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About time wouldn’t you say?

Poets of the Fall is a Finnish band who has taken the music scene by storm since 2003. They have released 8 studio albums, 1 best of and 1 live DVD. They hold a very special place in my heart, obviously, and it is the reason why Misfit at Heart‘s content is re-focusing solely on the band.

Eight albums, two trilogies and a third in the making… they do have something to say and believe me, you should listen. The first two trilogies were released out of order though… see the first two albums start the first trilogy, while the third album starts the second, and the fifth album ends the first … Got a headache?

Let me show you then:

First three albums

Signs of Life Carnival of Rust Revolution Roulette

First trilogy…

Signs of Life Carnival of Rust Temple of Thought

Next three albums…
Twilight Theater  Temple of Thought Jealous Gods

Second trilogy…

Revolution Roulette Twilight Theater Jealous Gods

Next albums and third trilogy (?) in the making

The question remains, will the ninth album end the third trilogy or will it start a fourth one?

The first two trilogies are explained a little more in the post:

Poets of the Fall struck me like lightning – Highlight 2016

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