happy mask on and gets on with it no matter how exhausted he is or how much he wishes he could stay in his bubble.

I love the phrase: “it’s overrated how we underrate“. What is it that we underrate? The power of image, of the media… as opposed to the comfortable anonymity of the unknown and unacknowledged artist? We, nonetheless, try to undermine this power, maybe to feel safer or comfort ourselves that it is no big deal after all.


This is why he has to motivate himself and bring his energy forth, his extrovert side, if you will. This is what he has to do so that the image remains the same, even if it might, at times, feel fake to him.


It is well-known that he is a passionate man, who doesn’t do things half-way. He expresses what life throws in his face and his most secret feelings, but he is well aware of the fact that we all need some kind of a decoder to understand the true meaning behind the “grin“. And yet, what is this “original sin” he talks about? Would he mean pride? I recall my therapist saying something like there is no shame of being proud. So, when does pride become a sin? The character is driven by his passion, though, and the success that comes with it makes him feel ashamed or guilty. Self-inflicted punishment… is he doubting his worth?

Second verse

In doing what he is passionate about and encountering great success the weight of the outcome seems to rattle him. He cannot have just one side of the coin and despite a new acquired freedom (I extrapole here), it might feel awkward to live a life where the important things are not necessarily matching his heart’s priorities.

Last verse

In the end, he “goes back to earth” and lets the whole “shebang” wash over him. He lets emotions win and overwhelm, becoming an observer of his own life.

Passion Colors Everything – Summary

I guess that we all have our moments of doubts and looking at others’ lives, the privileges we are granted, whether big or not, can destabilize our long lost tranquility – or comfort zone. The important thing is to be aware of it and always question oneself to keep one’s feet on the ground. The contraints, however, can be irritating and nerve racking. Maybe it is an autobiographical song, maybe it is not. I believe that without getting stuck to the given illustration in the song, it would be easy to apply the main idea to all of us.

This is nonetheless what I came up with and these are feelings that I understand intimately. I have my own set of references, which makes me interpret the words in a way that fits my own worth. It’s not like I’ll be graded on this anyway… and no, I am no witch after all.

Next time WILL depend on my mood.


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