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Clearview,  Revisited,  Simply Said

New Series – Poets of the Fall, Clearview simply said – 7th episode

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A girl’s gotta do what a girl has gotta do ?

“If you know you don’t know something, how do you get a clear view? It’s by asking.” – Marko Saaresto

I thought I’d shake up things a little… not too much though, it is still early in the morning. ? I said to my friend that I am not one to go back on my words, and I really mean it, however, sometimes circumstance change and, one has to adapt. Therefore, and since y’all (me included) – Poets of the Fall maniacs – are aware that something is happening on September 22nd; and since we have no idea what it is but most of us are guessing/hoping for a particular video to be released, it came as clear as day that I should finish the series before that date. Now, it is doable since there are only 4 episodes left to write – including this one…

Episode 7, September 7th, 2017, 7:00 am… a lot of sevens, supposed to be lucky somewhere in the world. Anyway, if you’d like to get a reminder of what’s been said, I suggest you read the long… very long introduction from episode 6.

What kind of clear view is Center Stage pointing towards? Because this is the purpose of the series, isn’t it? We’ll see what I come up with… Hope you’ll like it.

Episode 7 – Center Stage

When you leave the world behind
Lock the doors and turn the lights down
– Poets of the Fall, Center Stage

Do you know… every time I hear these words there is this sigh of relief exhaling from me and I close my eyes for a second, feeling the safety that they imply, wash over me. Strange, isn’t it? As the chorus played, I thought “Holy mighty! This is so brilliant…” I could barely believe my ears. I’ve been having goosebumps ever since I started writing the series, but this song brings them to another level. It is an unbelievable song and I could quote it from start to finish, without being able to explain precisely why these words touch me so deeply. It is rather surreal… but I digress ?

I have heard most of my life that I should stop dreaming – even today as I said in my post Poets of the Fall – Shallow – but why? I’ve been told to stand in front of the looking glass and do some soul-searching (or in that case, it was more down to earth, meaning re-evaluate myself). I’d say it is a good thing to do, but I received such unsolicited advice because I am considered a dreamer… you see, I have dreams… and they are not bigger than life or anything, but they are mine and I need and want to hold on to them, so I do. This means that, still today, as I will turn forty plus, I am told to stop dreaming… so in the end, nothing’s change and yet I have! Big time! Why am I telling you this? I guess it is because Center Stage pushes me to acknowledge the simple fact that, no matter what the world outside expects of me, it is okay to be in touch with my dreams… but also that I have to keep pushing for them to become real. That’s the rub, isn’t it? Sometimes, no matter how hard you push, it is not always up to you… or there is so much you can do until it falls into somebody else’s hands.

A dream’s a deed unsigned
– Poets of the Fall, Center Stage

Center Stage to the Clearview theme

What do you want your life to be? Why has it not happened yet? What are you afraid of? Why can’t you accept who you really are? These are as many questions as Center Stage is asking me. This song is my personal “soul-searching map“. You know how sensitive I am, I make no secret of it. I am a bundle of unsorted emotions, and I am fine with that. Sometimes, however, they bring such chaos in my heart that I cannot see the way anymore. I don’t get lost, I get stuck. Fortunately, I have a map. ? It doesn’t show me the way, though… it is not that kind of map – if such a map existed, we would all live happily ever after in the best of worlds possible, right? No, this map shows me… well, me… the real one… the one who shies away now and again, the one who is afraid of her own shadow, the one who cannot bear to hear one more time how and who she should be.

Whispers, schemes, resigned
N’ you haven’t got the will to try and fight
– Poets of the Fall, Center Stage

Beyond the map analogy, Center stage tells me that I am not alone; that even if I am special, I am not more special than anyone else… at the same time, it tells me that I am. This is the beautiful spin of the song. We all are the same, we all have dreams that need fulfilling, we all are different and we all are special. So, is your dream clear in your mind, or do you need to focus your lens a little more? What do you need to do to get there? Are you your own best friend or your worst enemy? Are these just words or will you make it happen for your sake regardless what the world may think of you?

Lest the only one betrayed
Will be standing center stage
– Poets of the Fall, Center Stage

Clearview on what…

“If you know you don’t know something, how do you get a clear view? It’s by asking.” – Marko Saaresto

Have you noticed? Marko doesn’t give answers for I do not believe he has got any… besides, what would be the use for him to do such a thing anyway? It’s not like there is a “User guide to life as it should be”… we all are writing our own version of it somehow. Anyway, with his observation of his own experience (I suppose) and the people around him, Marko nudges us towards the best versions of ourselves… if we let him. It might not even be that per say. I think the nudges are more like “you don’t have to follow the herd if you don’t wanna” and at the same time, if you don’t wanna, then what is it that you want? My thought on this question is that if you don’t know yourself, you won’t be able to answer it… unless your answer is: “I want to be me” which is pretty wise. ? So yes, get a clear view of who we are and what we want our life to be… There are no simple solutions to this, I experience Clearview a certain way and you another. And yet, we all experience the same thing. Our lives are similar because they have the same stages. For what it’s worth, I will add my two cents (not in the song) life’s too short, friends! ?

So weave the world a play
Such turns of fate to let you have your way
– Poets of the Fall, Center Stage

Next episode: The Labyrinth… another gem.

Thanks for reading,
Take care! ?

About the series…

“Clearview is a clear view on things that you are unclear about basically, because […] it’s really, simply said it’s about asking. If you think you know something, that’s fine, but if you know you don’t know something, how do you get a clear view? It’s by asking. So, that’s basically what it’s about. But that’s a, I think also, a very big topic that we could really talk, like, a lot.”
– Marko Saaresto, August 2017 (transcript by Yours Truly)

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