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Poets of the Fall – Forward Quotes – EP06

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“Every person is a temple of thought”

said Marko Saaresto on the Live in Moscow in 2013. Think about this for a minute… if we weren’t showered with such an amount of information every day, the kind that get us focused on the wrong things all the time, the kind that wherever we look, we cannot escape… and yet, we are the only ones who can make it so that such information does not pollute our lives because we are our own temple of thought… solely with that statement, Marko managed to wire my mind into an uncontrollable spiral of thoughts that have not left me since I first heard him utter these words. ? Then of course, I got to talk with my boss before taking a short vacation, who told me that I think too much… hmm, go figure! ?

Before we start – Thank you for the kind words

So, yesterday, some of you… dear readers… came out of the shadow to share your thoughts about Misfit at Heart. I was very touched and it was like a breath of fresh air. I guess I should really start believing in my writing on a more regular basis, wouldn’t you say?! Anyhow, thank you for reminding me! ?

Episode three

Now… before writing any further… there is somewhat a hidden mystery in this series and to tell you the truth, I am dying to see which one of you will actually figure it out. So please, do leave your comments! ?

Temple of Thought

(Poet of the Fall – The Forward Quotes – ToT)
Temple of Thought
© 2012 POETS OF THE FALL – Sam Agency Oy – Insomniac
  • Running out of Time: “I can feel your wisdom burn in me like a second sun”
  • Temple of Thought: “For love to conquer the day slowly dawning”
  • Cradled in Love: “Do I even dare to speak out your name for fear it sounds like, like a lover”
  • Kamikaze Love: “Out where reality awaits, I choose to fantasize”
  • The Lie Eternal: “N’ if you didn’t inspire me, then on my knees I would fall like rain”
  • Skin: “what lies within is still deeper than we know”
  • The Distance: “There’ll be a time when our hearts beat the same”
  • Show Me This Life: “And if you ain’t too critical, we could be something beautiful”
  • Morning Tide: “Leaving behind all our sorrow and pride
    Kissing them goodbye, into another life”
  • The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper: “The here and now will bow to him to only serve one purpose
    To keep your peace”
  • The Happy Song: … never mind ?…
  • Bonus – Signs of Life: “When you’re free to choose, but the choices leave you lost
    When you feel you paid way more than it should cost”

Have you ever wondered if Marko was actually human? No offense MarkoTemple of Thought feels unreal or rather surreal because while Twilight Theater became some kind of reminder about my journey and where I am heading from now on, ToT is this crazy concept that we’ve met before. You know, he can tell who am I or the kind of person that I am through the quotes I picked of course. Don’t laugh, it applies to you too! It is all about love… Poets of the Fall are all about love. As incredible story tellers, they speak of love stories, beginning or ending… they are telling us of birth and death… ultimately though, they are telling us about ourselves encouraging each and everyone of us to love ourselves, because when you do that, love conquers all.

To me, they are super-humans like you and me, craving for the same things… authenticity, truth and love.

My favourite song… I am not sure I have one to be honest with you. It always depends on my mood, but if I really had to pick one, Kamikaze Love. The melody is brilliant, the lyrics powerful, Marko‘s voice charismatic, warm and elating… and the song fits all my moods.

Until next time! ?

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