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Poets of the Fall, Krakow – Nerdmoot in Poland, part 2

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The first time I saw Poets of the Fall (Helsinki, April 2018) my husband called our “fan gathering”: Nerdmoot. It stuck… in case you were wondering. Let’s see if I remember all the names… Oksana, Ana, Susan, Aleks, Elin, Alice, Brigitte, Stef, Bethany, Benjamin, Deisi… and all of you I forgot to mention because let’s face it, age is occasionally turning my brain to scrambled eggs.

Nerdmoot (just a few of ’em) chilling in Krakow heat


Old and new friends started to stand in line in Krakow heat; some from noon, others from 15:00… the shade was more than welcome, as was the breeze. I said it before, and I say it again, friendships make such trips even more valuable than just attending the amazing shows that Poets of the Fall give us. For every concert, we all say: they’re never gonna be able to top that, but they always do.

Locking up the sun… NOT!

As we were dehydrating in the heat, we heard the first rehearsals coming out the windows (opened because it must have been such a sauna in Kwadrat venue). We were fortunate enough to stand by a nice green patch, enjoying the first signs of what would probably become one of the hottest days of my life. It was all good fun though. We stood, sat, chatted happily, laughed… we are crazy, granted, but I would not do it any differently had I had the choice. Spending time with friends whom I meet only at concerts, I was determined to enjoy every second.

VIP time…

Elin was checking her watch ever five minutes, and when she did not, Bethany looked discreetly at her phone, as if we would not notice.  We were let in at 18:00, what a relief it was to come in. I had the rest of my booklets to be signed, so now, mission accomplished (next item, the DVD). Ollie was all smiles as usual, found one of my booklets that he’d already signed, and signed it again anyway. They were all very tired but managed to keep it together and be their friendly selves as always. Such a pleasure to meet them every time, even though I must admit I was not as relaxed as I had been in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago. Jaska asked me how I managed to crack my rib and comforted me by saying it would heal by itself. I learned later that Captain was sick, so I hope he’s all good now.

For some reasons, this one is rather special to me…

Waiting for the two VIP songs, I managed to wave at Glen (and sweet as he is, he waved back). First row, even if it is not the best spot for great sound, I cannot help it, I love the eye contact… although, wrong spot to check the support band (read Poets of the Fall Crew – Nerdmoot in Poland, part 1). The two VIP songs were Stay and one of my absolute favourites Illusion & Dream. Could not record it, I needed to enjoy it to the fullest and so I make no apologies… Take my word for it, it was beautiful and I almost cried – almost because only Jaska forces the tears out 😉 …


Support band: Blackout Problems

These guys are dynamite on stage… and off stage too. Better not be in the path of Mario (sorry for the mix up in names) when he steps into the audience (twice at that) … oh wait, I was… darn! Great memory though I must say I am very fond of the last song from their set called Rome. Check them out, they are an interesting and promising band. They are cool guys.

Extended intro

So either my memory is playing tricks on me or this is new from when I last saw the band in Helsinki in March 2019. The beautiful vocalize and song intro from, what’s her name (not kidding here, I’d love to know), before the now well-known “Whatever you do… don’t scream“. Actually in Krakow, I thought oh ok, we’ve gotta wait a little longer… then in Warsaw it came too as the lights dimmed, then I saw a video from Budapest and here it was again. That is not part of the waiting playlist… too refined for it (no offence, but Def Leppard ?! You guys are killing me! I had to say something…)

So an extended beautiful intro added, tasteful and fitting indeed. We were spoiled.

Fire missing

This is not a complaint, but as the setlist put that stage on fire… bad word-game I know, it would have been rather fitting to have that song on the list. I thought Helsinki was high energy and that they could not possibly give more than that or they all would melt under the spotlights; yet again, they proved me wrong on so many levels it is spooky. From Dreaming Wide Awake to False Kings the audience is unstoppable and definitely warm enough to be amazed by Rogue. I cannot get enough of it and I captured it for once:

Cannot see through matter yet

As the band played the three first songs, front row (in front of the fence) was invaded by four photographers. This is very cool in itself, however, they are supposed to be “invisible” or as discreet as possible at the very least. Three of them were… the fourth stood too often right in front of me, and he was tall (compared to me he was) blocking my view completely. I did not really appreciate that part…

Mobiles at the ready

Standstill is a beauty and live is very cool too as they all sit and cool us down for what comes next…

One of my favourite songs from Ultraviolet is The Sweet Escape, not very original I know, everybody loves that song… I participated a bit, but then I wanted to get Jaska performances, you know the ones that unfailingly give chills, and so I did. Of course, upcoming new single The Sweet Escape coming in May both in English and French, with video. Didn’t I say we were spoiled? Someone asked, when do they find the time… I second that!


At some point, there was some kind of competition between Jani and Captain where, I suppose, the winner would be the one being able to play as close to the floor as possible… you notice the obvious, right?! Captain was at a big disadvantage and Jani ended up winning as he lied down and continued playing. They are so goofy… but for the life of me, I cannot remember which song it was.

I was stunned that night by the cheer amount of love at that venue. We don’t all see eye to eye, but in the end, the music did, what music does: brought us all closer together.

For more videos: here is the playlist with all 8 videos from Kwadrat in Krakow, Poland. (only one complete)

Until next time for Poets of the Fall, Warsaw – Nerdmoot part 3

Friends from all over the world, I love you!
Poets of the Fall, you’re amazing and I love you!




Photo Gallery: Poets of the Fall, at Kwadrat – Krakow, Poland – 26.04.2019

All photos by Claire Ekman © 2019 – Misfit at Heart, unless otherwise mentioned.

Feature image: promo photo by Tiia Öhman – live photo by Bethany Schmitz

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