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Drama for Life – new potf official video

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Alright, I cannot let it be, I’ve gotta write something about this otherwise… well, better not say. Before I start, though, if you are wondering what I get out of writing so much about Poets of the Fall, I’ll tell you this: it is hell of a kick, a surge of happiness and joy which I cannot keep for myself so I share it as much as possible to prevent an uncontrollable burst of enthusiasm. I have to protect my loved ones somehow…

This being said, let’s go to the matter at hand. Poets of the Fall are well-known for the music genre they are playing – at least among the fans, and hopefully beyond – which is called as they put it on their Facebook PageCinematic Rock. So, when they announce the upcoming of a new video, you put it in your calendar to make sure you won’t miss it. I’ve seen – among fans’ comments today – many compare this video to previous ones, but I believe it to be useless for the band wishes to go in a direction where they can be more themselves… After seeing that video, I can say with relief that I do not miss the characters from previous videos / albums (I can go back to them any time anyway), I love what they’ve come up with. Besides, what’s the point of doing something you’ve already done…

Inner Mad Man

One thing is certain, “Psycho Marko” is back, alive and kicking! I like… When I first watched the video, I felt this evil grin lighten up my face and my eyes stinging a bit as they brightly shone while staring at the screen. I thought, how on earth did they come up with that, but then I was not so surprised for it fits the song perfectly and I would not be completely shocked to learn that it fits the men too. Marko is the only actor; well he wrote the lyrics which is visually easier to interpret than the music itself. Besides, one crazy person telling the story on screen has more impact… that is for the inner mad man in action… All in all, I find the video effective. The lights, the colors, the make-up and the contrasted costumes between the self-assured Marko singing “on stage” and the overwhelmed inner mad Marko set the mood; this somewhat “trapped” feeling within oneself when one knows one cannot escape it is visually powerful. Marko actor has this quality about his face which very expressive and communicates whatever he wishes. This is pretty cool.

Should we embrace it then, this inner mad person, as Marko suggests in the song? Thought-provoking? Definitely!

How on earth did they come up with that, I asked… or is it that they have such insight into themselves that they can extend it to others… scary, but neat.

An insane insight

You like it, you buy it!
As simple as that…

As you are noticing, I am focusing on the psychotic aspect, mostly because it looks so right in all its wrongness (or is it really wrong) … The scene in the middle of this circle of candles and all the words and drawings that “Mad Marko” is throwing down on sheets of paper, by the way, the black feathers… are they a vague allusion to the hopecatcher?… Anyway, I recognise what is happening in the scene, for this is often how it feels like when I write, or think of something I want to write about, and the words are coming out faster than the thoughts or the opposite…. words that make no sense, bringing chaos, and frustration maybe… Then, for some reason, when the two personalities understand one another but most importantly, when they understand that one cannot exist without the other, they “embrace” each other… and this is when the magic begins.

So now I have said my piece, explained how I see Poets of the Fall, and how their inner craziness and insane insight amaze me every single time… just watch the video and watch it again like you were there.

Clearview album is coming out on September 30th, don’t forget to buy it.

Take care!

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