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To All My “Someone Special”

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I have this friend who has difficulties to accept herself for the wonderful person she is. She finds it hard to put herself first for others might think her self-absorbed and selfish. I wish she could see what I see when I look at her. So, I love her for who she is, hoping that one day she’ll feel it too. I am very proud of what she’s accomplished so far, how she’s grown as a person and I know that with time, she won’t only feel good about it, she will be proud of herself.

The truth is that I am surrounded by amazing people and as the poets are saying – click the picture to read the quote:

So, with this very short post, I am turning towards the light and all that is positive in my life. I do not have just one “someone special” because love becomes limitless when you let it. It can be overwhelming at times, when out of the blue, a friend calls you to wish you good luck; or when, just like that, you spend a whole evening talking and laughing, because it is what you do best and enjoy the most. Overwhelming can be good… yes, it is good.

To all my “Someone Special“: my heart is filled with your great spirit and love. I would not be where I am without you, and I would definitely not be who I am if it weren’t for you.

I deeply care about you and love you.
What else is there to say…

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