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Poets of the Fall – Alexander Theatre Sessions

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Updated 06/02/2021 – for accuracy purposes (and will be so all year long)

Alexander Theatre Sessions album including The Sweet EscapeJanuary 2020, Poets of the Fall started a monthly acoustic session that they recorded at the beautiful Alexander Theatre in Helsinki: the Alexander Theatre Sessions. This was the beginning of a year-long event, which may or may not continue next year… this was of course mentioned as a possibility, not a promise. Poets of the Fall knows how to keep their audience on their toes. Get your copy of the Alexander Theatre Sessions👉

Page feature image: Markus Kaarlonen – 2020 © Poets of the Fall

The Alexander Theatre brief history

1876 the Governor-General of Finland, Nikolai Adlerberg, commissioned the building of a Russian theatre in Helsinki to accommodate the Russian garrison’s entertainment (as I understood it). When the Tsar’s funds were granted, the construction started in Spring 1876. It was finished in 1879 and opened its doors that same year. The architect was Johan Jacob Ahrenberg and although most of the blueprints were already done, some of the decorations and paintings within the theatre came from Saint-Petersburg.

Today, The Alexander Theatre is known as the Old Opera House or the Russian Theatre. As such, it has become an important piece of Finland’s cultural history.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to set foot in this gorgeous building someday.

Sources: Aleksanterin teatteri and Wikipedia.

Poets of the Fall and The Alexander Theatre Sessions

At the end of 2019, if I recall correctly, Poets of the Fall announced a surprise coming our way beginning of 2020. Surely enough, every month since January, the band has released an acoustic version of one of their songs from their extensive repertoire.

Every month, they premiere an acoustic recording, the Alexander Theatre Sessions, on their YouTube channel, and furthermore, most of the band members usually log in to YouTube chat about 1-2 hours prior to the premiere – including their photographer Tiia Öhman. I mean, it does not get better than that – except attending Poets of the Fall shows… front row for my part (that is heaven to me with the heat of hell, but hey, no complaints)

Little did we know that these sessions would brighten up our days in such times of confinement for so many of us. Instead of just brightening our days as Poets of the Fall usually do…no matter what  😉

Now, you will notice that for illustration purposes, all the photos and artworks I’ll use are from the official releases on the band’s social media. I may do some collage for the posts feature images, but all credits will be added to the posts. 
Poets of the Fall, Alexander Theatre Sessions

Source photo: Poets of the Fall Official Facebook page/Instagram Page – Photography: Tiia Öhman Photography & Design

The Alexander Theatre Sessions setlist

We’ve come over half-way through the year and August session is soon in the air. So be sure to check Poets of the Fall Alexander Theatre Sessions on their official YouTube channel and click on the thumbs up. Don’t miss the next session and come chat with us all at the next premiere!

Official Alexander Theatre Sessions Playlist

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