Facebook-blog-sharing_AlbumsPoets of the Fall has released 8 studio albums… 1 compilation called Alchemy Vol.1…  a few great songs under their alter ego’s name Old Gods of Asgard… and without forgetting a Live DVD for their 10th anniversary. Busy bees these poets… The particularity of the band’s work is, apart from the incredible visual creativity, that they love messing with their fans’ heads. 3 trilogies, 1 which is not complete yet… puzzles are also to be found in each of their albums. For the newcomers have fun solving them  😉

Eight albums, two trilogies and a third in the making… they do have something to say and believe me, you should listen. The first two trilogies were released out of order though… see the first two albums start the first trilogy, while the third album starts the second, and the fifth album ends the first … Got a headache?

Let me show you then:

Consecutive albums means not same trilogy

Signs of Life
First album… first part of the first trilogy
Carnival of Rust
Second album… second part of the first trilogy
Revolution Roulette
Third album… first part of the second trilogy
Twilight Theater
Fourth album… second part of the second trilogy
Temple of Thought
Fifth album… third part of the first trilogy 
Jealous Gods
Sixth album… third part of the second trilogy 
Seventh album… First part of the third trilogy 
Eighth album… second part of the third trilogy  

What about about the Ninth?

The question remains, will the ninth album end the third trilogy or will it start a fourth one?
The first two trilogies are explained a little more in the post:
Poets of the Fall struck me like lightning – Highlight 2016

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Poets of the Fall – My Dark Disquiet (official video)

It is no secret to say that My Dark Disquiet is my absolute favourite song from Poets of the Fall latest album, Ultraviolet… mostly because I say it over and over to whomever cares to listen. When the band announced a week ago that the official video would premiere today (30.09.2019), I was so excited that my heart skipped a beat and I was dancing the victory dance in my head. When I realised that Miika Hakala would be directing said video, I could not contain my joy. Finally, when I learned that the song would be featured in the game Control, I decided to get to playing it… Fair warning no 1: if you expect an explanation about the relation between My Dark Disquiet and the game Control, others have already done it better than I ever could… so you won’t find anything of the sort here. Fair warning no 2: if you expect this post to make sense, it only will if you – like me – are mad as a hatter… You’ve been warned! Happy reading 😀 Control My Dark Disquiet is, as you all know, used in Remedy‘s latest brilliant game: Control. I have not a full grasp on the story yet, for I am a hopelessly slow player… and I die pretty much around every corner of The Oldest House… The video is obviously very much inspired by the game itself and to get an understanding of the story, well you might need to have played the game a few times before watching. Motivation enough to play further and not give up in the face of the Hiss (THE villain as I understand it). That being said, it was not so long ago that Marko Saaresto admitted not having had time to play the game, yet he wrote the video’s story in collaboration with Miika Hakala of course… anyway, go figure… insider information I suppose 😛 There are many references to the game, and a fellow fan from Poets of the Fall Nation seems to have had a fun time tracking them. I don’t want to paraphrase, but there is one thing he wrote that was very interesting to me considering the role music has played – and is still playing – in my life. *** GAME SPOILER *** it seems that in the game, My Dark Disquiet is used as an experiment to find out the emotional impact on the listener (subject of the experiment) *** END OF GAME SPOILER *** and thank you Lucas, hopefully I understood your take on this correctly! Music for mind control? Music as an instrument to create certain feelings in people. It is well known that it is easier to control and manipulate people who are feeling down, angry, desperate etc. What if, as the game suggests, there was such a song… but here is the rub – as Alastor Moody would say – what if the song was possessed? Then it is not the song doing the control but rather what’s possessing it… In the case of the game, a malevolent entity such as the Hiss… could be, and how I do you fight such malevolence? What would the Hiss stand for then? People use tools for control, power etc. not the other way around… dark painting indeed, the corrupting power of power. “We are marionettes by strings animated” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet Puppet Maestro Captain’s role looks to me like he controls and sees all… he orchestrates the madness, both musically and visually. It is very much a metaphor as he is a maestro; still I love the virtual aspect of the scenes he is in, and he is hidden under a hood, sunglasses… behind the screens. He can virtually do anything. Reminds you of anything? This anonymity that gives a so-called freedom of being whomever… not to mention behavioural traits, but let’s not go there. Music as a portal On a more personal touch maybe, why is it that music influences us so much? The melody of words strengthened by endless chords, aggressive/soothing rhythm are what pushes our buttons. The frequencies carrying the musicians’ emotions through invisible webs of waves meeting our every movements… and we relate, over and over because we all are the sum of our experiences, and as we relate, we react at that moment because the chord struck a chord. Something hidden re-surfaced and became so loud that it is unbearable. Still… we think we react to the music. Music is our portal to let out the madness within, without shame and embrace the darkness if only for a brief moment. Chords Where do they fit in the story? Unless they stand for who they are which brings balance to the storytelling in some ways… we cannot be all mad, or the world would … already there? oh well… If think about it though, the energy that comes from Olli and Jaska is strength, confidence while I get this soothing calmness coming from Jani. I don’t know if it is made on purpose, but it is how they make me feel. Madness within Have you noticed that Marko looks precisely as he does in False Kings? His face, with half “normal” half “mad”… I love the symbolic even if it might not be the meaning behind that particular choice of make-up. I guess I see what wanna see. The choice makes sense though… “We are false kings and bastards” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet If you look closer at his outfit in the video, it reminds me a little of his character in Choice Millionaire, handing out the Hopecatcher (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours) as the key to the world… outside the machine… “the sweet corrupting reality” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet There are a few scenes, during My Dark Disquiet,that make me think of the particular idea of the liberator… or was he about to become the Puppet Master? … so many possible interpretations… Whether Marko stands for the liberator in My Dark Disquiet and whether such entity is benevolent or malevolent… I guess it is only a point of view because we all have a choice. “I’m ready to fight to run from the light” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet Another character, closer to home maybe, Marko from Drama for Life… not so obvious, but by the end of the video, for a split second he made me think of the circle of candles scene by the way he moves… so I stand by the madness within. The question is: do we let it out? Always the same question… “We are momentary masters” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet Brick wall Jari‘s character is puzzling… is he playing the experimenter as being part of the music, is he one whose emotions are tested… his outfit, a bit in shambles… no smiling… a brick wall. Is he a prisoner? He could be that he represents the resistance or the hurt. He brings a such a contrast to the madness and yet… he’s interesting. We are all both dark and light, sane and mad… dreamers and down-to-earth… what do we do with that if we cannot embrace both? Maybe the trick is to Take Control so that we don’t need to control ourselves, but rather be ourselves. In such a world, creative madness ruled by songs, plays, movies… fantasy, brings such comfort and strength. Let the emotions flow and let My Dark Disquiet boost your madness. “These are mad times, MAD!” – Professor Slughorn Who would you be: Jesse or the blond lady? Or would you be a marionette already? Last words… “SHUT UP!!!” – Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet video

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Poets of the Fall – Spot the difference

Before I even start… though it stroke me as I proofread for the uptenth time… The still photo for Partir Avec Moi, seriously, I am ashamed not to have noticed this before, really. Look at the colours!!! French song… colours: blue white red… the French flag! My flag and I have not even seen this.? Looking everywhere for the less obvious when the most obvious is in my face. Who else did not notice? I am not going down alone, people!? The Sweet Escape vs Partir Avec Moi. In my previous post, I promised you an extra article comparing the videos. After struggling with two YouTube windows opened playing the videos almost silmutanuously, my fellow fans provided what I was desperately in needed of… a synchronizing tool. Yeah! Thank you ?  Watching both videos at the same time… For the fun of it and because some fans mentioned it was an interesting auditory experience, I had both videos play at the same time and with the sound on both… yes, interesting but what a hubbub! Seriously… no matter how much I love Marko‘s voice… here goes my limit. You need to cut the sound on one of them, people… watch, compare the imagery and then do the same but with the sound from the other video… common sense and it is precisely what yours truly did! Ultraviolet vs warm light From the start of both videos, and as I have pointed out in the previous post about Partir Avec Moi, the lighting is slightly different. Ultraviolet light versus warm lights set the tone for both videos. I believe there is also a correlation between these lights and the small change in wording from one language to the other. Photography story-telling I will not go through all the differences, it might kill the buzz of both songs, but some that might say something about the actual story (-ies) that is told. Is it truly 2 episodes or just 1 in 2? Basically, both videos are telling the same story to me… but maybe, the narrator – although it is apparently Marko in both – has changed his point of vue. One dream-like state and one reality-like state… A what if, where doubts lead him to a whirlwind of loss and confusion… and a what is, where he takes control and manages to quieten those same doubts, even though they might try to take control over him again. Different order While Marko is filmed walking until he starts singing – The Sweet Escape (TSE), we don’t see him before we get a sense of his surroundings in the second video – Partir Avec Moi (PAM)… that same shot comes on to TSE precisely when Marko appears in PAM. This suggests to me that Marko is more aware of his surroundings in PAM contra the way he walks in TSE, where it would be the surroundings that are more aware of him. Time As Marko starts singing, it looks like he is on the same street on both videos, however, he does not seem to be heading in the same direction at first… until he does. See! It seems that way but he is not walking on the same side of the street in both videos. My knowledge of Helsinki is as limited as almost non-existent (my short visits there were not enough to get well-acquainted with this fine city)… but it is what the video suggests to me. I wonder… how long has he been wandering the streets and wondering? All night? Same night? Every night? I mean, it is a rather easy task to take back control over one’s doubts, right!? NOT! So, these images alone bring an idea of duration in time. I don’t know how long, but we all can have a go at guessing… Same shots Exactly same footage of Jani passing behind Marko, looking at him… and Marko‘s expression. No difference… same story after all? nah, they’re just messing with us… There are more identical shots arranged in different order, but this shot with Jani was almost simultaneous. Is there a reason for that? Captain, Olli and Jaska… same shots… but is it my eyes that deceive me or Jari‘s shot was a bit extended. For what purpose? Has Marko made eye contact… or is it the one behind the camera who did, to say: I am here and I am telling the story, not Marko… hmm. Interesting idea… the mysterious character whom no one ever sees, the one who sees all. Lost and found We all agree that Marko grows anxious and almost lost in TSE while he seems to have found some kind of peace in PAM. It is obvious in his demeanor, in my opinion. Yet again,  look at this shot and remember what I just said… contradiction? He does not look so distressed in TSE… rather hopeful I’d say. Then again, it changes as the video advances… might there be pieces of reality in the dream-like state? Duh, obviously! Insinuous doubts but hope as well: the best enemies… one cannot live without the other, or? Passion The passion in French is a bit stronger than in English at around 2:40… and then this turns around at maybe 3 minutes in TSE… around 3:38, TSE gives us Marko‘s first real smile with hope in his eyes. I found though that it is the same passion in both, expressed in subtle different ways. Or I just see what I wanna see to fit my train of thought. Believe what you will, it is fun to watch these two side by side and I love it when Marko sings in French… Phone sequences Sorry guys, but in both videos Marko speaks on the phone… now, one could argue that he is leaving a message on TSE, but he nods just like in PAM. He is talking to someone on both. Same footage on both videos, slightly postponed from one video to the other… considering Marko‘s demeanor in TSE, maybe he is not talking to the same person, at the same time, why would the conversation have exactly the same impact on him then? So many questions and so few answers… and time’s running out. Looking straight at the camera Someone pointed out – sorry I don’t remember who it was, but I know it wasn’t me – that the last verses of PAM, Marko smiles and looks straight at the camera… or at the one holding it? In Partir Avec Moi, the story might be that he never is alone while in The Sweet Escape he feels that he is. Sliding doors Knowing our Poets the way we do, and Miika Hakala by now, there is probably more than just one possible explanation to the story-telling, which means that we all find what we need in everything they do. One last thought, however… Have you seen the move Sliding Doors… watching both videos side by side I had the same sensation as when I watched that movie. Two life scenarios based on whether the main character does or does not catch a train. In the end, which is real and which is not? Miika Hakala “chapeau bas” sir! ? I ended up having more questions than when I started this post… Kudos. Thanks for reading! /Claire

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Poets of the Fall – Partir Avec Moi Single

One week after The Sweet Escape premiered on YouTube, here we go again, waiting expectantly for the video of Partir Avec Moi to start. There was a pretty noisy chatroom this time around as well. Not always on topic, but excitment makes people talk nonsense now and then. It is fun though… I was not the only “nut-job” in there, and that is quite a reassuring thought. The single I have to admit, as I sat in my car, singing along Partir Avec Moi coming back from work, it felt really strange to sing Poets of the Fall in French… even though it is my native language… It sounded great but it felt… so strange. Suddenly, it was almost on such an intimate level I may have blushed. Maybe not to that extreme, but you get the idea: just because, for the same song, the language was switched. A tiny detail, but a great success! Here is a question I forgot to ask though: Why is the song entitled “Partir Avec Moi” when Marko only sings “Partir Avec Toi“? I am convinced that it is done on purpose, I just would love to know why 🙂 Here’s my theory though… the title could be the subject of a letter to his lover and the song would be the actual letter. The true meaning being “Would you leave with me, if I told you what you truly mean to me?” and then comes the song as the core of Marko‘s feelings. It must have been such a challenge to adapt The Sweet Escape to French… As Marko said during his interview with Misfit at Heart (read full Interview): “I took it upon myself to write the adaptation. Intimidating and fascinating” I bet it was! This is a beautiful song and I promise, I am not just saying that. There are some pretty happy French (and non-French) fans out there with Partir Avec Moi‘s release. You nailed it! Marko in French I know how well Marko speaks French – despite his modesty about it – and his lovely accent when he does brings this “je ne sais quoi” to whatever he says or sings… The language brings a totally new mood to the song, and warmer feelings… colors. When Marko sings in French, with his Finnish/English accent… it is so touching. I love the way he pronounces: Accroché par ce sentiment de disparition… Mon Amour… Mon coeur dans ta main… … the whole song really. Goosebumps all over so I can melt into one of those cosy smiles that show I am finally relaxing into the song… On Friday, I had it on full repeat, the whole day… I still cannot get enough of it. He can speak French to me this way any time. French lyrics My favorite lines are as the Director Miika Hakala mentioned on social media: Dans la clandestinité Des fantomes en ultraviolet Those two lines are absolutely brilliant. I cannot explain why I love them so. I know what they mean, obviously, but they have such inherent layers of meanings… red threads going in all  directions and I don’t know which one to pick… I am in awe, really. Marko, with the collaboration of French musician and producer Laurent Sari, wrote a beautiful adaptation/French version of The Sweet Escape. The cool part is that the only major difference in the lyrics is what turned the story around and the ambiance of the song. That way, the story-telling is completely flawless. We all noticed THE major difference in the lyrics, whether we are native French speaking or not… this is somewhat the international language of love: My fierce friend becomes Mon amour From doubt of reciprocity to certainty… what do you think? In the English version, the line: Where thought and truth divorce in French it becomes Ou pensée n’est pas vérité It has the same meaning but the wording in French is somewhat more direct, more to the point… and slightly less “romantic”. To me, the word “divorce” has a rather negative connotation, while using only this negative form “n’est pas” (=is not) in French – although still pretty negative – sounds smoother to my ears. Either it is a conscious choice or barely the restrictions that the French language imposes… or maybe both. In any case, the result is most effective… Who has seen me come undone And then seen beyond becomes Qui m’as vu comme ça Et la flamme qui est en moi The French lines are once again more optimistic and warmer. In my opinion, it is the same idea in both languages, no question; although I find that, in French, there are less hidden meanings… no need for ultraviolet light anymore, the feelings are out in the open and the subconscious influences are not in control anymore. A little snag on that note: it seems to me that the video shows them (the subsconscious influences) trying to sneak in now and again… Watch and compare Marko‘s demeanor from one video to the other… sometimes they are similar on both videos, and some other times the complete opposite. Added to this, the slight shifts in colors and sceneries – from the same time frames on both videos – emphasise more than just hope renewed but rather a joyful anticipation of what is to come. The video I got a bit worried at the beginning since it felt like a simple repetition of The Sweet Escape. Slowly and surely though, the story takes a slightly different turn and the differences, although subtle, multiply. For instance, take the still-shot of the song, used to promote it, a friend of mine sent it to me early in the morning to point it out to me… look at the colors she said. The “ultraviolet” has faded in Partir Avec Moi. So what does it mean? I have a theory… What if, The Sweet Escape represents the doubts, the uncertainty eating at Marko therefore meeting with the album’s theme which – as you recall – I called: the hidden influences of one’s subconscious. The slight shift in colors, I previously mentioned, in Partir Avec Moi could be that reality catches up and shatters the doubts and uncertainty. The longing from The Sweet Escape is still there but in Partir Avec Moi it sounds different… it is somehow a happy longing, because what he is waiting for is really going to happen. Tricky to explain since these two videos are literally feelings put on film… who else than Miika and Poets of the Fall could nail that? Right!? I will say this: the subtle differences from one video to the other are a fun challenge… I guess I might play more with that in another post: The Sweet Escape vs Partir Avec Moi… so stay tuned!  

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Poets of the Fall – The Sweet Escape single

Poets of the Fall knows how to keep us on our toes, and so with the release of The Sweet Escape single and video, they decided it would be cool to premiere it on YouTube at 8:00 am with a countdown precisely when most of us are already at work or in a different time zone. This did not matter, however, because people were at the rendez-vous and so was I… the chat was wild with anticipation. I set my Skype to “Do not disturb” at work and held my breath for the time of a sweet video. Of all the songs from the Ultraviolet album, The Sweet Escape is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing to me. There are not many songs in the band’s repertoire that actually compare to this song, and believe you me, I love their repertoire more than a lot. From the start, I found it emotionally charged and filled with an undefinable longing. As always, Marko Saaresto does not disappoint and he delivers an extraordinary performance. The single The single version brings the extra that I have been wishing for… the extra that they’ve played at concerts, especially when Jaska Mäkinen plays those haunting guitar riffs I love so much. It made me pay even more attention to the orchestration which is perfect. The bass lines by Jani Snellman are discreet but powerful because they underline the sense of loneliness and loss I feel through the lyrics; the slow rhythm skilfully brought on by Jari Salminen, and his drums crescendo that comes as reinforcement to the bass and keyboards are just brilliant… Finally, the keyboard by Markus Kaarlonen are one of the best he’s written. They emphasize everything I have been saying. I don’t know how to describe it other than by saying listen… truly listen with every fiber of your being. The video Beautiful photography as always by Miika Hakala! I did not see Helsinki that way when I was there… but I don’t wander in the streets at night singing my heart out either. Only Marko can do that! The colours are soft and welcoming, like a cover that hides everything, even feelings… until passers-by now and then notice them. A few minutes into the video, I started feeling the longing I talked about earlier… and it grew for every second that passed. Many theories have already popped up here and there, but I tried not to read them all not to be too much influenced… but to answer the few I read I will only say this: Marko is a great actor because it is not easy to show longing on one’s face… but he nailed it. This kind of storytelling is my cup of tea! A storytelling driven by the abstract, what can not be seen unless you are tuned to it. I thought for a moment that Marko was a ghost, looking for the one he will never get to meet and then never be able to give the intended present to… he looks at his invisible watch. No watch on his wrist! (Thanks Susan, I saw it now). By the way, time does not exist for ghosts, unless you don’t know you are one, or? It is said that time does not exist, period, but that is another debate. But then, if Marko is a ghost, why does Jani see him? Jari? and Olli even? Captain and Jaska don’t look at him though… and through all this, as I said, Marko does not make eye contact, why? Is he lost in his longing? So lost that he does not even see others, and wanders within his loneliness and his somewhat neverending search for his “fierce friend“. One more thing that could undo the ghost theory is that twice he is on the phone. The first time, he is not talking, just listening to some message maybe… the second time, it looks like he is talking. So, the ghost theory is down the drain so to speak. For whom is this present he is holding in his hands? Sometimes he is holding his phone and sometimes the present… It sounds sad, doesn’t it? But then, if you look closely, you’ll see the spark in Marko‘s eyes and the faint smile lighting up his face for a split second… I see hope and fondness, maybe love, even. Absolutely stunning in its simplicity, I love it. How will Partir avec Moi conclude this longing? Will I get answers to my questions or will I have more questions? I guess we’ll know soon enough… Rendez-vous in a week, on Friday, May 17th.

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Poets of the Fall, Angel – UV

The most difficult… or rather interesting part… with Poets of the Fall lyrics is probably reading between the lines. Someone asked on a Facebook group dedicated to the band, “what are Poets of the Fall’s songs that talk about death?” It is a tough question, and in my opinion, the answers that this person received were rather inaccurate. When I read the question, I immediately thought of Angel, however, I am not entirely sure that death is the theme of the song. Therefore, I thought I’d try my luck and go through the lyrics to see if I could make heads and tail of it all. The title… subjective Aside from the lyrics, and whether you believe in Heaven & Hell, God, the Devil, Angels or Demons… you might suspect that Angel treats of the infamous subject of death. It is probably done intentionally, of course, Poets of the Fall being who they are… and yet, the song could have been called Hummbingbird… or Peaceful fields… you can see how the impact could have been different though. Angel it is then… Symbolism The hotel I stayed at in Cologne – October 2018 – for the concert at “Die Kantine”, had this beautiful painting… which, when I and my friend Susan saw it, said: “this is a sign“. It was pretty spooky how we thought the same thing when we saw it… and look at the colours! Some “ultraviolet” there for sure… As far as we know, Ultraviolet deals with the invisible… the things, thoughts and other abstracts notions that influence us despite ourselves… what could only be seen – as Marko Saaresto would put it – through ultraviolet light. The term Angel is abstract enough to pick our interest no matter our beliefs, right?! Have any of you seen an Angel, I mean apart from religious representations, on pictures or movies… You may call your true friends, those with a golden heart, angels… but we are not talking about those here, are we. The picture, from the song, is quite beautiful though… I mean, just close your eyes and try to see, really see, what Marko is singing: Kiss the feathers of a hummingbird in flightBreaking up into a million specks of lightTake the shape of an angel in the night © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel It is one of the most beautiful metaphores I have come across… But, I wonder, why did Marko chose specifically the hummingbird for that song? Because if the song talks about death, then their is a big contradiction within as – if you check the symbolism of the hummingbird – it stands among other things for the enjoyment of life. We are all aware though that without death there can be no life… still… This being said, I chose just one aspect of the symbolism… Digging deeper, it would seem that the Aztecs believed that the “hummingbird was the reincarnated form of the warriors that lost their life in a battle.” [source:] Knowing that Marko Saaresto is very well-read in many a thing, it is no stretch to imagine that the choice of the hummingbird in this song is well thought out and no coincidence. Another source states that the hummingbird “express love more fully in their daily endeavours.“[source:] and thus Marko sings – my favourite verses, and motto: My home is my skinAnd in the world I’ve withinAll I have is my love for you © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel Love transcending death When I first heard Dancing on Broken Glass, I never imagined what Miika Hakala did with his video… but with the video, he showed how love could transcend death. The same way, when Marko sings: I’m not running from hurtI just want you by my side © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel What does him mean really? It almost feels like he is saying goodbye, or that the person he is singing to is terminally-ill and maybe wants to leave Marko to protect him from hurting as he watches his loved one fade away. It is one dramatic interpretation of course… but I don’t think it is far fetched considering other songs on this album, like In a Perfect World or – as I already mentioned – Dancing on Broken Glass. At the same time, I feel like there is a struggle within Marko (again, I am not saying that this song is precisely Marko‘s experience in any way… you’d have to ask him… and he probably won’t answer). I feel strangely connected to the words he sings though for having been through a challenging time recently… yet, nothing to do with death, and everything to do with love… with a big L. Love with a big L Remember what Marko asks at the end of Daze (from the album Jealous Gods)? Did you ever feel your love eclipsing the sun © 2014 Poets of the Fall – Jealous Gods, Daze So, when I say love with a big L, this is what I mean. It does not mean that it is all neat and ideal… it is not all cloudless. We all question ourselves through life and do our best to become the best version of ourselves… not only as a selfish endeavour, but to be able to be and care for our loved one – whether it be our spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or children. Sometimes, we even might have to come to take tough decisions in order to protect ourselves… and them by extension. It feels like Angel is about coming to term with such decisions. Decisions made out of Love. Or at least, it could be partly about that… because the end of the song kind of throws everything I just said to the trash-can: Grant me one wishSend me one more kissOn the whispering wind © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel Is it goodbye to a loved one who passed away?Is it goodbye to a loved one leaving him for another life?Is it a common decision, or is it the need to move on after an unbearable loss? Or is it goodbye to a way of life to save his love… Something new begins © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel Marko said in an interview, some years back, that love and death were kind of closely entangled. Death is not always used literally, as the end of a life per say; but the end of a love… sad and tragic, I know, but it does make for really good songs too. Angel is probably my second favourite song from Ultraviolet (the first one being My Dark Disquiet and the third being The Sweet Escape). I wish they could play it, at least at one of the concerts I am going to in March and April… I think it would be fantastic live. I don’t pretend I got it right, and I haven’t explore all avenues of what Angel could be about… but it would be a rather long post (if it is not already). Hope you enjoyed it and please let me know you were here, drop a line in the comments. Until next time!

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Poets of the Fall, The Sweet Escape – UV

I have been wondering, before last year ended, about what song I should put under my feelings’ microscope in this promising new year. I suppose I was sufficiently distraught to actually be able to put my mind to it until now. Of course, in matters of the heart, the mind should play but a very little role… wouldn’t you say? In the end, my heart prevailed and chose The Sweet Escape… how fitting! However, the verses that have taken a hold on my heart, have proven challenging when I first heard them… I wondered how true to my own feelings they were, until said feelings faced the most trying challenge of all. The Damocles sword fell and confirmed the veracity of those words from Angel: My home is my skinAnd in the world I’ve withinAll I have is my love for you © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, Angel Till I have your disposition Back to the song that interests us for now, which is The Sweet Escape. I find that the song is laced with an unescapable longing. I’ve understood it or rather, my mind did, but until Christmas break, my heart could not connect the dots. It is very strange, and I say this yet again, Poets of the Fall have this gift of writing songs that are always suited to my present situation. It is as if they were going through the same trials as I. I am sure that you all feel it too at some point. I must confess that I find it both fascinating and a bit spooky. But we are all humans, and strangely go through the same type of stages in life, which somehow makes us all quite similar and not as unique as we’d like to think ourselves. But I am straying again from the subject… The Sweet Escape feels like a dream where longing for love sets the tone. It is an intense song that got me crying more often than not… it isn’t that it makes me sad, on the contrary; but the tears that roll down my cheeks are the only way I can show how much I feel it. Marko Saaresto sings it so beautifully… understatement of the year… I wish (sometimes) I could feel what he feels when he is singing that song, maybe to better understand its meaning or intent. I am not sure I would even if I could… it is like the character of Elisabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen) says to her sister Jane Bennet: Till I have your disposition, your goodness, I never can have your happiness © Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice Faultless What makes The Sweet Escape so special, you may ask. I guess that the way Marko uses his vibrato in the chorus, the music is so gorgeous as well, it stood out from the start… even though it is a bit false to say such a thing because most of the songs from Ultraviolet stand out. At least, they do to me. The words from The Sweet Escape… just reading them gives me chills. Cos you’re fearless in your loveDevoted to compassionThe highest state of art © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, The Sweet Escape The delivery of these lines is faultless! Crossroads The following are, to me, the most perfect verses though: And this is why I love youWhy you’re the only oneYou’re the only oneWho has seen me come undoneAnd then seen beyond © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, The Sweet Escape This goes both ways… but somehow it is a glimpse of what was, what is and what will come for my husband and I. The crossroads we’ve walked, and the ones we’re at. It is all metaphors and unsaid meaning, but if you ever have been where I am, you will surely understand my purpose. Dream & longing The dream and longing I talked about, that I feel from The Sweet Escape, I find them most accurate in these verse: I wanna run away tonightJust leave everything behindTogether we’ll make our sweet escape In the shadows out of sightLike ghosts in ultraviolet © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, The Sweet Escape Because, maybe if we did just that, shedding everything, everyone and especially putting the past to rest, “our sweet escape” to find ourselves and be free would probably render us completely invisible. We’d see each other but others would not see us for who we are… therefore, ultimate freedom. Although, I do not think existing without others would be the ultimate happiness, since without others, we cannot grow. Besides, I have been hiding most of my life, and I am done with that. Hell is other people Contradiction much… Jean-Paul Sartre wrote in his play No Exit Hell is other people – L’enfer c’est les autres. © 1944 – Jean-Paul Sartre – No Exit People are judgmental, and yes we can say “evil” at times, and escaping from that would be the ultimate freedom in a sense… but at the same time, what a misery to be without the company of others. The Sweet Escape is so much more than meet the eye, and brought me to an unexpected turn of thoughts. Until next time…Yours Truly!

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Poets of the Fall, My Dark Disquiet – UV

I don’t know about you, but I think a new post is being long overdue… you know how it is though, right?! Life… ? Anyhow, I have been playing Ultraviolet non-stop in my car for the past month or so, I can barely make a playlist that does not contain at the very least eight songs from Ultraviolet, if not all… I do have the album completely stuck under my skin. More importantly, I still love the album ?. Now, I know I have said that Ultraviolet gives me the strength I need to pay it forward and beyond, but at the same time and on a more personal level – personal, meaning yours truly – it raises questions which were buried deep within, and others I had not realised needed asking. So, mixed feelings every time I listen to Ultraviolet… job well done, though not done yet I’m afraid. For the good week that passed I’ve had a couple of bad weeks, but I will not dwell on them nor write about them. What I will do is focus on the good one that just passed and hang on to the great feelings that came from it. When I think about that, My Dark Disquiet is playing in my head.  This song makes me incredibly happy. It is an energy-giver, who needs energy drink after that song, right?! It’s like the “mad man in my head” kind of feeling when I listen to My Dark Disquiet. There is me, the everyday me who is pretty much who I am 99% of the time, and the remaining 1% harbouring the hidden me whom I do not wish to share with the world… I think. So, just like Drama for Life (Clearview), My Dark Disquiet speaks to my 1%. Despite the fact that this shows how much we all go through similar experiences and struggles, I am still amazed at how perfect the timing is. Either Marko is going through something similar in his life, which I kinda doubt very much – he looks way too happy ? yet looks can be deceiving, hmm – or one of his friends is going through it… or he has reached enlightenment and is now all seeing… whatever the reason, it is very cool ?…  jokes aside, it is sometimes a bit spooky the way he puts words together and suddenly I get this “ahah! moment” realising that this is precisely how I feel, how on earth did he know! ? And here we stand, the sweet arresting duality © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, My Dark Disquiet Hiding behind the words? I know I am not saying much of what the words mean… it’s more like the way I feel from the overall, however, we’ll see if I can decipher them, or if I’ll chose to remain hidden behind them. Night, the world, it’s mine, with nobody else out here It’s time, run wild and royally cavalier To burn, ignite, I’d do it for so much less When all is made clear there is nothing else © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, My Dark Disquiet How do you accept a truth about yourself that makes you uncomfortable? or ashamed, because it might hurt your loved ones… I am impulsive or rather, I am an impulsive buyer ? but I am not impulsive in a way that wakes me up at night and makes me want to go have a walk to sort out my thought, or take the car and drive aimlessly for the same purpose of clearing my head. I wish I was though… I wish I still had the drive that made me write every day. The drive that woke me up at night because the words wouldn’t shut up until I put ink to paper. I want that drive back – work in progress I’ve gotta say – but it hurts that it is buried so deep that I barely feel it. Night, my dreams, my world… I rule it all, yet it hurts because these are just dreams and they are still out of reach, although they are crystal clear. This first verse describes so strongly how I feel and almost like I was found out, like you know: “Tada! busted!” it is creepy… ? So white, so still, so bright, it’s almost too painful now I’m ready to fight, to run from the light © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, My Dark Disquiet To me this is a very clear way of saying I am ready NOT to give up no matter how much hurt is gonna come with that fight. This is precisely where I am at. The amazing part of it all is that I know all this, but until Marko put these words together and Poets of the Fall played them that way, I had not acknowledged any of it. The intro, with this loop of the same notes on the keyboard (sounding a bit like the intro to the movie Halloween… what are the odds… a movie which title is actually referring to my birthday… not self-centred at all ?) When the guitars start playing I’m like “bring it on” and I must have listened to that song about a hundred times by now, and I am still in awe with it. Mystery unmasked? You can be assured of one thing though, I have not figured this song out. Of course, picking words out of context, one may understand whatever one wants. But what is hiding behind My Dark Disquiet? Since English is not my mother tongue, I have to look up the words to make sure I don’t misunderstand… but this is a very poor insurance. There are nuances that might escape me… surely. I looked up disquiet… found a few synonyms such as worry, anxiety, restlessness, fear, trouble… Suddenly the song takes a brand new turn, gets a new dimension to my own darkness. The accuracy to my own disquiet is sharper, though just as blurry. The will to acknowledge what is and call it by its name is strong but still weak; I am ready yet the fear… what is it that I fear? The consequences maybe… Without names we’re fantasising… © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, My Dark Disquiet Yes… and no… the mystery is not completely unveiled as none of us will ever know what Marko was thinking when he wrote this song. It is not the point though. I finally realised a few new things about yours truly, what I will do with it is of no concern to you, of course. Will I use it? Will I bury it again? Only time can tell…? Thanks for reading! Enjoy the song: My Dark Disquiet… according to me, one of Poets of the Fall best songs ? Until next time ?

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Poets of the Fall in a Perfect World – UV

Since Ultraviolet by Poets of the Fall was released on October 5th, I have been swearing by it every day… and I still am ?. Ultimately though, I’ve gotta pick one song to start with – False Kings & Dancing on Broken Glass don’t count, they’ve already gotten the spotlight – so how does one chose? I have said it before, I love every single song on Ultraviolet and the songs are growing in my heart, and are getting under my skin as I am getting the travel-fever for the German tour in a couple of weeks. How does one chose? I woke up with the song In a Perfect World in my head, and it is still playing, but I am not playing any music. Magical song for sure and not on the band set-list so far… Perfect choice! ? If perfection existed… … The world would be perfect, obviously… we all have our own vision of what that would entail. Me… no more disease, no more hurt, no more cruelty, no more premature deaths… only harmony. This would be my vision of a perfect world. Is it really what the song is about though? From the start I have felt that In a Perfect World is about death, or dying… disappearing maybe. Cheerful subject, I know… take it up with Marko, he wrote the song that way. Blend that theory with what Ultraviolet is about, the hidden world – the subconscious probably – and you get some deep thinking coming your way. At least, I know I do ? because it wakes me up at night sometimes. Physical & Spiritual realm The first verses and the bridge to the chorus, are like they are saying: on this god forsaken earth where all is nothing but darkness and misery, we just got to hang on because we won’t be there forever, something better is coming. Hope, yes, but still rather gloomy if you ask me… But baby, we’re not here to stay, © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, In A Perfect World I must confess, this is how I heard it at first… but then it got me thinking further, what if the meaning is more about what I need to hear than what Marko meant to say… or maybe he meant to say it, which means that I was meant to need it being said as such… whatever works for you ?. I mean, imagine for a second that you are living in a world where it’s always Monday © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, In A Perfect World No matter what you are doing with your life and whether you like it or not, the idea that every day is Monday is bringing up some anxiety to my chest. (i.e. Bob Geldof’s “I don’t like Mondays”…) It is an efficient metaphor to say that every day there would be nothing to look forward to. Sleepless nights, depressing and the only light comes from artificial ones. The bets Marko is talking about could be taking things for granted, living on the edge of a knife where uncertainty rules your life. It is very Blade Runner-like atmosphere in that first verse. However, when you have hit rock bottom, it is probably how you see life… how you feel it… and that all the decisions that brought you to that point, you cannot undo and they still rule your life one way or another. Yet, Marko tells us to chin up, it does not have to be that way. The tapestry of life as a beautiful journey © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, In A Perfect World Or is it what he says? Because the chorus ends with this idea… “now is not a good time”, “we’ve gotta wait”… and yet, these concepts would just disappear, in a perfect world There’s that elation of perfect timing… In a perfect world… © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, In A Perfect World Time is running out somehow in this song. It is how it makes me feel anyway. Be good Somehow in the second verse, when you’ve finally found your way and are doing good, despite it all… easily resisting temptation and darkness, you still aren’t perfect and it is easy to revert and go back to whatever your comfort zone used to be… But even still I can stumble and fall, And every step I miss, it still takes its toll […] Serenity betrays […] © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, In A Perfect World Yet, this sense of hope that these are just some kind of tests, they are temporary… just don’t give in and they’ll disappear. They are so many ways to interpret these lyrics that my head feels like it is spinning. But baby, they’re not here to stay, © 2018 Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet, In A Perfect World Punch line Something I missed with Clearview was the occasional twist in the lyrics, lo and behold… they’re back on Ultraviolet, at least in the song In A Perfect World. Or maybe they are not, but to me they are and I will tell you why. The end of the song, the four verses In a perfect world are building in intensity, but the last one punched the air out of my lungs… it is not just the words though, it is the way Marko delivers them; they are loaded with so much pain that I actually felt the hurt, and still do every time I hear him sing them. So, what is the song about? Maybe it is saying that no matter the hurt, faith will keep us afloat… that it is all worth it in the end because something better is waiting for us after the darkness… I don’t know. It is rather easy to get carried away because this is a broad subject… as it always is with Marko and no matter how you want to look at it; ultimately, we can relate to what he is saying… it hits home every single time. But, two things worth thinking about that, to me, are in direct relation with this song. First, the words at the back of the CD and Marko‘s words at the end of the interview he gave to Auditory Riot on October 9th (the words in question start at about 1:21:09)… I guess you might have a pretty good insight on what In a Perfect World, and ultimately Ultraviolet are all about. To find what you’re looking for in the world, look within. © 2018 – Poets of the Fall, Ultraviolet 1:29:09 – “Take care of yourselves and enjoy your lives to the fullest, if you can… and you can, I know that.” – Marko The strength in this song is that depending on what I need to hear, I will have a different response to it. I don’t really need to know what it is all about, as long as I have a sense of it, this song will bring me joy despite the sorrow it bears.

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Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet – Outstanding!

Is it how it’s gonna be? Me, rambling at every new Poets of the Fall album release… well, maybe not ? because Ultraviolet exceeds all of my expectations, although I have to admit that my expectations were rather over the roof when I heard the teaser. Still, exceeds expectations is how I would rate Ultraviolet. No way… an outstanding is more like it. This being said, where should I start… Gargantuan Craving As most of you, dear readers, have, I have been patiently waiting – biting my nails – for Ultraviolet. I do believe that I have been waiting ever since I saw Poets of the Fall live in Helsinki on their 15th anniversary (or maybe I started the waiting even earlier, though I may not have known it). My husband asked me recently if I knew where this hunger I have for live music, and for Poets of the Fall music came from, and I answered that I did not… not really. I said then that maybe it came from the fact that I never allowed myself to be a fan before… at least not like that, because in my entourage, I was already teased for being a groupie (as a teenager) and I felt ashamed I suppose. But, since I believe that everything happens for a reason, I was meant to experience this in order to experience today the way I am ?. So it’s all good! Now, and again, Poets of the Fall are like my own brand of chocolate – or should I say their music is… – and that I crave their music like Gargantua would. Ultraviolet has the velvety taste of the perfect blend dark and light. My forever unsated hunger for the band’s music made me react “uncontrollably” when I listened to Ultraviolet: loads of “Wow” and “Awwww” and “OMG” and “What?!“… you know how it goes, right?! If you haven’t gotten that I love the album by now, then I don’t know in which language I should say it… “J’adore!”, “Älskar det”, “Rakastan sitä” (says Google translate). Am I partial? I sure hope so… but I just don’t swallow anything because I am a fan. We all have our opinions, and all are entitled to them, but do not pretend to know why I love something. Emotional roller-coaster As soon as I got the iTunes download available I printed the lyrics… since I need to wait a little longer to actually hold the CD. Marko‘s singing is more intimate than it has ever been before… although it might have come close on a couple of songs on Clearview, yet another great album (no matter how one likes – or not – the production). Ultraviolet is softer and has a different musical approach than previous releases, but why – in Poets’ name – would you keep on comparing their albums? Change is the constant here, so that we all can move forward. Isn’t it the point of Art? Look at the body of work Poets of the Fall has created, and the messages behind it all, Ultraviolet is perfect… of course this is my own conception of perfection and I am not trying to persuade anyone other than to respect my opinion, not because I am a fan but because of what Ultraviolet made me feel. My Dark Disquiet had me go like this: “huh uh… hmm hmm… yes, yes…” and then suddenly the uncontrollable laugh of joy as Marko intoned: Without names we’re fantasising Dancing like flames, mesmerising My dark disquiet playing such eerie harmonies 2018 © Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet – My Dark Disquiet and that intro… is so, dare I say eerie… this is going to be so epic live, I can barely contain my enthusiasm… my favourite lines would have to be: We are momentary masters We’re false kings and bastards 2018 © Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet – My Dark Disquiet I have not begun to scratch the surface of what the song’s meaning is and what it means to be, but I am covered with chills as I listen to it as I write this. So uplifting… You know I will write a post for my favourite tracks anyway ?. Standstill… this is my very personal one. Intimate guitar, and then Marko starts sing softly, my relationship with my husband… got me crying a few times as he sing the chorus and the bridge. But to me these are more than just nice words, they hold such deep meaning… yeah, it is what I have been through and at the same time I’d like to sing to him – not meaning Marko here: But it’s alright if you fall You just get up, just go on Never mind the hurt, even if you burn 2018 © Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet – Standstill So, as I think I can recover from that song comes The Sweet Escape… dying softly as I hear Cos you’re fearless in your love Devoted to compassion […] My fierce friend 2018 © Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet – The Sweet Escape If I recall I kinda stopped breathing for a few seconds, letting the tears roll on my cheeks and allowing the chills to form this blanket around my body. This song is so beautiful! But why stop there, I mean the roller-coaster never stops and Moments Before the Storm starts and who can say that Marko‘s singing falls short on Ultraviolet? This is beyond me… and this haunting bell in that song kind of surprised me… […] that we’re not just like moths to flame 2018 © Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet – Moments Before the Storm In a Perfect World, Angel and Choir of Cicadas… well at least you know which songs have made me weak in the knees. I have a lot to think about and need to dig myself in each song to write more about them. […] but baby, we’re not here to stay […] In a perfect world we’d never die 2018 © Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet – In a Perfect World My home is my skin And in the world I’ve within All I have is my love for you […] Kiss the feathers of a humming bird in flight 2018 © Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet – Angel Don’t wait for the hour to give birth to doubt […] I have no more words to describe An empty sky of hollow blue, yeah 2018 © Poets of the Fall – Ultraviolet – Choir of Cicadas I will let you ponder on these amazing and magical lines… my eyes are teary and I am rather too emotional, still, to be able to write further. Three weeks to go before I get to hear this diamond get to life on stage… Poets of the Fall, you never cease to amaze me! Until next time, yours truly ? PS: You might have noticed that I did not talk about False Kings and Dancing on Broken Glass… but I already did in individual posts ?… Fool’s Paradise is not mentioned either, but will get its post as well, fear not! PS 2: October 6th do not forget to buy your tickets to Poets of the Fall exceptional live performance at ProgPower festival in Atlanta in September 2019… check the link in the sidebar

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Poets of the Fall – Dancing on Broken Glass

Anticipation… I like the word because it is loaded with so much positivism. I mean, whatever the event coming our way, we want it with all our heart and get the nauseous feeling that we’d loose our minds if it got delayed. Do you know what I mean? With this idea in mind, imagine yours truly and her nerdy friends all over the world refreshing whichever official streaming platform (in my case, my mailbox to get iTunes notification… way too early I must add). Suddenly, it is here and although the anticipation is at its paroxysm the release might come either smoothly or crashing down depending on our expectations. Expectation… Do you know what you were expecting? I don’t, hence my asking, but I did expect to be surprised. I was… After the first listening of Dancing on Broken Glass, I cannot lie here… never know who’s watching ?, I was rather undecided. I loved the intro at once, full of promises I thought. At first, I was a bit disappointed with the chorus, lyric-wise and I think that it felt a bit too straight forward, no twist or clever word-play… but that was at first… the second time, I paid more attention and then I started dancing ?.  I stopped paying attention to the lyrics (no offence, Marko) and got into the rhythm of the music and Marko‘s voice. This is when the chills came on, to remain to this day (on and off, whether the song’s playing or not obviously). Now the lyrics, I always need to see them written down to get the full impact… so I had to wait for the official video. As far as I knew, Miika Hakala would be behind the video, so my expectations were rather high. All I can say is that Miika delivered his story masterfully. Here is what Marko says about Dancing on Broken Glass: “The song is about acceptance and reconciliation which Miika captured right with his video.” (not a direct quote) Lyrics hitting home There is something that will always be true when it comes to Poets of the Fall, the lyrics. They always find their way to where it hurts and soothes at the same time… my heart, oh my heart! How do they do this? I mean, every single freaking time… excuse my French good people. The best of intentions will not see the road paved – © Poets of the Fall, Dancing on Broken Glass – 2018 No… no analysis today. I do not want to go further than to what I feel, so I will share a couple (or three quotes) from the song which touched me like bull’s eyes. I’d say this though, the third verse suddenly game me a glance at my past and some decisions I still regret today… maybe it is time to accept and reconcile myself with myself. There will be no more tears today – © Poets of the Fall, Dancing on Broken Glass – 2018 I think I needed this hammered in me yesterday afternoon… I feel pretty good now. You see there is always more than meets the eye with these six magicians. I would not say that this will be my favourite song, but I guarantee that it already is one of them. I love the hope and light in it… and even after watching the video (where I cried and I had chills from head to toes). I love that it made me wanna dance even before I saw the video. Poets of the Fall, you the Beautiful Ones… The music What did Marko said that we should expect? He said about the upcoming album Ultraviolet in a Finnish article (Findance) that it was “A seed of positive change”… I’d say it does fit the bill with Dancing on Broken Glass, wouldn’t you? The music is supposed to explore further to other horizons without crossing into any border… like maybe “poppy” but not pop… I don’t know I really don’t like to put labels on music. Good music is good music whatever the style; as long as it touches me, makes me feel and shows me what I need to see – even though I might not know it every time. Music is THE universal language, period. It talks to me way beyond to what might actually be intended… Dancing on Broken Glass is going to be very interesting to see live and yes I love it from start to finish, and on a loop ? Tour The Ultraviolet’s tour starts in Bristol on October, 10th… I will see you here for sure: 27.10.2018 – Germany, Hamburg, Gruenspan 28.10.2018 – Germany, Cologne, Kantine 16.03.2019 – Sweden, Stockholm, Nalen Still on the project phase (since I am not Croesus ?): 20.03.2019 – France, Paris, Les Étoiles For more tour dates, check out the band’s website: All pictures are used for information purposes and belong to their creators…

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Poets of the Fall – Nothing Stays the Same

There are songs, like the ones I talked about in my previous post – i.e. War and Late Goodbye – that do not “talk” to you the way they were actually intended… at least, it is one way to look at it (since in all honesty, I am not sure we will ever know the true intent of any Poets of the Fall song ?). That being said, there are barely any song in Poets of the Fall‘s repertoire that do not touch me, one way or another… for example: The Happy Song… don’t like it, but provided I am in the right mood, it will make me chipper ?. Seek you out, however, I dislike the chorus immensely… I am very sorry Marko but your chorus sounds too much like Rick Asley’s Never Give You Up and too much of the eighties that I actually do not like… nope, you guys are much better than that ?. That is the one song that will never ever make it to any of my playlists… I know, harsh… you’ll have to deal with it because I am not apologising ? Jealous Gods I have probably said it before, but I’ll say it again. Before we moved to the house, when I was still on sick leave and writing on Misfit at Heart pretty much all the time, I remember listening exclusively to Jealous Gods because it was the album I had listened to the least (before Clearview as well). So, a whole day of Jealous Gods and suddenly it hit me… I mean, I did not change album or anything. I listened with my headphones and quite loudly too, but it was some kind of background soundtrack until it felt like it had crept under my skin without my noticing it and hypnotised me. All of a sudden, I had chills for every chord, every word and that is when Jealous God became so amazing to me.  Before that, of course, Daze and Choice Millionaire kind of stole the show and were the best that Jealous Gods had to offer. Yeah, right! Think again… The thing is, even though it is only natural that to each one’s own opinion, I never could understand how some could find Jealous Gods bland and easily forgettable. OK, maybe I can understand but I cannot… and it is not because I am a Poets nerd… well, maybe it is… no, I say it again, it is not. You see, the arguments about Jealous Gods being an “un-poet” album do not hold because none of what was said can be considered a valid argument. But enough about this. The point is, it took me a day to come around and start loving Jealous Gods. It is only later that songs such as Clear Blue Sky or Nothing Stays the Same caught me off guard. Cowboy song I used to call Nothing Stays the Same the cowboy song until I heard The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper, which blew my mind but I never could remember the title… for either of these two songs, for a very long time. So I had two cowboy songs which I liked a lot, and ultimately, I had to make an effort and learn their titles. So I did and the cowboy song nickname is gone back to the closet… for now. Nothings Stays the Same Believe it or not, it is the music that got me here… good and proper at that too. I mean, in the middle of the song, the instrumental that goes on forever which I ultimately find too short anyway…  takes my breath away ever time; and usually Marko owns that privilege, but this song: Olli, Jani, Jaska, Captain and Jari… together as one, definitely own it. High praise indeed and yet, I still have to experience it live. For what I have heard from my fellow fans, or seen on YouTube, Nothing Stays the Same is a very special song. There is something about it that puts Marko in some kind of trance – or something – when he sings it. Emotionally loaded, as I understand it, he does not only sings it baring his heart and soul, he literally lives it. Nothing stays the same… as for the lyrics When sorrow calls my name I know nothing stays the same… I would not be able to explain the lyrics even though I understand the meaning… what I can tell you is this. I feel hopelessness in the words; the character is lost… or would that be Marko, plain and simple… whatever. I feel the “they said this and that”, “should I listen or not”, “I disagree with this but I’ll do it anyway”… the contradiction of life, the influence we have on one another and the pain we cause… and in the midst of all that confusion, good prevails. Is it a person, a thought, a feeling? Your guess is as good as mine, maybe it is all at once. What I mean is that, if you pay attention to the lyrics extra much you will be able to feel every word… the strength and heaviness behind their meanings. There is yet a sense of loss too in this song… although I cannot really put my finger on it, I am mostly guessing as Marko sings: And weak as I am you’re like an angel standing by me We all see what we wanna see; and I suppose that we have our frame of references that makes us understand and interpret songs in different ways. That’s OK, right… I have to say though, that I have not experienced it at such an intense level with any other band… and there are loads of other amazing bands out there, but Poets of the Fall have magic about them that makes me go numb ?, it cannot be helped. Found this… you might enjoy!  

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Poets of the Fall – Lights & Shadows

What does it take to be an inspiring artist? What does it take not to get lost between lights and shadows? What does it take to be oneself in a world that’s gone completely bonkers? These are the eternal questions which never get fully answered, or that have so many answers that nothing makes sense in the end… the truth is, it does not have to. Anyway, my friend and I got carried away as we were chatting about our favourite subject: Poets of the Fall ?. She told me: “Wouldn’t it be cool if we found more than one song with the concept of light and shadow as Marko sings it in Moonlight Kissed?” I see shadow and light stroking the mist I thought it would indeed be rather cool, so I investigated and to my surprise, I did not find another song with shadow and light used in tandem. However, the more we gotta talk, the more we realised that although they were not named as such, lights and shadows are all over Poets of the Fall‘s creation. All one has to do is look beyond the words and see them for who they are. Hamartia and Jeremiah Peacekeeper… Jeremiah was born out of despair and love, I believe, since he is the evolution of Zoltar (from Carnival of Rust). This means, in my book, that Jeremiah symbolises the good but also what is not theoretically easy. We all have two sides, just like any coin, and whether we choose to be good or bad is entirely up to us. But ultimately, we are both, always and when one realises that, it can get scary… or liberating. Zoltar and Jeremiah are issued from the first trilogy. Zoltar comes from Carnival of Rust and Jeremiah comes from Temple of Thought. Furthermore, the latter is the album with a visual concept of “good and bad” with the tarot card on the cover… card that appears in the music video Carnival of Rust… not exactly as such, but a tarot card nonetheless. Are you with me so far? First trilogy with a predominance of good, and a dash of evil showing the tip of its nose on the cover art… but, as my friend would say “hold your horse”, because there is more… while Temple of Thought belongs to the first trilogy, it is the band’s fifth album. Before it, came the best of Alchemy Vol.1, with an in-between version of Zoltar, before he became Jeremiah… The grin is not so friendly and therefore the transformation could have gone either way… There is a little bit of a jester in the grin, don’t you think? If it is the case, one could even talk split of personality. Therefore, while Carnival of Rust Zoltar has more of Jeremiah’s spirit (that is my own belief), Can You Hear Me Zoltar (from Alchemy Vol.1) is leaning towards the jester… soon to be named Hamartia. What does it tell you? It tells me that one cannot exist without the other. Without darkness there cannot be light… Without silence, there can be no music Marko Saaresto Same but different?! Lights and shadows could somewhat be a metaphor to define the relation between silence and music. Of course, I am stretching the idea and I admit it is a bit far-fetched, but at the same time, it could make sense. Anyway… moving on! The Jester was born before the second Zoltar, if you look at the albums chronologically Twilight Theater was released before Alchemy Vol. 1… So the original Zoltar is evolving and because of the emotional chaos that life puts him through, he is first shifting towards the jester and then more of a grown-up Zoltar in Alchemy to finally settle for Jeremiah Peacekeeper who is a ghost… and my favourite character. All this is my own interpretation of course… Where does this leave us in term of character evolution? The jester needs to evolve too and he does big time… but is it possible for it to evolve while the other does not? We’ll come back to that… Hamartia, is what the jester’s name is. According to the dictionary, it is “a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine.” This could mean that, since Jeremiah is a ghost, Zoltar has fallen and become Hamartia the jester. This is a sad realisation but, metaphor aside, we all go and grow through that kind of changes. Doubts and challenges are crowding us more often than not, and it is how we deal with them that defines us. To me, Jeremiah is perfection, and we all know that perfection does not exist… however, we can all strive to get as close as possible to what Jeremiah stands for. Jeremiah is the tragic hero fallen… to Hamartia… has he really? or has he evolved to become the ghost in the machine, the Hopecatcher to whom we are all holding on to when things don’t go our way. Hopecatcher, my friend told me he was an independent within the storyline of Marko‘s characters. I do not believe that he is. There are a couple of obvious commonalities between him, Hamartia and Jeremiah. He is both… the star on the eye has moved (but is still there, to remind us of Hamartia) and he is wearing black feathers (like Jeremiah)… I call him “Hopecatcher” but in truth, Hopecatcher is the key his is giving to the woman in the video… what does this mean? In terms of characters, I think it tells us something very important: being both “good and bad“,  “light and dark“, “loud and silent” is the key to be you… it is the key to truly BE… in harmony with all. Once you’ve figure that out, you can start pilling off the mask and embrace the craziness within… you can start to untwist the web that got you stuck wherever it is that you are… You can show everybody who you are without being afraid of the consequences, because in the end, life is too short to be someone you do not want to be, someone you are not. This is what Poets of the Fall work is about for me, but it is not to show us… it is for Marko, Olli, Markus, Jani, Jaska and Jari to find their own way through life. Their creation somehow might actually define them as men, their journey and in the process, they are just reminding us that we are all the same. We love, we hope, we hate, we despair… but ultimately we all get back up and move on since giving up is not an option. This is the brilliance in these characters that Marko has created… they all are Marko and he goes invariably from one to the other and mixing them, to find himself. The bowler hat… Zoltar… Jeremiah… always around forever, just like love! We might revert to the old ways now and then, the more we grow the better aware of it we are… and therefore could do something about it… or not! ?

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Poets of the Fall – Forward Quotes – EP06

“Every person is a temple of thought” said Marko Saaresto on the Live in Moscow in 2013. Think about this for a minute… if we weren’t showered with such an amount of information every day, the kind that get us focused on the wrong things all the time, the kind that wherever we look, we cannot escape… and yet, we are the only ones who can make it so that such information does not pollute our lives because we are our own temple of thought… solely with that statement, Marko managed to wire my mind into an uncontrollable spiral of thoughts that have not left me since I first heard him utter these words. ? Then of course, I got to talk with my boss before taking a short vacation, who told me that I think too much… hmm, go figure! ? Before we start – Thank you for the kind words So, yesterday, some of you… dear readers… came out of the shadow to share your thoughts about Misfit at Heart. I was very touched and it was like a breath of fresh air. I guess I should really start believing in my writing on a more regular basis, wouldn’t you say?! Anyhow, thank you for reminding me! ? Episode three Now… before writing any further… there is somewhat a hidden mystery in this series and to tell you the truth, I am dying to see which one of you will actually figure it out. So please, do leave your comments! ? Temple of Thought (Poet of the Fall – The Forward Quotes – ToT) Running out of Time: “I can feel your wisdom burn in me like a second sun” Temple of Thought: “For love to conquer the day slowly dawning” Cradled in Love: “Do I even dare to speak out your name for fear it sounds like, like a lover” Kamikaze Love: “Out where reality awaits, I choose to fantasize” The Lie Eternal: “N’ if you didn’t inspire me, then on my knees I would fall like rain” Skin: “what lies within is still deeper than we know” The Distance: “There’ll be a time when our hearts beat the same” Show Me This Life: “And if you ain’t too critical, we could be something beautiful” Morning Tide: “Leaving behind all our sorrow and pride Kissing them goodbye, into another life” The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper: “The here and now will bow to him to only serve one purpose To keep your peace” The Happy Song: … never mind ?… Bonus – Signs of Life: “When you’re free to choose, but the choices leave you lost When you feel you paid way more than it should cost” Have you ever wondered if Marko was actually human? No offense Marko… Temple of Thought feels unreal or rather surreal because while Twilight Theater became some kind of reminder about my journey and where I am heading from now on, ToT is this crazy concept that we’ve met before. You know, he can tell who am I or the kind of person that I am through the quotes I picked of course. Don’t laugh, it applies to you too! It is all about love… Poets of the Fall are all about love. As incredible story tellers, they speak of love stories, beginning or ending… they are telling us of birth and death… ultimately though, they are telling us about ourselves encouraging each and everyone of us to love ourselves, because when you do that, love conquers all. To me, they are super-humans like you and me, craving for the same things… authenticity, truth and love. My favourite song… I am not sure I have one to be honest with you. It always depends on my mood, but if I really had to pick one, Kamikaze Love. The melody is brilliant, the lyrics powerful, Marko‘s voice charismatic, warm and elating… and the song fits all my moods. Until next time! ?

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Poets of the Fall – False Kings, new promising single

When I went to bed yesterday, I was rocked by Ollie T‘s Firefly playing in my head, but I woke up to Marko Saaresto‘s voice in False Kings. I had not listened to these songs before going to bed if you were wondering. 2018 promises to be musically rich… it is one of these years and the best part about it, it is indeed new music from Poets of the Fall. If what is coming is as brilliant as the single they just released, we are in for yet another treat people. As I listened to False Kings, I told my friend Susan that it sounded very James Bond-y… to which she answered: wait until you see the video. Well, it did not disappoint either… and then everything got out of hand and I realised, to my dismay, what I had missed before. Such realisation made me enjoy and embrace the craziness around False Kings even more. I will try and share a little here, but my guess is that most of you have already read all this and even participated. But before I get on with this, a word about the words… A word about the words I am not going to analyse anything – much – today, but I am going to talk about something that I’ve missed on Clearview although I love that album. I missed the crazy turns of phrase, the psychotic storytelling, the last verses turning everything around provoking jaw dropping reactions. False Kings delivered that again which made me jump in my head – could not really do that in the middle of the office, now could I. I guess it’s all calculated, how Marko writes the lyrics, how the music sounds, how the story is told… or do I give them too much credit? Aren’t they super-humans, if earthlings they are… Alright, let’s be realistic, they are geniuses but even they did not know how it would all play out from the start… at some point, they must have had to swing it a bit. I mean, they cannot know all ramifications of what they are doing all the time, it would be exhausting… yes! I am awe-struck again. Veering off course now… so, the words are full of doubts and extreme self-awareness. Double-edge knife of seeing everything so clearly and knowingly admitting to going back – or wanting to – the easy way and fall off the wagon. At the same time, it is what it seems but it is not, hence the doubt… self-doubt. Did I do something wrong? Is that it? Was it worth it? Has my success any worth? Is it even real or important? We spend our lives struggling through trials, winning and losing, and it can be tough to deal with all that… overwhelming even. It almost feels like the lyrics are telling a story that Poets of the Fall has already told before… why bother, why can they not write about something else… I believe that it is all connected… real or fictional, or maybe both, the story (ies) that they tell us is on massive overview of our journey in this life. The approach to it is to get as close as possible to self-awareness, understanding, constant questioning in order to stay the course. A massive Clearview of how we, as individuals, can make our lives count for something in this ocean of souls populating our world. I think it is brilliant… … or they are just humans and they need to ramble in order to remain sane… or everything is fictional and the characters they have created are just as crazy as the stories sung to us… or it is a little bit of it all which makes it even more amazing. You gotta give it to Marko though to come up with a punch line like this: Yes, I wined and, and I dined on, on that cyanide – Poets of the Fall, False Kings – 2018 False Kings official video I have never experienced first hand the signs… I mean, except for the chess game puzzle from Clearview, I got every bit of fun from Poets of the Fall‘s albums after the facts. Well, it seems that things change after all… Please, for the fun of it, watch the video before reading what follows… unless you’ve already seen it or if, of course, you are one of the guys, then you would not need to… well, anyway since this post is starting to have a high word count I need to get briefer ? Anyhow, there used to be a forum on the band with conspiracy theories of some sorts, often instigated by the guys themselves… but no more… the spirit of it endures though. As long as the fans remain devoted the way they always have, the game will forever be on, and the discussions will find another platform to be had. There is a crazy thread on A Poets of the Fall Street Team (USA, Any Region) Facebook page, you need to check it out if you have not… I even put my two cents when I could. So, in order not to repeat word for word what has already been said, here is the deal about that video. The band has remind us that they are celebrating their 15th year anniversary… at the beginning of the video, the room number is 438 (4+3+8=15). Easy! But who would have thought checking the octal system? Not me… but someone did and well, converting 438 to octal gives 666. Coincidence? Maybe, although I don’t really believe in them… I mean, the room could have been 348 to get 15… so, coinkydink? no way! Why though? Inner demon, sins etc, might be the reasons… or we are reading way too much into this ? Leaving maths and its obscure possible meanings aside, if you look closely each and every album from the band’s discography is somehow “mentioned”. Here is a little list: Signs of Life, reference to Lift with the morph sign. The fact that it is the woman doing the sign to Marko in False Kings (while it is the opposite in Lift) has without a doubt a meaning too, but I do not believe it to be an indication that False Kings is a prequel to Lift. But it is definitely linked. Carnival of Rust, reference to the title song (and album cover) with the lollipop. What we have to figure out now is the reason behind the dissimilarities of the lollipops. Revolution Roulette, reference to gambling (Roulette vs Poker) or the mirrored images Twilight Theater & Temple of Thought, the Tarot Cards. Again, why the dissimilarities and changes to the cards? Jealous Gods, Daze, would be the party and the money flying… not euro bills but dollars this time. Innocent change? Probably not! Clearview, would be the chess game puzzle I told you about… the rook is about to be moved into place – from A2 to C2 and that is check I suppose ? There is a lot more of course… and the discussion on the Street Team Facebook page is very diverting so I’ll let you go there too and have some fun! Until next time! ? PS: Featured image design by yours trully – Photo of the band by Tiia Öhman.

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Poets of the Fall – Forward Quotes – EP05

New start… Hello readers! How have you been? Good I hope… here, things have taken a turn for the better. I think I told you before that I believe in the saying: “Everything happens for a reason“, and yes, it is true but one needs to choose to look at things that way and when one is in the middle of it all, so not really a walk in the park. I assure you though, it is right around the corner… your reason… you’ll see. Before we start – “Leap of faith” When I started my new work, I started a new routine… alright, it is not yet a routine until I have reached 7 weeks with my new habits, but one of them is always listening to great music as I drive to work. It is not a complicated routine, just decide on what CD to put on and drive. My old musical routine was Poets of the Fall… don’t bite my head off, just read on. So, my first week back in active life as they call it, I picked an album that I recently discovered and that has been extremely soothing: Lara Fabian, Camouflage. It is a beautiful album and I have these uplifting words singing in my head Leap of faith, growing wings On the way down Before you hit the ground – Lara Fabian, Growing Wings I picked Lara because to me she is in some way Marko‘s counterpart… or is it the other way around… He is and has my favorite voice and so has she. They are both artists who bring forth emotions that go right to my heart and touch my soul in more ways than I care to admit. These words above, I feel them like I’ve lived them and yet today, I can tell you that I do have wings. Episode two So… here we are in the third week of 2018 and my second post of the year. Now, after my first week of soothing drive to work, I fell back to my old habit: Poets of the Fall mostly because they were calling me rather loudly. Instead of Clearview though as usually play, I picked Twilight Theater and let’s see if I can describe how it felt like… Gasp! Breathe! Familiar yet new! I missed this music and back to my emotional territory, this feels fantastic! I promise, this is what happened this morning. ? All this to say that some old habits that die hard are in fact immortal – it means they cannot die, not even hard ?Poets of the Fall: not a habit I am likely to kick any time soon… don’t get me wrong, I did not try to, it just how things turn out to play out with all the renewal and new events happening with the coming of 2018. Twilight Theater (Poet of the Fall – The Forward Quotes – TT) Dreaming Wide Awake: “The joke seems to be on me cos I’m the one not laughing War: “With no-one wearing their real face” Change: “Do you ever dream of the world like I do” 15 Min Flame: “When love alone is enough to set you free” Given and Denied: “With symphonies playing in the world without sound” Rewind: “It’ll never change until we change ourselves” Dying to Live: “Finally a chance to find a question To point out the right answer after all …this time” You’re Still Here: “And I feel winter stealing my days, to herald another creation” Smoke and Mirrors: “Like we can just go redefine it Regardless what we broke” Heal My Wounds: “Do they burn, the wishes whispered, like secrets, they yearn, just to be heard” Now, I had promised that I should chose only a couple of quotes for each album, but in truth when it comes to Twilight Theater, I cannot do that. This album – or rather these quotes – not only push me forward but most of them define me. Let me explain! Smoke and Mirrors for instance defines the way I think and ponder upon society. Dying to live is the window to my own doubts and somehow reliefs… about what? I could not say, but my guess is anything abstract with blurry lines. Change helps me ask you if we have similar dreams. Given and denied reminds me that we all are uniquely odd… but I might have to develop that idea some day. The truth behind Twilight Theater is that it is a reminder of the things I should not forget. The things that make me who I am… “Things that were, things that are and some things that have yet come to pass…” – J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings Jokes aside, it is a rather difficult concept to explain, especially since it stroke me only today as I was listening to Poets of the Fall. Each quote from that album is a little piece of my journey to be well again and at the same time, they are all a part of the journey I am now taking… the one to remain well and grow further. It is a strange feat to be taken with these words in such a way, it is highly uplifting and rewarding. Until next time! ?

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