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Welcome to Misfit at Heart! ?

Poets of the Fall's Knight

I won’t lie, it is not particularly fun to start again from scratch because stuff got in the way and spoiled the work. Anyway, after a few back and forth towards the idea of letting Misfit at Heart bow out of my mind, I chose to re-launch it instead. I want it fresher and lighter, with one focus only Poets of the Fall. The music, of course, but mostly the lyrics since it is what got me into this incredible crowd in the first place. ?

Old will be mixed with new posts… some might even get a rewrite, more condensed maybe, therefore more accessible to the constant rushing readers… quality over quantity, right… but this could possibly be the most trying promise I make – since I have made it before and failed miserably at keeping it. I will keep the layout as simple as possible to enable fast loading of pages… though, the slider stays… ?

In the end though, the main goal is to continue deciphering the great lyrics – which is loads of fun – and sharing my thoughts with you. You’ll find that there is more about me in what I write than I care to admit… ?

So, to start with a well-kept promise, I will answer one last self-imposed question – which I found out I had already asked last year ? (see the page Yours Truly). What song do you think defines you best? My answer is: Center Stage (Clearview, 2016)

A dream’s a deed unsigned
A nameless ghost of yesterday defied […]

Do you see how it’s your thoughts come conjuring
Emotions show the world you keep within

So weave the world a play […]

See you around!


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