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Poets of the Fall – The Sweet Escape 2020

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Now that we are way past 2021’s threshold, it seems that not much has changed yet. Because it is a rather disturbing observation, my heart craves The Sweet Escape only Poets of the Fall is able to provide πŸ’•. You’d say “but you’ve already written loads about The Sweet Escape!” πŸ˜‰. I’d say, “Indeed, but as you may have noticed last year, PotF – Misfit Heart has not covered all the songs from Alexander Theatre Sessions (ATS) and one of the missing tracks is?… πŸŽΆπŸ‘ Yes! Precisely!“.

Alexander Theatre Sessions album including The Sweet EscapeDon’t forget to get your copy of Alexander Theatre Sessions! πŸ‘‡

There are four versions of The Sweet Escape… that we know of anyway (the live ones don’t count 😁): the album, the single, the single French and the Alexander Theatre Sessions. I wrote about both singles…

The other day though, I was thinking about the French one, which – by association of ideas – made me think of Mr Larry Sandman who collaborated with Marko Saaresto on the French lyrics; which made me listen to Larry‘s music and which, in its turn, re-focused my attention to the Alexander Theatre Sessions (ATS) and the songs I had not yet covered, namely today The Sweet Escape. Go figure! My mind works in mysterious ways 🀣

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Episode 3 – The Sweet Escape

This is the last part of the duet Marko Saaresto / Olli Tukiainen, voice / acoustic guitar. If I remember correctly, I was a bit disappointed when I saw the title of the song. I guess that having listened to it so many times, I would have wished for another song such as Partir Avec Moi 😜 However, this feeling disappeared when Olli started playing and Marko singing.

I have listened to the ATS’ version more times than I can count, but I have to admit, it has been a while since I actually watched the video (which you’ll find at the end of this post, as usual πŸ‘‡). It is the perfect choice in this cold day of February… not that I am blowing my own horn here… or just a little maybeπŸ™ƒ

The Sweet Escape photography & video editing

We are talking about Markus Kaarlonen & Tiia Γ–hman‘s work here. If you remember the official video for the single, Director Miika Hakala tells a story showing a man wandering in the streets of Helsinki, obviously looking/waiting for someone. I’ve always seen some kind of distress or anguish on this man’s face (Marko‘s a great actor, but you knew that). In contrast with that video, the Alexander Theatre Session of The Sweet Escape is warm, serene with a sense of benevolence, joy, innocence and carefreeness.

ATS video Snapshot – Copyrights, Poets of the Fall

Aside from this quick comparison, the ATS video achieves maybe the most unexpected goals when the band worked on it at the time. It was released 16/03/2020, which coincides with my first week of “working from home” due to the pandemic – which I am still doing for the same reasons. For others, it might be lock-down, or curfews or whatever your country was going through at the time… in other words, the scary unknown we cannot control.

So, I am telling you, The ATS’s Sweet Escape is the gem that stilled my heart.

Note to self: Might be because I was up very early today, but I got confused at the beginning of the video… Olli starts playing the first notes on his guitar, but on the video, his fingers are going way too fast compared to the audio. Disconnected neurones, the first time I watch it (again) this morning and yet, same thing happened the second and third time I watched the video 🀭 “That’s it… go back to bed! πŸ₯±πŸ˜΄”

The Sweet Escape, an acoustic version

Do I need to say this? What an exquisite song this is! Bared to its core melodic structure, The “ATS” Sweet EscapeΒ is soothing. Marko sings effortlessly and shows incredible control as always. There is so much love coming out of his singing, I don’t know if the images highlight this feeling, but it is beautiful to watch and listen. When it comes to Olli‘s playing, it sounds easy-peasy (… who am I kidding here… not) and yet when I watch him play, I see determination and extreme focus. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t a bad thing “au contraire mes amis“!

I have told you about a sense of benevolence and joy earlier, well this is what I see when Olli looks at Marko… I might be imagining it, or maybe I just see what I want to see, but I think that it translates into Olli‘s playing on some level. I am not sure if I can hear it, but I am pretty sure it is there – whether it’d be conscious or unconscious on Olli‘s part πŸ˜‰. This being said, they both seem to be chilled and ready to bring us along to wherever they’re going.

When Marko is singing The Sweet Escape here, he becomes his own conductor from the first time he sings “I wanna run away with you“. Have you noticed? He is an extremely graceful conductor at that too 😍 , making his hands dance to the intonations of his voice. The love I mentioned, not only can you hear it in his voice, but you see it on his face and in his eyes. Watch how he sings and repeats “The way you hold my heart” (at around 4 minutes into the songs, even a bit before too…). If this is not soothing, then I don’t know what is.

At the end, on the last notes from Olli‘s guitar… the sigh of well-being Marko has… beauty, ain’t it?!

Or maybe it is like on the photo he signed (πŸ‘‰look-it in the sidebar), he might think something in the line of “Ok, I don’t have to sing anymore, that’s a wrap!”

ATS video Snapshot – Copyrights, Poets of the Fall

So, if you haven’t seen The Sweet Escape – Episode 3 at the Alexander Theatre Sessions… don’t wait no more friend! πŸ‘‡


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