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Misfit’s Gems – THIRD LUNG, Gameplay released 04 Nov. 2022

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THIRD LUNG‘s debut album, Gameplay was released on November 4th, 2022! I’ve listened to it ever since that morning as often as work allowed and I literally fell in love. It’s like being swept off of your feet by a whirlwind of cherry blossom and getting on an adventure you really did not expect. This is a joyful and highly emotional ride, with beautiful melodies and lyrics… don’t get me started on the singer’s voice and the musicians. Aha, that’s why you’re here… but you cannot just pick one thing, that’s the thing, you see?!

For the short story of why THIRD LUNG gets a spot on PotF – Misfit Heart. Well, it is a bit twisted but I really like that side of me πŸ™ƒ. Poets of the Fall has finished their European tour, during which Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison did some of their opening acts. Never seen them 😭 but I love the music, one thing brings forth another and suddenly THIRD LUNG was on my radar and I’ve loved ’em ever since. So, in my book they have every rights to be here πŸ₯°. Short story over, let’s play some GAMEPLAY 🎧.

As you all know, I don’t write reviews, I write what I feel because it is what music is about to me… but also “random” thoughts related to what I am listening to.Β  Gameplay makes me feel mostly joy and awe. It gave me loads of energy today… at least to get to writing πŸ₯³I have spent my Friday evening and a good part of my Saturday in the company of THIRD LUNG‘s debut album Gameplay. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss this album.


THIRD LUNG is a British indie rock band playing “emotive, evocative and enchanting” music. For what I can gather, the band is based in Reading, Southeast England, and has been touring intensely in the UK getting noticed and supported by the BBC and Classic Rock Magazine. They are super talented, writing their own music and lyrics… Indeed, they are going places! Cannot wait to find the opportunity to go to a gig… Like my father asked me recently: “Don’t you want to go and discover other bands?” At that time, I answered that I did not, but just a few weeks later, my mind has changed. Thank you Daddy ❀️!

THIRD LUNG are Cams on guitar and backing vocals, Tom as lead vocals, Rob on bass and Sam on drums. I do not know much more to be honest. I can say this, I would love to know who is playing the piano on “I won’t sleep tonight” because this song moved me to tears – which is a good thing. Tom’s vocals are very emotional and not short of perfect to my ears. “The Little Man” got to me this morning. I’ll ask again: what are you guys doing to me?! πŸ™ƒ

Discovering Lo-Hi

I fell in love with the music, but it was not love at first sight… not until that note pulled me closer to the speakers. After that, I could not get enough, but it really all started with the release of the single Lo-Hi. I watched the Official Lyric Video and it wasn’t until the chorus started that I got hooked good and proper. The lines that got me were these:

“I tried it on my own, to see where I went so wrong”

I cannot explain why I could relate so deeply to the words, but I do enjoy lyrics that push me to reflecting in a direction I had not taken before. I won’t go back and reopen old wounds or whatnot, but this got me thinking further than the tip of my nose πŸ˜‚ and to challenge myself about what I really want… also how I want to get there. A seed was already there, in my heart, dormant… Lo-Hi brought the sunlight and water to have it instantly grow. When a song can do that, it is a great song!

Beyond my own experience, the song is rather self explanatory. “Share the load!” Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it because, whatever you are going through, you are not supposed to endure it on your own. It is beautiful in its own simplicity, so warm and well, just listen to it because they’ll be saying it wayΒ  better than I πŸ₯°.

Comparisons and influences

I need to get this out of the way πŸ˜…. I mean no offence to these great artists, but I have only barely listened to Foofighters and U2 – if at all, so I don’t hear their influences in THIRD LUNG‘s music. Sorry! So I won’t compare… The influences I do hear are from my own rather eclectic range of musical references such as – but not limited to – Kamelot and Europe on “Head Heart Halo“, a slight hint of a-ha somewhere else,Β and probably much more on the album. The truth is that I won’t look for them because I don’t care. Here and now, I only care about THIRD LUNG absolutely gorgeous album Gameplay. Remember: “Don’t Say who I look like, say who I am.(1) . I would love to know what the band’s influences are, of course, but I’d rather them tell me than me guessing… it is much more interesting that way.

The thing with comparisons is that it makes us forget that the mix of cultures – whatever they are – makes us richer than before we opened our hearts to them. THIRD LUNG has taken their influences and made them their own, which tells me that they are bound to become Great! 😊 Yes, I am an enthusiast… I am a fan and it makes life so enjoyable!


Love at first sight…

Now I want a rubiks-cube πŸ˜…, it’s funnier than chess. Chess are everywhere, but for some reasons, I cannot play it. Harry Potter (2)… I thought, cool it looks simple enough. Yeah, think again! Shion no Ō (3), Anime thriller centered on Japanese chess competition… did not even try again; then Poets of the Fall with Clearview (4), I’d given up by then… and now THIRD LUNG with Gameplay πŸ˜… Guess I am not that smart after all πŸ˜‰.

Jokes aside… GAMEPLAY is such a beautiful album. I am looking forward to receiving the CD, since I am one of those “old fashioned” people who really love holding a CD and flipping through the booklet while listening to the music. Hopefully next week… Sweden ain’t that far after all.

So, release day, I had to work (you know, the work that pays the bills πŸ˜‰) and since music helps me focus, I put on my headphones pressed play and the album’s been playing on & off ever since. At first, I listened without listening. I was mostly enjoying the ride until I reached track number 5. Something wet went rolling down my cheek… that was weird because I was smiling at the same time. I did not really check what song it was, but by next time I heard it, I paid close attention. First: beautiful piano; Second: Tom’s voice surprised me… more than that, the emotions he put in his singing was amazing to me. Finally comes the bridge… what the f***! Waterwork again… every single time by the way.

Gameplay shows great musicianship, the production is… how do you define production? πŸ˜… All I can say is that every song on Gameplay is produced in a way that suits perfectly my ears. You all know I am no savvy technician. The musicians are all brilliant because whatever the singer sings would fall flat if it weren’t for them so… THIRD LUNG is one! If you followed that, you’re as weird as I, so welcome fren’ ❀️ Until I have listened to the album a few hundred times, I won’t be able to tell you why I love these four musicians so much 😊. I just know I do and it has to be enough.

Every song on this album is a gem, but I’ve gotta say I am partial to “Laura“, “I won’t sleep tonight“, “Lo-Hi“, “Dance me lover” and “The Little Man“… plus the rest of the track list of course. Come on, did you really think I’d be able to pick at all? Anyhow, you’d have to be in my head to understand what just went on 😁. If you haven’t understood that I LOVED that album then just go buy it and make up your bloody mind 😘😘😘.

2022 – THIRD LUNG the band to watch!

By the way, I can’t go, but if you’re in the UK save the date for November 10th!!! It is the Gameplay launch Party at SUB89: Reading 😁.

Grab your ticket before it is sold out πŸ‘‰Β THIRD LUNG LAUNCH PARTY πŸ‘‡

Track list

  1. All of That Love You Can’t Lose
  2. Laura
  3. Maybe
  4. No Names
  5. I Won’t Sleep Tonight
  6. Lo-Hi
  7. Dance Me Lover
  8. Head Heart Halo
  9. Press Reset
  10. Forgiveness
  11. The Little Man

References in this blog post:

All photos on this post are borrowed from THIRD LUNG Facebook page, for fair use only.

(1): translation of a verse from Francis Cabrel song Rosie (1989) – which in itself is a French adaptation of Rosie (1977) by Jackson Browne

(2): Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone, by J.K. Rowling – 1997

(3): Shion no Ō, anime from 2007. Originally, Japanese manga series written by Masaru Katori and illustrated by Jiro Ando.

(4): Poets of the Fall, Clearview 2016

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One Comment

  • Erika Bryan

    Brilliant, how do I thank you for bringing such vibrant music into my life!
    Like you I have listened to this album pretty much non stop
    I have always loved music, but within the last year or so, I have found music that has changed my life, definitely for the better πŸ₯Ή
    One of my favorites on the album is, the very first track, All of that love you can’t lose!!!
    Little man ❀️❀️πŸ₯°πŸ₯°.
    Another band I need to seeπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


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