Facebook-blog-sharing_AlbumsPoets of the Fall has released 8 studio albums… 1 compilation called Alchemy Vol.1…  a few great songs under their alter ego’s name Old Gods of Asgard… and without forgetting a Live DVD for their 10th anniversary. Busy bees these poets… The particularity of the band’s work is, apart from the incredible visual creativity, that they love messing with their fans’ heads. 3 trilogies, 1 which is not complete yet… puzzles are also to be found in each of their albums. For the newcomers have fun solving them  😉

Eight albums, two trilogies and a third in the making… they do have something to say and believe me, you should listen. The first two trilogies were released out of order though… see the first two albums start the first trilogy, while the third album starts the second, and the fifth album ends the first … Got a headache?

Let me show you then:

Consecutive albums means not same trilogy

Signs of Life
First album… first part of the first trilogy
Carnival of Rust
Second album… second part of the first trilogy
Revolution Roulette
Third album… first part of the second trilogy
Twilight Theater
Fourth album… second part of the second trilogy
Temple of Thought
Fifth album… third part of the first trilogy 
Jealous Gods
Sixth album… third part of the second trilogy 
Seventh album… First part of the third trilogy 
Eighth album… second part of the third trilogy  

What about about the Ninth?

The question remains, will the ninth album end the third trilogy or will it start a fourth one?
The first two trilogies are explained a little more in the post:
Poets of the Fall struck me like lightning – Highlight 2016

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Poets of the Fall Magic – Wondrous live in Moscow 2013

We’re still here! Smiling and expectantly looking ahead 😀 How did you get on… Are you alright? What did you do to better cope? ♥ I virtually visited my family every day, chatted with friends and listened ceaselessly to Poets of the Fall. ♥ ♥ ♥ Do you know, Poets of the Fall magic is all around ♥ whether it’d be in music, thoughts or in dreams. And yet, I miss you ♥ I miss the band ♥  I miss the palpable magic, the energy & the communion. In that spirit, I wanted to write something special, for and with you – Poets fans & Poets. Nothing fancy really, just a “few” words from the heart to you all, to show my gratitude & remind you that you matter. So today, Poets Fans and Poets of the Fall have the floor too on PotF – Misfit Heart. I chose Poets of the Fall live in Moscow 2013 for obvious reasons as stated above, because it brings me incredible and boundless joy, and more importantly… because – even if you do not have the DVD – you can watch it on Poets of the Fall Official YouTube Channel. This way you may spend a magical time in the band’s company and we can share the experience together. Sharing Poets of the Fall‘s music is what it is all about after all… thus spreading the love & making friends along the way. I would like to dedicate this post to you, Poets of the Fall family – Fans & Poets alike… all of you making Poets of the Fall magic happen from both sides of the camera. You’re beautiful! Happy Holidays, whether you celebrate or not… Be safe, smile to one another & be kind! See you soon. Love, love, love! – PotF – Misfit Heart, Claire (Sweden), Dec. 2020 – ♥ ♥ ♥ Poets of the Fall magic: from couch to live venues As I usually say, I took the bandwagon kind of late, in 2016. I bought all the albums at once and listened to them weeks in and weeks out. I watched the videos until I dropped and then you beautiful Poets of the Fall family were talking about the shows (between yourselves at first). You got me curious and lo and behold here was the magical Poets of the Fall live in Moscow DVD. It must have been fate! I still did not know the band so well back then and was full of prejudice when it came to live recording. I thought, no way the singer can pull off his Cradle in Love voice live… no way, the energy from Lift can match the album, etc. Well you can imagine my train of thought. I have never been so happy in my life to be THAT wrong. Even The Happy Song grew on me and gets me the kicks I need to finish my work-day in style. and you know that we love you!  Needless to say that I wanted more and promised myself I would go to a Poets of the Fall gig, to get the feel of it… just once, you know… to be fair, I was warned but did not believe it. One became two then three… then nine gigs in just a little over one year. Time well spent but many freezing queueing to get front row  😆 but that is another story. See! I’m toast… “We want more!” ♥ ♥ ♥ Live in Moscow 2013 – Poets of the Fall Magic at work, full speed ahead Before I hand it over to you… I have been listening and watching intermittently Poets live in Moscow for the entire week in order to write this post. The first thing that stroke me is that I really couldn’t get enough (hence the full repeat button on) compare to a few years back, watching once was enough. Poets of the Fall magic is in fact Poets of the Fall effect and the ripples never stop. Moscow 2013 celebrated 10 years of Poets of the Fall… soon another ten years to be celebrated, though next year, they reach majority!  😎 I do remember the first times I watched… from the generous eye contacts with the audience, to Marko singing to people, or the smiles and complicity of the guys on stage I was hypnotized with a smile that did not leave my face for about 1,5 hour. I don’t have much space to go track by track and there would be no point in that. However, I need to say this: the end of Sleep, when Marko sings so low, it gives me Rebirth shivers. The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper, Stay, Running out of Time… I could go on and on and on… Just watch the show! You’ll understand what I mean 😀 It’s the little things that make the world – Stay, Poets of the Fall You were there and lived first hand Poets of the Fall magic in 2013 Moscow, Russia – March 23rd 2013… I read that it was a very cold year throughout Europe and Russia, with heavy snowfall. In spite of that, you were there and lived Poets of the Fall magic for all to see. I asked you to share some nice memories with us, thank you for reaching out ♥ Oksana & Natasha. ♥ Even Marko & Captain were happy to join and send a comment about the DVD. Oksana: Great but strange “3 pm in front of the Arena’s doors, fans were already queueing for the show and the doors would only open four hours later. It was a damn cold day. I could barely feel my legs as they let us in. Waiting was long and hard but something good happened and in the middle of waiting, the club staff brought a huge tea urn and plastic cups. Everyone out there, who was cold (we were about 30 people waiting already) got hot tea. I had a small bottle of cognac with me (I’m a smart one) so I shared it with a few people. No need to say I had visited this club many times before, but this act of humanity happened only once. I’m sure it was the guys’ idea. The concert was great as always but kind of strange because there was a few operators with cameras on stage and a big camera crane flying in the middle, above the crowd. We stood on the left side, so they did not film us much. But you can see my face for a couple of seconds on the DVD. Personally, I do not like this DVD so much because the director decided to put too many “chicks” faces in the film. It gives people a misconception of Poets of the Fall fans – like they were, you know, some kind of boyband. If you saw the crowd far from the first two rows, you could actually see lot of male fans too. Before the guys started doing Meet & Greet sessions in Russia (the first one happened Autumn of the same year) the band had some kind of ritual to meet fans after the gig. Everyone who stayed at the stage for a few minutes could shake hands with the guys, get autographs and take a photo. I’m not a fan of this because it looked too messy for my taste, so I only watched the whole process.” – Oksana (Moscow), Dec. 2020 – On Poets of the Fall magic, Natasha says: A hurricane of joy, a storm of emotions “I will probably sound a little boring if I say that it was a typical Poets Of The Fall show, but if you are a true fan, you know what I mean: a hurricane of joy, a storm of emotions and endless, endless admiration (well, to be honest, I can never find the right words to describe this feeling of total happiness). It was quite an honour for us – Moscow residents – to host this show. I think we all felt kind of responsible to be a part of something special, so we did our best to make it as loud as we could! During the show I stayed close to the stage and even could see myself a couple times on DVD afterwards. I can say I faithfully sang along and looked happy. I also found a note I made in my diary right after the show. And it is simply full of gratitude and adoration. One phrase from it goes like this: “Feels like you [Poets] always know what to do to make the world around you brighter and how to touch something the most sacred deep inside – even the things we can’t confess to ourselves“. And finally, the whole show looked so highly professional! We are already used to the fact that no matter what Poets do, they do it perfectly well. This show wasn’t an exception. Cameras, sound and of course the performance itself – everything was impeccable. I’m not sure if I could fit even more admiration in here but I did try! Thank you always, dear Poets Of The Fall. It was precious to be a part of this beautiful moment.” – Natasha Zemlyanskaya (Moscow), Dec. 2020 – Poets of the Fall: joint effort with our fans When I asked the band if they’d like to say something about the live in Moscow 2013, they gladly answered… “Making of the 2013 Moscow live DVD was living proof of what you can accomplish when you have wonderful people all coming together and having a mutual goal. As the DVD was crowd funded, we consider it a joint effort with our fans, and that gives the project that special magic. Btw. The full concert is now available for everyone’s viewing pleasure, at Full HD quality on YouTube on our official channel (↓↓↓). Have yourselves a lovely night with it… and popcorn…  :D” – Poets of the Fall (Helsinki), Dec. 2020 – Error happened.

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Poets of the Fall – My Dark Disquiet (official video)

It is no secret to say that My Dark Disquiet is my absolute favourite song from Poets of the Fall latest album, Ultraviolet… mostly because I say it over and over to whomever cares to listen. When the band announced a week ago that the official video would premiere today (30.09.2019), I was so excited that my heart skipped a beat and I was dancing the victory dance in my head. When I realised that Miika Hakala would be directing said video, I could not contain my joy. Finally, when I learned that the song would be featured in the game Control, I decided to get to playing it… Fair warning no 1: if you expect an explanation about the relation between My Dark Disquiet and the game Control, others have already done it better than I ever could… so you won’t find anything of the sort here. Fair warning no 2: if you expect this post to make sense, it only will if you – like me – are mad as a hatter… You’ve been warned! Happy reading 😀 Control My Dark Disquiet is, as you all know, used in Remedy‘s latest brilliant game: Control. I have not a full grasp on the story yet, for I am a hopelessly slow player… and I die pretty much around every corner of The Oldest House… The video is obviously very much inspired by the game itself and to get an understanding of the story, well you might need to have played the game a few times before watching. Motivation enough to play further and not give up in the face of the Hiss (THE villain as I understand it). That being said, it was not so long ago that Marko Saaresto admitted not having had time to play the game, yet he wrote the video’s story in collaboration with Miika Hakala of course… anyway, go figure… insider information I suppose 😛 There are many references to the game, and a fellow fan from Poets of the Fall Nation seems to have had a fun time tracking them. I don’t want to paraphrase, but there is one thing he wrote that was very interesting to me considering the role music has played – and is still playing – in my life. *** GAME SPOILER *** it seems that in the game, My Dark Disquiet is used as an experiment to find out the emotional impact on the listener (subject of the experiment) *** END OF GAME SPOILER *** and thank you Lucas, hopefully I understood your take on this correctly! Music for mind control? Music as an instrument to create certain feelings in people. It is well known that it is easier to control and manipulate people who are feeling down, angry, desperate etc. What if, as the game suggests, there was such a song… but here is the rub – as Alastor Moody would say – what if the song was possessed? Then it is not the song doing the control but rather what’s possessing it… In the case of the game, a malevolent entity such as the Hiss… could be, and how I do you fight such malevolence? What would the Hiss stand for then? People use tools for control, power etc. not the other way around… dark painting indeed, the corrupting power of power. “We are marionettes by strings animated” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet Puppet Maestro Captain’s role looks to me like he controls and sees all… he orchestrates the madness, both musically and visually. It is very much a metaphor as he is a maestro; still I love the virtual aspect of the scenes he is in, and he is hidden under a hood, sunglasses… behind the screens. He can virtually do anything. Reminds you of anything? This anonymity that gives a so-called freedom of being whomever… not to mention behavioural traits, but let’s not go there. Music as a portal On a more personal touch maybe, why is it that music influences us so much? The melody of words strengthened by endless chords, aggressive/soothing rhythm are what pushes our buttons. The frequencies carrying the musicians’ emotions through invisible webs of waves meeting our every movements… and we relate, over and over because we all are the sum of our experiences, and as we relate, we react at that moment because the chord struck a chord. Something hidden re-surfaced and became so loud that it is unbearable. Still… we think we react to the music. Music is our portal to let out the madness within, without shame and embrace the darkness if only for a brief moment. Chords Where do they fit in the story? Unless they stand for who they are which brings balance to the storytelling in some ways… we cannot be all mad, or the world would … already there? oh well… If think about it though, the energy that comes from Olli and Jaska is strength, confidence while I get this soothing calmness coming from Jani. I don’t know if it is made on purpose, but it is how they make me feel. Madness within Have you noticed that Marko looks precisely as he does in False Kings? His face, with half “normal” half “mad”… I love the symbolic even if it might not be the meaning behind that particular choice of make-up. I guess I see what wanna see. The choice makes sense though… “We are false kings and bastards” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet If you look closer at his outfit in the video, it reminds me a little of his character in Choice Millionaire, handing out the Hopecatcher (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours) as the key to the world… outside the machine… “the sweet corrupting reality” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet There are a few scenes, during My Dark Disquiet,that make me think of the particular idea of the liberator… or was he about to become the Puppet Master? … so many possible interpretations… Whether Marko stands for the liberator in My Dark Disquiet and whether such entity is benevolent or malevolent… I guess it is only a point of view because we all have a choice. “I’m ready to fight to run from the light” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet Another character, closer to home maybe, Marko from Drama for Life… not so obvious, but by the end of the video, for a split second he made me think of the circle of candles scene by the way he moves… so I stand by the madness within. The question is: do we let it out? Always the same question… “We are momentary masters” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet Brick wall Jari‘s character is puzzling… is he playing the experimenter as being part of the music, is he one whose emotions are tested… his outfit, a bit in shambles… no smiling… a brick wall. Is he a prisoner? He could be that he represents the resistance or the hurt. He brings a such a contrast to the madness and yet… he’s interesting. We are all both dark and light, sane and mad… dreamers and down-to-earth… what do we do with that if we cannot embrace both? Maybe the trick is to Take Control so that we don’t need to control ourselves, but rather be ourselves. In such a world, creative madness ruled by songs, plays, movies… fantasy, brings such comfort and strength. Let the emotions flow and let My Dark Disquiet boost your madness. “These are mad times, MAD!” – Professor Slughorn Who would you be: Jesse or the blond lady? Or would you be a marionette already? Last words… “SHUT UP!!!” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet video Error happened.

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Poets of the Fall – Spot the difference

Before I even start… though it stroke me as I proofread for the uptenth time… The still photo for Partir Avec Moi, seriously, I am ashamed not to have noticed this before, really. Look at the colours!!! French song… colours: blue white red… the French flag! My flag and I have not even seen this.? Looking everywhere for the less obvious when the most obvious is in my face. Who else did not notice? I am not going down alone, people!? The Sweet Escape vs Partir Avec Moi. In my previous post, I promised you an extra article comparing the videos. After struggling with two YouTube windows opened playing the videos almost silmutanuously, my fellow fans provided what I was desperately in needed of… a synchronizing tool. Yeah! Thank you ?  Watching both videos at the same time… For the fun of it and because some fans mentioned it was an interesting auditory experience, I had both videos play at the same time and with the sound on both… yes, interesting but what a hubbub! Seriously… no matter how much I love Marko‘s voice… here goes my limit. You need to cut the sound on one of them, people… watch, compare the imagery and then do the same but with the sound from the other video… common sense and it is precisely what yours truly did! Ultraviolet vs warm light From the start of both videos, and as I have pointed out in the previous post about Partir Avec Moi, the lighting is slightly different. Ultraviolet light versus warm lights set the tone for both videos. I believe there is also a correlation between these lights and the small change in wording from one language to the other. Photography story-telling I will not go through all the differences, it might kill the buzz of both songs, but some that might say something about the actual story (-ies) that is told. Is it truly 2 episodes or just 1 in 2? Basically, both videos are telling the same story to me… but maybe, the narrator – although it is apparently Marko in both – has changed his point of vue. One dream-like state and one reality-like state… A what if, where doubts lead him to a whirlwind of loss and confusion… and a what is, where he takes control and manages to quieten those same doubts, even though they might try to take control over him again. Different order While Marko is filmed walking until he starts singing – The Sweet Escape (TSE), we don’t see him before we get a sense of his surroundings in the second video – Partir Avec Moi (PAM)… that same shot comes on to TSE precisely when Marko appears in PAM. This suggests to me that Marko is more aware of his surroundings in PAM contra the way he walks in TSE, where it would be the surroundings that are more aware of him. Time As Marko starts singing, it looks like he is on the same street on both videos, however, he does not seem to be heading in the same direction at first… until he does. See! It seems that way but he is not walking on the same side of the street in both videos. My knowledge of Helsinki is as limited as almost non-existent (my short visits there were not enough to get well-acquainted with this fine city)… but it is what the video suggests to me. I wonder… how long has he been wandering the streets and wondering? All night? Same night? Every night? I mean, it is a rather easy task to take back control over one’s doubts, right!? NOT! So, these images alone bring an idea of duration in time. I don’t know how long, but we all can have a go at guessing… Same shots Exactly same footage of Jani passing behind Marko, looking at him… and Marko‘s expression. No difference… same story after all? nah, they’re just messing with us… There are more identical shots arranged in different order, but this shot with Jani was almost simultaneous. Is there a reason for that? Captain, Olli and Jaska… same shots… but is it my eyes that deceive me or Jari‘s shot was a bit extended. For what purpose? Has Marko made eye contact… or is it the one behind the camera who did, to say: I am here and I am telling the story, not Marko… hmm. Interesting idea… the mysterious character whom no one ever sees, the one who sees all. Lost and found We all agree that Marko grows anxious and almost lost in TSE while he seems to have found some kind of peace in PAM. It is obvious in his demeanor, in my opinion. Yet again,  look at this shot and remember what I just said… contradiction? He does not look so distressed in TSE… rather hopeful I’d say. Then again, it changes as the video advances… might there be pieces of reality in the dream-like state? Duh, obviously! Insinuous doubts but hope as well: the best enemies… one cannot live without the other, or? Passion The passion in French is a bit stronger than in English at around 2:40… and then this turns around at maybe 3 minutes in TSE… around 3:38, TSE gives us Marko‘s first real smile with hope in his eyes. I found though that it is the same passion in both, expressed in subtle different ways. Or I just see what I wanna see to fit my train of thought. Believe what you will, it is fun to watch these two side by side and I love it when Marko sings in French… Phone sequences Sorry guys, but in both videos Marko speaks on the phone… now, one could argue that he is leaving a message on TSE, but he nods just like in PAM. He is talking to someone on both. Same footage on both videos, slightly postponed from one video to the other… considering Marko‘s demeanor in TSE, maybe he is not talking to the same person, at the same time, why would the conversation have exactly the same impact on him then? So many questions and so few answers… and time’s running out. Looking straight at the camera Someone pointed out – sorry I don’t remember who it was, but I know it wasn’t me – that the last verses of PAM, Marko smiles and looks straight at the camera… or at the one holding it? In Partir Avec Moi, the story might be that he never is alone while in The Sweet Escape he feels that he is. Sliding doors Knowing our Poets the way we do, and Miika Hakala by now, there is probably more than just one possible explanation to the story-telling, which means that we all find what we need in everything they do. One last thought, however… Have you seen the move Sliding Doors… watching both videos side by side I had the same sensation as when I watched that movie. Two life scenarios based on whether the main character does or does not catch a train. In the end, which is real and which is not? Miika Hakala “chapeau bas” sir! ? I ended up having more questions than when I started this post… Kudos. Thanks for reading! /Claire Error happened.

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Poets of the Fall – Partir Avec Moi Single

One week after The Sweet Escape premiered on YouTube, here we go again, waiting expectantly for the video of Partir Avec Moi to start. There was a pretty noisy chatroom this time around as well. Not always on topic, but excitment makes people talk nonsense now and then. It is fun though… I was not the only “nut-job” in there, and that is quite a reassuring thought. The single I have to admit, as I sat in my car, singing along Partir Avec Moi coming back from work, it felt really strange to sing Poets of the Fall in French… even though it is my native language… It sounded great but it felt… so strange. Suddenly, it was almost on such an intimate level I may have blushed. Maybe not to that extreme, but you get the idea: just because, for the same song, the language was switched. A tiny detail, but a great success! Here is a question I forgot to ask though: Why is the song entitled “Partir Avec Moi” when Marko only sings “Partir Avec Toi“? I am convinced that it is done on purpose, I just would love to know why 🙂 Here’s my theory though… the title could be the subject of a letter to his lover and the song would be the actual letter. The true meaning being “Would you leave with me, if I told you what you truly mean to me?” and then comes the song as the core of Marko‘s feelings. It must have been such a challenge to adapt The Sweet Escape to French… As Marko said during his interview with Misfit at Heart (read full Interview): “I took it upon myself to write the adaptation. Intimidating and fascinating” I bet it was! This is a beautiful song and I promise, I am not just saying that. There are some pretty happy French (and non-French) fans out there with Partir Avec Moi‘s release. You nailed it! Marko in French I know how well Marko speaks French – despite his modesty about it – and his lovely accent when he does brings this “je ne sais quoi” to whatever he says or sings… The language brings a totally new mood to the song, and warmer feelings… colors. When Marko sings in French, with his Finnish/English accent… it is so touching. I love the way he pronounces: Accroché par ce sentiment de disparition… Mon Amour… Mon coeur dans ta main… … the whole song really. Goosebumps all over so I can melt into one of those cosy smiles that show I am finally relaxing into the song… On Friday, I had it on full repeat, the whole day… I still cannot get enough of it. He can speak French to me this way any time. French lyrics My favorite lines are as the Director Miika Hakala mentioned on social media: Dans la clandestinité Des fantomes en ultraviolet Those two lines are absolutely brilliant. I cannot explain why I love them so. I know what they mean, obviously, but they have such inherent layers of meanings… red threads going in all  directions and I don’t know which one to pick… I am in awe, really. Marko, with the collaboration of French musician and producer Laurent Sari, wrote a beautiful adaptation/French version of The Sweet Escape. The cool part is that the only major difference in the lyrics is what turned the story around and the ambiance of the song. That way, the story-telling is completely flawless. We all noticed THE major difference in the lyrics, whether we are native French speaking or not… this is somewhat the international language of love: My fierce friend becomes Mon amour From doubt of reciprocity to certainty… what do you think? In the English version, the line: Where thought and truth divorce in French it becomes Ou pensée n’est pas vérité It has the same meaning but the wording in French is somewhat more direct, more to the point… and slightly less “romantic”. To me, the word “divorce” has a rather negative connotation, while using only this negative form “n’est pas” (=is not) in French – although still pretty negative – sounds smoother to my ears. Either it is a conscious choice or barely the restrictions that the French language imposes… or maybe both. In any case, the result is most effective… Who has seen me come undone And then seen beyond becomes Qui m’as vu comme ça Et la flamme qui est en moi The French lines are once again more optimistic and warmer. In my opinion, it is the same idea in both languages, no question; although I find that, in French, there are less hidden meanings… no need for ultraviolet light anymore, the feelings are out in the open and the subconscious influences are not in control anymore. A little snag on that note: it seems to me that the video shows them (the subsconscious influences) trying to sneak in now and again… Watch and compare Marko‘s demeanor from one video to the other… sometimes they are similar on both videos, and some other times the complete opposite. Added to this, the slight shifts in colors and sceneries – from the same time frames on both videos – emphasise more than just hope renewed but rather a joyful anticipation of what is to come. The video I got a bit worried at the beginning since it felt like a simple repetition of The Sweet Escape. Slowly and surely though, the story takes a slightly different turn and the differences, although subtle, multiply. For instance, take the still-shot of the song, used to promote it, a friend of mine sent it to me early in the morning to point it out to me… look at the colors she said. The “ultraviolet” has faded in Partir Avec Moi. So what does it mean? I have a theory… What if, The Sweet Escape represents the doubts, the uncertainty eating at Marko therefore meeting with the album’s theme which – as you recall – I called: the hidden influences of one’s subconscious. The slight shift in colors, I previously mentioned, in Partir Avec Moi could be that reality catches up and shatters the doubts and uncertainty. The longing from The Sweet Escape is still there but in Partir Avec Moi it sounds different… it is somehow a happy longing, because what he is waiting for is really going to happen. Tricky to explain since these two videos are literally feelings put on film… who else than Miika and Poets of the Fall could nail that? Right!? I will say this: the subtle differences from one video to the other are a fun challenge… I guess I might play more with that in another post: The Sweet Escape vs Partir Avec Moi… so stay tuned!   Error happened.

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Poets of the Fall – The Sweet Escape single

Poets of the Fall knows how to keep us on our toes, and so with the release of The Sweet Escape single and video, they decided it would be cool to premiere it on YouTube at 8:00 am with a countdown precisely when most of us are already at work or in a different time zone. This did not matter, however, because people were at the rendez-vous and so was I… the chat was wild with anticipation. I set my Skype to “Do not disturb” at work and held my breath for the time of a sweet video. Of all the songs from the Ultraviolet album, The Sweet Escape is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing to me. There are not many songs in the band’s repertoire that actually compare to this song, and believe you me, I love their repertoire more than a lot. From the start, I found it emotionally charged and filled with an undefinable longing. As always, Marko Saaresto does not disappoint and he delivers an extraordinary performance. The single The single version brings the extra that I have been wishing for… the extra that they’ve played at concerts, especially when Jaska Mäkinen plays those haunting guitar riffs I love so much. It made me pay even more attention to the orchestration which is perfect. The bass lines by Jani Snellman are discreet but powerful because they underline the sense of loneliness and loss I feel through the lyrics; the slow rhythm skilfully brought on by Jari Salminen, and his drums crescendo that comes as reinforcement to the bass and keyboards are just brilliant… Finally, the keyboard by Markus Kaarlonen are one of the best he’s written. They emphasize everything I have been saying. I don’t know how to describe it other than by saying listen… truly listen with every fiber of your being. The video Beautiful photography as always by Miika Hakala! I did not see Helsinki that way when I was there… but I don’t wander in the streets at night singing my heart out either. Only Marko can do that! The colours are soft and welcoming, like a cover that hides everything, even feelings… until passers-by now and then notice them. A few minutes into the video, I started feeling the longing I talked about earlier… and it grew for every second that passed. Many theories have already popped up here and there, but I tried not to read them all not to be too much influenced… but to answer the few I read I will only say this: Marko is a great actor because it is not easy to show longing on one’s face… but he nailed it. This kind of storytelling is my cup of tea! A storytelling driven by the abstract, what can not be seen unless you are tuned to it. I thought for a moment that Marko was a ghost, looking for the one he will never get to meet and then never be able to give the intended present to… he looks at his invisible watch. No watch on his wrist! (Thanks Susan, I saw it now). By the way, time does not exist for ghosts, unless you don’t know you are one, or? It is said that time does not exist, period, but that is another debate. But then, if Marko is a ghost, why does Jani see him? Jari? and Olli even? Captain and Jaska don’t look at him though… and through all this, as I said, Marko does not make eye contact, why? Is he lost in his longing? So lost that he does not even see others, and wanders within his loneliness and his somewhat neverending search for his “fierce friend“. One more thing that could undo the ghost theory is that twice he is on the phone. The first time, he is not talking, just listening to some message maybe… the second time, it looks like he is talking. So, the ghost theory is down the drain so to speak. For whom is this present he is holding in his hands? Sometimes he is holding his phone and sometimes the present… It sounds sad, doesn’t it? But then, if you look closely, you’ll see the spark in Marko‘s eyes and the faint smile lighting up his face for a split second… I see hope and fondness, maybe love, even. Absolutely stunning in its simplicity, I love it. How will Partir avec Moi conclude this longing? Will I get answers to my questions or will I have more questions? I guess we’ll know soon enough… Rendez-vous in a week, on Friday, May 17th. Error happened.

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Poets of the Fall, Angel – UV

The most difficult… or rather interesting part… with Poets of the Fall lyrics is probably reading between the lines. Someone asked on a Facebook group dedicated to the band, “what are Poets of the Fall’s songs that talk about death?” It is a tough question, and in my opinion, the answers that this person received were rather inaccurate. When I read the question, I immediately thought of Angel, however, I am not entirely sure that death is the theme of the song. Therefore, I thought I’d try my luck and go through the lyrics to see if I could make heads and tail of it all. The title… subjective Aside from the lyrics, and whether you believe in Heaven & Hell, God, the Devil, Angels or Demons… you might suspect that Angel treats of the infamous subject of death. It is probably done intentionally, of course, Poets of the Fall being who they are… and yet, the song could have been called Hummbingbird… or Peaceful fields… you can see how the impact could have been different though. Angel it is then… Symbolism The hotel I stayed at in Cologne – October 2018 – for the concert at “Die Kantine”, had this beautiful painting… which, when I and my friend Susan saw it, said: “this is a sign“. It was pretty spooky how we thought the same thing when we saw it… and look at the colours! Some “ultraviolet” there for sure… As far as we know, Ultraviolet deals with the invisible… the things, thoughts and other abstracts notions that influence us despite ourselves… what could only be seen – as Marko Saaresto would put it – through ultraviolet light. The term Angel is abstract enough to pick our interest no matter our beliefs, right?! Have any of you seen an Angel, I mean apart from religious representations, on pictures or movies… You may call your true friends, those with a golden heart, angels… but we are not talking about those here, are we. The picture, from the song, is quite beautiful though… I mean, just close your eyes and try to see, really see, what Marko is singing: Kiss the feathers of a hummingbird in flightBreaking up into a million specks of lightTake the shape of an angel in the night © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel It is one of the most beautiful metaphores I have come across… But, I wonder, why did Marko chose specifically the hummingbird for that song? Because if the song talks about death, then their is a big contradiction within as – if you check the symbolism of the hummingbird – it stands among other things for the enjoyment of life. We are all aware though that without death there can be no life… still… This being said, I chose just one aspect of the symbolism… Digging deeper, it would seem that the Aztecs believed that the “hummingbird was the reincarnated form of the warriors that lost their life in a battle.” [source:] Knowing that Marko Saaresto is very well-read in many a thing, it is no stretch to imagine that the choice of the hummingbird in this song is well thought out and no coincidence. Another source states that the hummingbird “express love more fully in their daily endeavours.“[source:] and thus Marko sings – my favourite verses, and motto: My home is my skinAnd in the world I’ve withinAll I have is my love for you © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel Love transcending death When I first heard Dancing on Broken Glass, I never imagined what Miika Hakala did with his video… but with the video, he showed how love could transcend death. The same way, when Marko sings: I’m not running from hurtI just want you by my side © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel What does him mean really? It almost feels like he is saying goodbye, or that the person he is singing to is terminally-ill and maybe wants to leave Marko to protect him from hurting as he watches his loved one fade away. It is one dramatic interpretation of course… but I don’t think it is far fetched considering other songs on this album, like In a Perfect World or – as I already mentioned – Dancing on Broken Glass. At the same time, I feel like there is a struggle within Marko (again, I am not saying that this song is precisely Marko‘s experience in any way… you’d have to ask him… and he probably won’t answer). I feel strangely connected to the words he sings though for having been through a challenging time recently… yet, nothing to do with death, and everything to do with love… with a big L. Love with a big L Remember what Marko asks at the end of Daze (from the album Jealous Gods)? Did you ever feel your love eclipsing the sun © 2014 Poets of the Fall – Jealous Gods, Daze So, when I say love with a big L, this is what I mean. It does not mean that it is all neat and ideal… it is not all cloudless. We all question ourselves through life and do our best to become the best version of ourselves… not only as a selfish endeavour, but to be able to be and care for our loved one – whether it be our spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or children. Sometimes, we even might have to come to take tough decisions in order to protect ourselves… and them by extension. It feels like Angel is about coming to term with such decisions. Decisions made out of Love. Or at least, it could be partly about that… because the end of the song kind of throws everything I just said to the trash-can: Grant me one wishSend me one more kissOn the whispering wind © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel Is it goodbye to a loved one who passed away?Is it goodbye to a loved one leaving him for another life?Is it a common decision, or is it the need to move on after an unbearable loss? Or is it goodbye to a way of life to save his love… Something new begins © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel Marko said in an interview, some years back, that love and death were kind of closely entangled. Death is not always used literally, as the end of a life per say; but the end of a love… sad and tragic, I know, but it does make for really good songs too. Angel is probably my second favourite song from Ultraviolet (the first one being My Dark Disquiet and the third being The Sweet Escape). I wish they could play it, at least at one of the concerts I am going to in March and April… I think it would be fantastic live. I don’t pretend I got it right, and I haven’t explore all avenues of what Angel could be about… but it would be a rather long post (if it is not already). Hope you enjoyed it and please let me know you were here, drop a line in the comments. Until next time! Error happened.

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