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Poets of the Fall, 20th Anniversary Tour – Gig Diaries: Copenhagen and Stockholm, 14-15.10.2023

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Poets of the Fall 20th Anniversary European Tour continued this October 2023 with a second leg from Amsterdam to Stockholm, with two other stops on the way: Hamburg and Copenhagen. The Misfit Tribe attended the Nordic gigs – Copenhagen and Stockholm. This is where I am now bringing you back to. They were both similar gigs in many ways and yet they could not have felt more different. The two of them emotionally charged, if not for the same reasons, made for a very special weekend.

Happy Birthday Charlie

Friday, October 13th … my lucky charm… with but a few hours of sleep from the previous night, I drove for 3 hours to get to the airport – I was so tired, I took it very easy on the road. I was relieved when I finally landed in Copenhagen, and saw the familiar face of my dear friend Ana waiting for me. I did not want to let go of that hug. A few hours later, we’d run like headless chicken to find candles to put on the birthday cake Ana had bought for Charlie❤️ then we were back at the airport to pick her up… another hug I did not want to let go off.

I wish I could find the right words to express how happy I was to spend these few days with my two beautiful friends. These are privileged moments that I will never forget. I have not yet recovered from the sheer wonder of it all, and to tell you the truth, I don’t really want to 🥰.

Such a fangirl in Copenhagen

As we were trying to unlock the sun from the overshadowing buildings of Copenhagen, we turned the corner towards the venue, Amager Bio, at the same time as the band’s van did. Jaska was driving and he waved at us with a big smile as he headed to the parking space. They all came out cheerful even though some seemed to be barely emerging from a long slumber 😅. Such a lovely bunch!

Remember lucky charm from Friday the 13th? It worked!

We were greeted by the guys as they stepped out of the van, all smiling and kind… then Marko stopped to chat a bit with us, and suddenly I was standing beside him – as gentle and beautiful a soul that ever was – Ana took our picture and just like that, the moment was over; though I am still happily stunned. I wish I was not such a fangirl around him 😂; I wish I’ve had the good sense of finally telling him thank you for the interview, and maybe joke a bit about the question he did not get. Instead, I was speechless yet grateful that he took the time to immortalize our chance meeting like that. It means a great deal, thank you Marko ❤️. I know he got the message though, ’cause a kind little bird called Glen passed it along. Still… such a fangirl!

With or Without Priority Pass

After the emotional high came the long wait in front the venue, Amager Bio, in the cold and relentless wind, but I will say this: there were loads of laughter, penguin group hugs to keep ourselves warm, more laughter and despite the very long wait – why do we do this again? – finally we got in. A little sprint to the front row, perfect spot! The venue was great, with a rather spacious stage for the band to jump and run around. A few technical tweaks at the end of the show, on Carnival of Rust I think it was, when occasionally we could not hear Marko sing, nonetheless that did not make the show any less great.

The next day in Stockholm, take the same – or almost – and start queueing again in front of Berns. No penguin hugs, a bit of a stiff ambience I thought – except for the usual exceptions to the rules 🥰. Early birds despite the Priority Pass we had.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, we ALL go through some shit… whether it is visible or not, psychological or physical… sometimes we cannot even begin to imagine what the persons standing beside us are going through. Saying “that’s not my problem, I don’t care” It is like spatting in our faces… and disregarding Poets of the Fall’s songs message…

We all come from all age ranges and walks of life. What unites us in the end is Poets of the Fall, and suddenly we’re not alone within the weirdness. I make light of this, but trust me… this is important because it goes beyond any spoken – sung – words. We all have our struggles, ups and downs, for some more serious than for others, we talk about it – or not – and we, YOU, are not alone. Remember this, all of you ❤️.

About Berns

I will say three things about the venue:

  • one: putting a sign for priority passes about where to queue 15 minutes before the doors opened. Not cool.
    • people cut the line, and tried passing over the ones who were queueing at the wrong place.
    • people pushed and were not all kind and respectful.
    • in other words, what we predicted would happen with the passes, did happened.
  • two: saying things like “don’t fret you’ll all get it”… so not the point, and somehow disrespectful to the people who have been queueing for hours to secure front row. So not cool.
  • three: after the show was over, pushing the front stage barrier without warning while people were still standing on it: irresponsible and dangerous. We are not cattle! So freakin’ uncool.

The systematic incommunicado strategy of the staff from that venue left a bitter taste about the show in Stockholm. This did not spoil it, but I really did not like how it made me feel – and believe me, I am not the only one in that case 😢. I could not bear standing in that venue for a chat afterwards, the negative vibes overwhelmed me again and I had to get out of there. Pity! Such a gorgeous venue it was.

– On the bright side something positive came out of it 😁, thank you Glen.

Emotions got the better of me

Let the drama be bygones… yet, the negative energy had gotten a hold of me without my noticing it, so my mind drifted towards the unknown. I can write it now… I have made a great decision for myself and am moving back to my homeland next year. As a family person, I need to be close to my relatives and I am very unhappy in Sweden, despite my job – which I love and will fortunately  keep. This means that for a while, my travels will be sparse – or non-existent – for obvious reasons. The consequence may be that it will most likely take a very very long time until I meet my dear Ana and Charlie again… That hit me hard that day! Thus started the water works… I calmed down, joked about with my friends and then the intro came.

What are you thinking about, right now?
What are you thinking about?
What are your thoughts

In my latest interview with Marko, I told him that I love the intro, and to this I hold – but that evening, I wished with all my might that he would stop talking. The water works began again and I could not control it this time. Every word of poetry that came out of the speakers were like needles in my heart. I apologize to those all around me who may have felt uncomfortable at the sight of me. Ultimately the show began, and I was relieved or so I thought. It took about three or four songs for me to come back. Each note, each word, each smile, each look you all sent my way knowingly, or not, were like threads pulling me from where I was, back to the moment… the now. Marko, Jaska, Olli, Jani, Captain and Jari, I know you know 🤭, but again… thank you, truly!

Special thank you to the crew… you guys… I don’t write it often enough. You guys are awesome: Glen, Panu, Vesa, Marko, and Lari.

What’s the song that never fails to uplift your spirit?

So many come to mind, but spontaneously my answer will always be the same: Choice Millionaire. This is the most interactive song the band is playing live. Energy to the roof, though I cannot jump – tried some years back, almost fainted 😅. I noticed that Jani is not jumping as much anymore while Marko does any chance he gets. Shall I say it again? The slight variation in the delivery makes Choice Millionaire priceless.

Surprise song

So, my theory from the Warsaw gig – which Marko did not get apparently (see interview with Marko here) – did not hold. It is just as well 😂, I should have seen it though… the pattern; simple at that too… the surprise song.

Copenhagen number #9

Seriously, I wasn’t ready, can we do it again please 😘, guys, “henlo”… do again, ‘kay? ❤️

This number #9 is the song that wakes me up every morning ❤️ Rebirth. This is one of those tracks which gets hold of your heart and squeezes it until all the raw emotions you keep hidden within are bare. By the end of it, Marko trying to explain how much he loves the song made him a tiny wee bit emotional. As I said: “beautiful soul“.

First of all, everybody here, thank you SO much for being here tonight, thank you. […] we’ve been doing this for 20 years now […] we’ve been getting up on stage to perform for you and none of that would have happened without you. Do you realize that? Do you? So this is our great thank you to everyone here for all your years of support and being there for us. I mean every time we get up on stage is almost like a rebirth. – Marko

I often write about the connections we make with the musicians as they play, and this time was no exception, even better… I experienced it beyond my wildest dreams. Poets of the Fall knows exactly how to engage with their audience, which renders the music, the songs and the experience more powerful and meaningful than you’d expect.

How could we love past all the stories we have told

When Marko sings to you… or rather, looks at you when he sings (more accurate statement I think)… it’s like everything around you disappears and the words link you to him – or/and his art. Reversing the roles, as he is beautifully delivering those words to us, looking at us… what is it that he is feeling himself, I wonder. How does he receives our looks, smiles or occasional tears? Such precious moments! These words though… they are so loaded with untold stories to me … ❤️. Marko‘s an incredible storyteller. After the song, he was really moved and it was beautiful.

Thank you for the video Charlie, love you loads ❤️!

Alright snapping out of it, a long time ago, there was this French TV program helping young artists getting into the music industry… the show was “meh!” but something stuck with me: “you have to listen to one another on stage. Listen or you’ll never be able to truly play together”. When you attend a Poets of the Fall show, this is one of the first things you notice. They look at each other, they don’t just play their parts, they truly play together… it may sound cheesy to many of you, but this is something that has me spellbound every single time.

Stockholm show was also incredibly special and again not only to me… Requiem for my Harlequin was another highlight. The truth is that the setlist is absolutely perfect. A calm moment after the intermission and then we’re all taken aboard this rollercoaster again, full speed ahead and energy to the roof. How they do it, night after night considering what they need to do to reach every city is mind-boggling. I have this “tic-tic-tic-tic-tic” trotting in my heart every time I attend a show… like I am thrown in this vacuum where time does not exists. Whether it was Copenhagen or Stockholm, we were in Poets‘ land and celebrated with them 20 years of incredible music. “I raise my glass and say: Here’s to you dear Poets ❤️!”

What was the first Poets song you ever heard?

I think it was Carnival of Rust… I never talk about it, but I have to since in both Copenhagen and Stockholm it took some unexpected turns that left me very lightheaded. Copenhagen was incredibly emotional and not only to me 🥰.

The speech after Carnival of Rust and before the band left the stage was something like:

Be kind to yourself and you are your own best friend. Talk to yourself – there, inside your mind – like you’d talk to your best friend. and I can’t stress this enough also to be kind to others especially now.

Read the full interview with Marko here.

Anyone filmed Carnival of Rust and beyond – i.e. Marko‘s speech after the song in Copenhagen – please message me, thank you 🥰.

In Stockholm, there was that moment again, during Carnival of Rust, when Marko‘s eyes met mine as he was singing. I know I am talking a lot about this but you need to understand that to me this man is a genius – to most of us I should say. The way he manages to turn phrases, build stories in the most poetic way and then deliver them to us the way he does… witnessing first hand that kind of artistry is like being touched by grace. To be included for a few seconds in the pages of a book that isn’t there yet exists for all of us to see in our mind’s eye, it means everything and that is without a doubt one of the reasons I do all this and write the way I do.

The same “Rendez-Vous”

How do you write about gigs that pulls every emotion strings your heart is made of? Copenhagen and Stockholm were two incredible shows in two very different venues: one modern and the other one with a baroque architecture, in a building built in 1863. The music brilliant as always, the complicity on stage was palpable, funny moments, happy moments … emotional moments… all this in the company of amazing friends made for two unforgettable experiences.

So many friends through the years, all with the same “rendez-vous”, meeting somewhere in Europe for a gig to share the same passion… exchange stories… and just being happy to finally meet again. I won’t write this enough though, Poets of the Fall‘s magic extends beyond the music. We even get to meet new people, like this Alice Cooper fan – sorry forgot your name man – who was attending a Poets gig for the second time in Stockholm. We talked even after the show, and now I’ll remember this too 😊.

After the show in Copenhagen, Ana, Charlie and I hung around… fangirls to the end, right?! As the band came out of the venue, Olli gave each of us a hug, so did Jaska. One more photo, this time with the amazing Jaska. “Did you enjoy the show?” he asked – “It was fantastic!” is all I managed to answer. He looked tired but very happy indeed and took the time to pose with everyone one of us for a last picture. Thank you Jaska! ❤️

I don’t have the full set yet… I miss Jari 🥰 and I need another one with the wonderful Captain – with open eyes this time, pretty please 😁. Of course, one more with each and everyone of you would be wonderful, but I don’t want to be greedy as I am always afraid I already take up too much of your time…
Now, I have one show left to attend on my schedule… and that is Paris on November 6th. Some of you have already told me you’d be there and I am very much looking forward to meeting you. A thought occurred to me last night though… what will be the surprise song? What will number #9 be? I do hope for Hello Cabaret… I will not let it go just yet 😂

Then again, Marko did say:

I’m usually very light headed after singing it.

So… probably not.

Thank you Poets of the Fall for the amazing Copenhagen and Stockholm gigs. Love you! 🥰

Until Next Time,

Yours truly!
/Claire 🌸

PS: to all of you who shared your videos with me, sorry if they did not make the cut… but thank you for sharing them 🥰 Preciously tucked away though…

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  • Erika Bryan

    Once again, you create a wonderful scenario for all your readers. Magical moments that will stand out in your memory forever!!! Thank you for helping me see through your eyes 🫶🫶🫶🫶❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Charlie Le Clercq

    Aw the birthday surprise was simply beautiful. Thank you so so very much <3 <3 What a wonderful birthday weekend it was! I am truly blessed to have you guys in my life, and it would never have happened if it weren't for the existance of this talented, and very special bunch of fellas, known collectively as Poets of the Fall.

    Rewind I wanna go it again, as the memories of last weekend reverberate around my mind. Actually getting to meet the guys for a little hug is always so so special and I wish they could only understand half the impact they have on us. At least for me personally, any attempt to convey in words would come across shamefully superficial.

    Honestly, I'm impressed at how quickly you seem able to process the emotions that come from each gig! haha I'm a little slower, and because of my short term memory problems, I don't always remember everything. So it is an utter joy to read through your blog and be reminded of the many little things I may have missed.

    Thank you so much… for everything <3 <3 x

  • Zenzalei

    Your opening paragraphs, indeed this whole entry, remind me of “I’m secretly grateful you’re sharing this moment with me,” though maybe blogging is not so secret!

    Can’t blame you for some annoyance with the “don’t fret” comment. How patronizing. The last time someone said something like that to me, I countered with, “I HAVE TO PEE” just to throw him off his game.

    Also, happy you’re moving to your home country. It’s on the short list for a 2025 trip, but I do hope to see you before that! Wish you were coming to the Tavastia gigs.


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